Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 A Time of Many Changes

I'm posting a message I heard a few nights ago.
Strangely enough as I'm reading
the half scribbled message,
I see the word "foreshadowed" -
which I just happened to
use in My post regarding New Years Predictions! 
I'm going to take that as a sign .

"A time of changes has come.
Many falsehoods will come to the light.
Many will not accept the
Truths about themselves.

And Those that are Right &
Just & Good
Need No accolades
For it (They) are known

The prophets shall be separated

And the false shall be fereted
& seek forgiveness (for naught)

A plague shall set across
Many Lands
The brethen

The true healers shall be called upon
for they shall be given
A rightful place (in the kingdom)

The Seer whose eyes see all
Shall warn of the comings
But none shall listen
Turn a deaf ear
To all that is foreshadowed

And in the ruble & ash
Shall rise
The ones chosen

Do You not kneel before me
And ask forgiveness?

For I am 1 god
Whose faces are many
I am the One
Who birthed you"

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2014 PredictionsI hate the word "Predictions" because I don't
"Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.
Maybe "Fore show" is better. It seems to imply
a bit more "Divine" Guidance.
Sometimes the messages are simple & to the point.
More often, They are presented almost as a riddle.
I am going to share them as I heard them -

"The People's Republic shall Rise (March?)
Against the Great Sea Monster. Tripoli shall fall."

"The Pope shall be a player in the
Downfall of the Great."

"A once Great Leader shall be
Shown His truth."

"Major Oceanic discovery"

"Extreme Weather East of The Mississippi."

Hot spots in the World will include :
Saudi Arabia - Specifically seeing a mountain
region.  I never thought of mountains in the desert.
Geography is not My specialty. I think it's a range
to the North.  May not be political. 
orth Korea - No Surprise. "Execution of Nationalists" ?

Gold will skyrocket... Then Fall. Quickly.

"The Donkey Wins" - I have NO clue...

"Political figure suffers mental breakdown."

"The U.S. falls farther into the abyss"

"Issue with food chain. Sanitation

"Retail stores fail."

The last message, I'm not quite sure if I got exactly,
but I'm going to post what I heard -
"Attempted  Assassination African/Arab continent,
United Arab Emeritus?"

Friday, December 27, 2013

Etiquette for a Psychic Reading

We often speak about 'Ethics" in the Psychic Community.
How a Reader or Psychic should conduct themselves,
How to treat clients responsibly & respectfully.
What we don't talk about is "How" the client
should conduct themselves.
Not quite the same as the Code of Ethics
a Reader should have,
But just as important to speak of. 

Etiquette for a Reading:

Keep Your Appointment.
Yes, Sometimes there are life's little emergencies.
We know.  We get it.
We also know an appointment
with a Psychic Reader is not taken as seriously as say,
A Dental appointment.
We may NOT be Dentists or Doctors,
But we strive to maintain a professional demeanor
& should be treated as such.

Be on time.
A few minutes late or early, no biggie.
Showing up 30 Minutes late &
expecting to keep Your appointment?
Not only is it unfair to Us,
but it's unfair to other scheduled appointments.

Don't "Test" Us.  Don't "Lie".
First, it's very rude to test Our skills.
I can't speak for other Readers,
but I know when someone is testing me.
Guess what? I get annoyed.  Changes the energy.
I'll still give You what You came for,
but if I'm angry or annoyed -
You may not get as much as You could have received
from Your Reading. 
Same goes for lying
except that most of the time, I know.
I may not call You out on it, but You're wasting not only
My time; You're wasting your own!

Don't tell Me what another Reader told you.
We don't care.  It has absolutely nothing to do with
what You came for - A Reading with Me.

Don't Tell Me Everything & Don't Tell Me Nothing!
If You volunteer everything,
You really won't know if I'm legit.
If You sit there stone faced & don't respond ,
I have no idea if I'm picking up the right energy.
If You wait until the very end to say, "You were right on" -
Trust me, I'd rather not hear it.
Make things simple &  just say,
"Yes, I have a Sister that lives in Houston" when I ask.

When the reading is over, it's over.
While I'm not exactly a clock watcher, You've paid
for a specific amount of time.  If it goes over a little,
No big deal. Please don't continue with "Just one
more question".  I have a schedule & other clients.
If you've paid for 30 Minutes, Don't expect an hour.

Tip the Reader.
I work for Myself, so it's different but I remember
Working in Shops & psychic fairs...
The Reader only gets a percentage.
Generally a shop takes 30 % of what You pay.
So depending on how much You pay for the Reading,
it's nice to tip.
Unless of course the Reading sucked (Did I just say that???)

May you have a wonderful experience with a Reading!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot

The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot- Artist Lorelei Douglas
is My latest Tarot purchase & I love it.
Deck Love at first sight.

The Basics:
The Deck follows in the RWS tradition with a few
minor changes.
Rather than 78 cards there are 82.
The additional 4 are "Veto" cards ,

1 for each of the suits.
Some of the more traditional names
have been changed, but are easily identifiable -
Just look at The Patriarch : 

Yul Brenner, The King & I   

What better card to portray the Emperor? 
Ok, some younger folks may not be familiar
with the movie (Is that possible?) but the idea
should be clear. 
There's also the LWB - Ok, Not a book,
More like a pamphlet which is easily downloaded.
Lorelei Douglas offers several different configurations,
It can be folded & stored in the box.

The Box, there I have a complaint.
Visually, it's beautiful. 

However,  it's not sturdy. The box
is oversized, perhaps to fold up the booklet &
place it inside? 
Because of that, it easily bends.  For such a beautiful
Deck, it should have a sturdier box. 
The card-stock itself is also a bit on the thin side. 
I don't know if I'll let clients handle these cards.

Would I recommend this Deck?
It's fresh, inventive, vibrant -
Just look at these colors...
Movie Buff must have!
As for Me,
Any Deck depicting the 8 of cups with

Rhett Butler walking away from Scarlett
is a must have.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giveaway Time!

 It's time for A Giveaway!

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Aromatherapy Sprays

Crystals - Between a rock & a hard place

I love Crystals, Gemstones.
Anyone that knows me, knows
I have a bit of an obsession
for them.
If You read through My blog,
You'll find pictures & posts about some of My favorites.

In My early years at Etsy
I sold them - not individually because that's
against Etsy rules unless You are a supplier
(Most people don't bother with the "rules" these days)
But in Mojo Bags, or rather Intention Bags.
I decided to name them Intention Bags because
they weren't True Mojo Bags (I'm a bit of a stickler
for traditions) 
I taught workshops on creating pouches
utilizing the energies of crystals & herbs.

You'll find Crystals throughout My home.
A very large Quartz specimen I convinced the
Owner of Sacred Circle to sell to me,
graces My Reading room.

All well & good
Until a few nights ago.
The night of the New Moon to be exact.
I was sitting by My altar in prayer
holding in My hands a very special piece of quartz.
Then I heard the message,
"It is wrong.  The buying & selling of these crystals.
Mother Earth is being ravaged. Always taking, never
returning is the way of the people.  Take what is offered
freely, like the shell that washes upon the shore.  Piece by
piece the core of  The Great Mother is chipped away.
Someday, there shall be nothing. Nothing but destruction
for the children."

I wasn't quite sure where this message was coming from.
I'm still not. I do know it didn't feel good.
Which brings me to the next part -
"How do You think this will heal the people,
when it does nothing but harm Mother earth?
The power to heal has been long forgotten.
Do not rape the Great Mother for no good shall come"

I wasn't feeling very good about this "message".
I wasn't feeling very good about Myself.
I'm not quite sure where I stand.
I love My crystals.
I can't see giving them up.
Of course, If Spirit asks me to I would.
For now, I won't be purchasing any crystals.
I will listen for the guidance of My Lady.
Perhaps this is a "test"
More likely, it is truth I may not want to see;
If I am to serve The Great Mother Goddess,
I most own these truths.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Trouble with Angels or Why I don't like Doreen Virtue Decks

Doreen Virtue. You either love Her Decks... Or Not.
There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground.
It's sort of like those movies when everyone was asking
"Team Jacob or Team Edward"...

I'm on the "Not a fan" team.
Many people feel Her Decks are too fluffy.
Personally I don't care about fluffy.
If Fairies, Unicorns & Angels make someone happy,
Hey, Why not?
If fact there are a few Fairy themed Tarot Decks
I'd recommend -
Fairy Lights, Celtic Fairy, Victorian Fairy...

No, My issues with Doreen Virtue Decks are twofold.
The is Fluff of a different sort.
Angels play significant roles in the Bible.
Islam, Judaism, Christianity all reference Angels.
Slapping them on cards,
like junk food for the masses
turns it to fluff, in My opinion.
For instance -
Metatron: Call upon Me to clear & open Your Chakras

Now Metatron is not referenced in either
the old or new testament.
Some scholars state Metatron
was referenced in the Talmud
& in Jewish Mystical writings.
In the Rabbinic tradition He is the Highest of the High.
So what's My point?
Is Metatron's purpose to clear Your chakras? 
Seriously.. FLUFF
And Disrespect.

I love a good deck.
Whether it be a Tarot Deck or an Oracle Deck,
I appreciate the work & love an artist has put into it.
I know several artists who created decks.
A labor of love. They birthed it.
From inception to culmination,
It took time. It took heart. 
They have soul.

How many decks exactly does
Doreen Virtue churn out per year?
In 2012 We had Her Angel Tarot,
Mary, Queen of Angels, Flower Therapy & Mermaids..
Her cards are vapid, soulless.
Once upon a time,
they may have been about the message.
Nowadays it's all about the money.
My money is something I won't be spending
on these decks.

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Message from Spirit 11/7/13

Thy Mother is the 1 true God
You who assign gender
When there is none

For I am the ONE
Who makes Mountains quake
Waters Flood
And Kings fall from grace

The Ones you call Angels
Walk among you
Unknowing who they are
Fulfilling their destiny
By deed & word

Armageddon comes

Not with Thunder
But with a whisper
The cries of a hundred (hundreds more?)
Yet none shall hear

When the fire comes
This shall be too late
Hunger in the streets
Yet many turn a blind eye

Upon Thy mount
Many converge
Seeking answers
Believing none
Yet some shall rise
The truth bearers
And One Shall lead the way
And She will be righteous

And Why when one speaks to me
Does one not anoint Thyself with Nard &
Precious Oils?
For I AM
Who rises above all

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Samhain Prayer

May I walk the path of the Ancients
May I always honor their wisdom
May there always be room at My table
for a hungry mouth,
May there always be room in My heart
for a friend.
May I Grace the path I follow
With Dignity

Wishing A Blessed Samhain
Blessed Beltaine
To All
Wherever on Mama Gaia You may be!

Samhain Magick

On this Eve,
The charm of making
What I wish
Is thine for taking
anail na beatha

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soul Cakes - Samhain

Soul Cakes

o 1 cup lightly salted butter
o 3 3/4 cups sifted flour
o 1 cup granulated sugar
o 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
o 1 teaspoon cinnamon
o 1 teaspoon ginger
o 1 teaspoon allspice
o 2 eggs
o 2 teaspoons cider vinegar
o 4 -6 tablespoons milk
o powdered sugar, to sprinkle on top

Preheat oven to 350°F.
Cut the butter into the flour.
Blend in the sugar, nutmeg, ginger,
cinnamon and allspice; beat eggs, vinegar, and milk together.
Mix with the flour mixture until a stiff dough is formed.
Knead thoroughly and roll out 1/4-inch thick.
Cut into 3-inch rounds and place on greased baking sheets.
Prick several times with a fork and bake for 20-25 minutes.
Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar while still warm.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meltdown on the Spiritual Path

This past Weekend I had a meltdown,
When I say a meltdown,
I'm talking epic proportions.

The sort of thing that shocked the hell out of me &
Those close to me.

I'm not going to go into all the details,
But it was so out of character for me.
Looking back on it, I sensed something was coming.
In the days prior I did a bit of cleansing.
Maybe the cleansing was a catalyst, or perhaps
The sense of something's "Not quite right"  was flashing
a warning.

It all began on Friday Night.
The same Friday Night of The Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse.
The Full Moon in Aries.
I just happen to be an Aries.

I had been doing Prayer, Meditation & Honoring Spirit
When it hit me.
It began with a torrent of emotions.
Anger, Frustration, Sadness & Anger again.

In the Midst of all this insanity, and it was insanity
Was a terrible sense of loss.

I lost My Dad, Less then a year ago.
I had an intensely close relationship with Him.
I was His caregiver for probably 10 years.

There are Many things that led to this Meltdown,
But The overwhelming grief I felt at that moment
catapulted into an unexpected emotional and Spiritual

Thankfully My Partner made some smart choices
in handling the situation.
Very calming He said, "You need to see Padrino".
Then He called him.
My Meltdown is not why I'm writing any of this.
It's what it reminded me of.
It's what I try to teach others,
but I'd forgotten Myself.

Every Day I see clients for a multitude of  issues.
Sometimes it love, career, finance.
Sometimes it's about choices,
Sometimes it's a Spiritual checkup & quite often
It's to connect with a loved one who's passed over.

When a client loses a loved one,
They want immediate comfort of connecting
with the loved one.
I recommend waiting but most people don't
want to hear it.
They want it now.
We want that connection because it makes US
feel better.
It may not be the best thing
for the one who has passed.
In Our grief, We become selfish.
It's human nature.
We don't allow time for the one who has
passed to adjust, to move on in their journey.

What We think We do for love, Is not truly

We must learn to set them free.
That is the greatest gift We can give to those We truly love.
And When the time is right,
We must have confidence in the knowledge
They will be there for Us.

That is what We must take comfort in.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

On Being a " Witch"

Being a Witch doesn't make Me "cool" or "hip"
I take No mind of those things.
Being a Witch means I respect & honor the power
within Me
I respect & honor the power of Nature
Being a Witch doesn't mean I dance
Naked under the Moon partaking in wild orgies;
I have stood
Naked in the Rain
Because it felt good & clean & refreshing
I have lain
Naked in the Sun because Vitamin D
Is good for My body
And I have danced  under the Moon
Because I am a Woman,
A Daughter of The Great Mother
and I honor the energies of Lady Moon
Being a Witch doesn't make me Godless
Nor a devil worshiper
Being a Witch has nothing to do
With My religious beliefs
And Everything to do with My Spirituality.

My Magick is neither Good
Nor Bad
My Magick is born of respect for Nature,
For the Cycles of life
Neither a game or to be taken lightly
Being a Witch doesn't make Me Perfect
Or Imperfect
Being a Witch teaches me
To be the Best I can be
Which in the End,
Is something We all should strive for

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Message from The Great Mother Oct 2013

"The Path to Spirit
Is The Path To Nature"

I asked Spirit if there was any message I should share for the energies
of October. 

The first message I received, as posted above was simple & to the point. 

Early this morning I heard another message:

"Whence Thou casts
Thy foot upon the Earth,
Do so with Great Reverence.
For the time shall come
When My wrath shall be felt
And many will quake
In My Path.

You Who turn a blind eye
Do so foolishly
For I who hath given
Shall taketh away
Encumbrance shall come

I have raised Great Empires
And toppled many more.
Those who have forgotten
Shall remember,
For I AM the Giver
And I AM the Taker
I shall decide
Who is righteous
And Who shall be cast out.

(The?) Fall from Grace
Shall be heard loudly
Across many lands
And My Children Shall rise up
My Daughters take hand
and know
SHE has risen."

Friday, September 13, 2013

The "Business" of Being a Psychic Reader

Recently I was invited By Christiana C. Gaudet
to speak about the
"Business Side" of Reading.

What tips or advice do I have for others
who are thinking of going "Pro".

I found this especially flattering because
She is the author of probably
My favorite book on the subject - Fortune Stellar.

The first thing that comes to mind is this is a Business.
It may be a Spiritual Path or Calling but it still needs to
be treated like a Business.
People tend to shy away from the thought of something
so Spiritual, Sacred as being a Business.
Whether it's Reiki or Readings, at some point if is this is to
be Your livelihood, You need to respect the Business energy.

Here are some of the Tips I shared:

1. Don't quit your day job.
    Really. At least not yet. Not until you are sure
    you can support Yourself. Will You be able to afford
    medical Insurance? Pay taxes?

    Do You have a partner who is stable & willing to support you?
2.  Business Card
     One of the early mistakes I made was
     NOT having a business card.

     That meant a loss of potential clients.
     You don't have to spend a lot of money.
     You can get creative.  I purchased mini tarot cards

     & printed labels with My name & phone number -
     You know those awful labels

     you find on the back of the newspaper?  But it worked.
     People were able to find me.

3. Work "Psychic Fairs"
     Yes, They can be intimidating. Yes, They lack ambiance.
     Yes, they are competitive, noisy & distracting
     BUT if you can do it, it's a great opportunity
     to build a clientele & get over the nerves.

4. Skip the Free Online Readings
     Unless You are a student.  There are some excellent
     workshops/classes which offer Free Readings for
     honest feedback.  However, if you think it may be
     a good way to build your business... Forget about it!

     I've seen the same people running from page to page
     asking for the freebie.

     Most of them will never purchase a reading from You.
     ( Offering the occasional Free Reading as a Giveback is nice)
5.  Don't Under or Over Value Your work.
6.  Have a separate phone line.

7.  Know Your Clientele.
      Find Your Niche
8.  Know the Rules. 
      What are the regulations, laws, etc
9.  Have a thick skin.
10.  Love What You do.

       Even though you treat it like a business, first you must
       love what you do.  The moment you stop enjoying it;
       ask Yourself if this is burnout?  It the answer is Yes,
       take a short break.  Step away.  Regroup.  If You find
       You're still not enjoying it, it's time to move on.  Remember,
        even if you "close shop"... You gave it Your best shot!   

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Message : Upon a White Horse

Meditating before My next client,
I heard the following:
"A man once called a savior shall bring
great destruction upon a white horse."
Then I saw a flash of the RWS Tarot Death card..

Thursday, August 15, 2013

White sage, Smudging & Culture Clash

Not too long ago I posted one of My Aromatherapy products
on My FB page. I received a post from an annoyed
"Native American" gentlemen who said He
found it amusing that I was trying to sell their Spirituality. 
What I found "amusing" was the product and practice in question
contained neither White Sage or Sweetgrass.
The item wasn't even called a smudge but a purifying spray. 

So why now am I writing about White Sage?
Well I'm not really writing about White Sage or smudging.

I am writing about culture clashes,
respecting other cultures, spiritual paths

& this melting pot called America.

My Mother's family traveled from Egypt to Romania.
I never quite figured out how geographically
that move was made but it was.
Eventually My Grandparents came to America.
When people arrive in new lands they bring with them
their culture.
Sometimes things have to be adapted.
A plant that may be Native to Egypt or Romania
May not be readily available here.
What is called smudging in one culture
may be called "Fumigation" to another.
Yes, it's not a pretty term but in Egypt fumigation
was an important part of cleansing one's body,
home & space.  Yes, it was used to prepared
the deceased for their journey to the afterlife.

The bottom line is cleansing is an important tradition.
When people immigrate to new lands, they are exposed
to new things. Like any good healer or medicine person,
they learn the secrets of the plants in their new land.

I'm not Egyptian. I'm not Romanian. I am an American.
I was born on "this" land.
If I am wise, I will learn the gifts of this land.
If I am wiser still, I will respect other cultures.
I will learn to incorporate the energies of this land into
My Spiritual practice because this is what
I have to work with.
I will not sell My Spirituality or try to co op another's.
I will not burn White Sage because it is cool.
I will burn it because I understand the energies
of the plant & What it has to offer.
I burn it along with the Bay,  Frankincense,
Myrrh that is part of My tradition.

We are a melting pot.
It's important that we respect other cultures & traditions.
It's also important that we be true to who we are.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Giveaway - 30 Min Psychic Phone Reading

If you listened in to My visit with Barbara Mackey
on Her show Visions;
I promised a giveaway. 
I'm giving away  a 30 Min Psychic Tarot  Reading.
The Winner will be chosen next Tuesday the 13th...
Lucky 13!

If you'd like to be entered, post here &
Tell me why I should pick YOU!
Share with your friends for an extra chance!
Btw, The photo is of an actual email reading.
I don't offer them much due to time constraints.

Good Luck & Blessings!

Helene Martz

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A look at The Fairy Lights Tarot

As Tarot Decks go, We all have Our preferences.
Some favor RWS clones, some like Marseilles style...
We've got Animals, Fantasy Decks - the list goes on.
I'm not a huge fan of fairy type decks, I'm also not big on
muted colors. 
Simply a matter of preference. 
So when I first saw the Fairy Lights Tarot, it didn't exactly
interest me.
Then I saw a description that intrigued me.
I purchased it.

What struck me about the Fairy Lights Tarot was the premise
of this deck -Each card is 1 half of a painting created by artist
Lucia Mattioli.
This makes for a fabulous an innovative learning tool.
The first thing I did was try & match up the pairs! 
By looking at the cards in "pairs", you look at the cards in
a new way.  You see possibilities you hadn't thought of.
It brings a fresh perspective.
If I were teaching a Tarot class ( NO I won't be,lol)
This deck would be required. 
Who knows, maybe someone will decide to teach a class using
this deck.

One of My favorite pairs from the Fairy Tarot:

The Empress & The 5 of Wands.

The Empress on Her Own :
Does it hold the same meaning?  Have you picked up on any nuances
you may not have noticed before?
What about the 5 of Wands? Have your impressions shifted?

The Fairy Lights Tarot is fresh. Lucia Mattioli created a beautiful &
innovative deck.  I do wish the card stock was a little heavier.
Would I recommend you purchase?  What are You waiting for...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Old School Pagan in a New Age World

What defines Pagan?
If you look in Oxford or Webster's you may find
Pagan defined like this:
"A person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions."
"An adherent of a polytheistic religion in antiquity"
You know, back in ancient times, Paganism was a mainstream religion.
Today Pagans define themselves many different ways.
Now, I hate labels.
I'm not really comfortable being defined simply as a Pagan.
My Religion is Nature.
My Spiritual Path is one that leads to The Goddess.
The Sacred Feminine.
I suppose that makes me "Pagan" by definition.

If I'm going to be labelled Pagan,
Then I'm 100% Old School Pagan.
I was Pagan when being Pagan wasn't exactly "cool".
In fact People tended to shy away from You.
In My Path tradition was adhered to.
Devotion & Prayer were/are regular practice.
Studies were taken very seriously.
There were No shortcuts.
Although We were taught not to "fear" Our deities,
We were taught to respect them.
For those whose path included Magick,
That too was serious business.

Somewhere along the way,
The New Age community arrived.
Change is good.
Many Spiritual paths that were once feared are now
more accepted.  More accessible.
Ok, Most change is good.
There seems to be a lack of respect in the New Age Community.
A lack of reverence.
Not by everyone, but by enough people.
A huge sense of entitlement.
Not to mention the titles!!!
Most Elders I know are humble people.
They've been on their path long enough,
that they need not announce themselves.

Old School Pagans recognize one another.
We're very familiar with the Elders of Our communities.
We don't need titles although We may have them...
We don't regard Ourselves as Gods or Goddesses
But we understand the potential within ourselves.
It's not always easy being an Old School Pagan,
But I wouldn't change a thing.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coming "Out" Psychic - Confessions of a Tarot Reader

Most people know me as a Tarot Reader, or
rather an "Intuitive" Tarot Reader.
A self imposed title I used when I began My career
as a professional reader. 
I chose to call myself  a "Tarot Reader" because I
believed it to be more accepted by mainstream society.
I also didn't fully understand the difference between who
I really am & what I do.

When I was young, somewhere between 10 -11 years old,
It became apparent I had an ability to "know" things.
The exact time We knew of this I will always remember.
It was late in the evening, probably around 10PM and
I should have been fast asleep. I remember running in to
My Mom & telling Her, "Aunt Harriet died".  I was pretty
upset & insistent.  Shortly afterwards the phone did ring
with the terrible news.  My Aunt had passed from a sudden
heart attack.

As I got older, this knowing continued.
I was told My Dad had the same ability although
He never embraced it. 
It was the norm for me, I never questioned or gave it
much thought.
At some point I began giving readings or making "predictions"
for family & friends.
"Predictions" seem to be a dirty word - right along with
"Fortune Teller".  Btw, I am not a "Fortune Teller".
I moved along in My chosen career path -
NOT a reader. 
I did do readings on the side.  It was fun, extra income &
I began to work with Tarot.

Eventually, circumstances or perhaps Fate stepped in
Changing My path.  I am forever grateful to Spirit and
To those friends who manifested this change.
Armed with a Tarot Deck, the path as a professional reader began.
Truth was, I am a Psychic.  I can read with nothing at all.
I simply Hear or See the message.
Some of those messages have been posted right here on this blog.
Those messages are called "predictions" by some.
To me, they are simply messages.  Messages from Spirit.
Problem was, "Psychics" get a bad rap. The ones who didn't -
Well, I couldn't see putting Myself in their category. I didn't think
I had the abilities they did.

I thought Tarot was safer, more accepted.
In reality, it's not.
I also thought I fit in better.
Labels.  Why do we need them?

As I explored the Tarot community,
I realized, it's NOT who I am.
I love Tarot.  I've met some incredibly talented people.
I love the artistry of the decks.
That artistry is a tool that helps me do what I do best.
I AM a Psychic.
I do see energies that have not yet come to pass.
I have an excellent track record.
I will not be ashamed of those "predictive" energies,
That some like to make fun of or pooh pooh.
I will support Tarot.  I will use tarot decks.
But I will come out of the self imposed closet.
I am who I am because of Spirit.
I owe it to Spirit to acknowledge.
I AM a Psychic and I am proud.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spiritual Practioners Dream Differently

We all have them.  Some are manifestations
of our subconscious, Some are just a replay
of the days events.
Freud interpreted our dreams.

Jung interpreted them.
We can find dozens of books on the subject.
It's fun.  It's interesting.
We may find insight in a situation.  

We may find answers.
But Spiritual Dreams - That's a bit different.
Spiritual Practitioners Dream differently.

Last night after taking a Spiritual Bath,
I headed to bed.  I woke up this morning
Now that doesn't always happen, or I wouldn't
take too many of these...
I did wake up with a message or two.
Which is generally how these dreams work.
These messages sometimes

need a bit of interpretation,
like any other dream but
the interpretation is different.
You won't find it in any book or site.

An example of this type of dream:

I was going in & out of different rooms.
Each time I entered I would blow some dust
& the door would open.
Now a dream interpretation may say I'm
wishing for an opportunity.  The interpretation
could go deeper.
However, as a Spiritual Practitioner -
I know exactly what Spirit was telling me!
Clean Your house!  The dust, that was

A while back I had posted a dream.
I asked some of My Spiritual Sisters what
they thought.  Someone answered,

unfamiliar with the particular spiritual practice.
She gave a long thought out description as to
the psychological interpretation dream.

That doesn't apply with Spirit.

Spiritual Practitioners dream differently.
We get advice,
We receive news of future events,
We're asked for offerings,
We're reminded of  our duties,
Our responsibilities to Spirit.
We're asked to serve.
Our dreams are more than "Dreams"
They are Blessings bestowed.
Yes, We have ordinary dreams but
Spiritual Practitioners do dream differently!

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Message Received 6/7/13

Arise She said
Those who stand before Me
In the time of Great Judgement
Whose sins
Are cast heavily
Against this Earth

For I Am the One
The Weigher
Of Man's hearts
For I Am the One
Who giveith
And I Am the One
Who can take away

I Am the One
Who makes towers crumble

And creates
Great pillars to the sky

And One shall come
Across many lands
And (She) will show the people
The way to righteousness
To heal
The sick The poor
And the time of judgement shall arise

I Am the bringer of happiness
Of great joy
To those whose hearts are truth

And Thy words
Shall sting
Like great arrows

For why My children
Can You not bear  to know Thy truth? 

My name is MAAT

Friday, May 31, 2013

5 of Stones - Medicine Woman Tarot

Woke up this morning, headed downstairs for a glass of juice -
I'm one of the few who doesn't drink coffee.

Sitting there, I was thinking about the mornings meditation.
Spirit was prodding me to give a message, only I wasn't quite sure

That little voice in My head said to me, "Go pull a card".
I felt drawn to The Medicine Woman Tarot. 

Not a deck I generally use, but when you feel the pull
you follow your instinct -
Unless of course it wouldn't be a good thing to do!

Quick shuffle & pull 1 card.
Five of  Stones. 
Sharing!  Looking at this card & You feel GOOD.
It's a happy card.  Giving to others.  Generosity. 

Now 5 of Stones is the equivalent of 5 of Pentacles.
Have you seen that card? 
Traditionally NOT a happy card.

The 5's in general are not the "happy" moments you find in a Tarot Deck.
Fives are about change.  They represent loss.  Challenges.

It's an "Ut Oh"card. 
Just look at a persons face when they get this card in a reading.
But change isn't necessarily bad. 
Which is the point Spirit wanted to make. 

It's all in the perception of things.

The Five of Pentacles represents the losses &

challenges on the material plane.
It can also represent Spiritual losses. 
So why the feel good energy of the 5 of stones?
Giving what little one can to others in need.
It's the glass being half full.
I have enough to provide what I need.

I can share.
In ancient times, communities would gather together.
Farmers would bring from their harvest,
Fisherman from their catch...
It would be given to the poor, the sick, the needy.
Those that needed welcomed these offerings.
They were not made to feel ashamed.

And that is the message of the 5 of stones.
Change the way We look at material things.
Be thankful. Be positive. 
And don't ever be ashamed to accept

help if you need it.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

I See The Great Mother

Today a client asked me, "Where do your messages come from?"
"Do they come from Angels?"
Although I can't prove, and let's face it - Can anyone say without
a doubt what Spirit is exactly? I believe the messages come from
The Goddess.
Maybe I should say I KNOW. 
That's My personal truth.  We all have our own truths.

How did I come by My truth?
I saw Her...
About now You may be thinking "She needs a tin
foil hat".. That's OK.

Quite a number of years ago, She came to me.
I was wide awake.  There were no substances involved -
Really there were none...

It was around midnight.
I was sitting by My altar doing candle work & meditating.
I accidentally stepped on My cat Rocky's tail...
He lashed out & bit me. 
Rocky was temperamental..
I could see the 2 holes from the bite marks &

Of course, blood.
It was an "Oh crap" moment.
Not that the bites were deep, but I tend to have a reaction...
The last time I had a cat bite I spent the evening in the ER -
on IV antibiotics.. 
I wasn't in a position to run to the hospital.
Dad was in bed sleeping.
I couldn't leave him alone, besides I had no car -
Who would bring me?
I got up to go clean it up, when I saw Her.
She was beautiful. 
It was strange but I wasn't at all afraid.
I felt peace. I felt great beauty.
She had pale skin. Red lips.
A long hooded cape.
I heard the name, "HECATE"
I was in awe. I can not put into words what I felt.
She said everything would be fine.
Then She was gone.

I looked down at My hand & there was no wound.
No holes, no bite, not a thing.
I knew SHE was there.
Why am I telling this crazy story?
Because I need to.
I need to honor HER.

We all see Spirit in different ways.
Perhaps, You see Angels, or Mary.
My truth?
Hecate came to me.
She's visited me again. The visits have always come
when She was needed and never called to.
I would be remiss not to honor Her.
You may think I need a Tin Foil Hat.
That's okay.
I know differently.
I know The Great Mother & I am proud to say so.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vernal Equinox - Festival of Isis

Divine Mother
Queen of Magick
She Who holds the power of
She who breathed life back into
Her beloved Osiris
Mother of Horus
Mother of All

We Honor You
We celebrate the ancient trinity
Isis, Osiris, Horus
The Return of Life

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cultural divide in the pagan community

Some time ago I heard an enchanting story -
"Grandmother Drum".
The storyteller was a delightful woman,
A wise older woman who could enthrall you with Her tales.

Grandmother Drum, was this huge drum filled with crystals
their healing properties.
It was supposedly created by a Native American Women with the
assistance of the Inuit people's.
Now anyone that knows me personally, knows I am obsessed
with crystals...
So hearing this, I had to learn more!
I also had to own one of the "Baby Drums".

So I googled.
What I found was a not so enchanting story.
It was a great source of controversy.
The Women who created the drum was not Native American
as She claimed.
The money She collected for "charities" has been in question.
There are other issues.
For instance, It is illegal to possess Eagle Feathers unless you are
Native American.
Native Americans have asked the government to step in.
I could go into more details but I'm sure My point has been made.

I no longer was enchanted with the story of Grandmother drum.
Fast forward to a few short weeks ago.
I receive an invitation to an event celebrating

The story of Grandmother Drum.
I politely responded saying kind things about the facilitator BUT
mentioning simply it is a controversial issue.

OH MY!!!
What did I do?
I received quite a few nasty emails.
People "unfriended" me (lol)
One Woman wrote to me saying,
"Because I am a white Woman am I not to own this item
or participate in a belief system other then My own?"
And that is the polite translation...

Does being a member of the pagan community
Give us the right to disregard other cultures?
Does being a pagan mean I can co opt any tradition I like
and then get all pissy because someone from that culture
addresses it?
Being a pagan may mean We are free from the Dogma of other
Religions & Spiritual Belief systems;
But it doesn't give us the right to disrespect other peoples.

We will never heal Ourselves, or this Earth unless we can heal
& understand the differences between us.
Stomping Our feet & saying, I'm entitled to do as I please,
Without regard to others; is not very healing nor is it enlightened.

It's time We celebrate All belief systems.
All cultures.
It's also time We honor them in a respectful manner.

The Divine in Me, honors the divine in You

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bundles of love

Buster the Kitten came into My life,
exactly when I needed him.
Everyone said He came into My life for a reason.
The thing is, I didn't want to hear it -
At least not then...

Busters arrival has brought many lessons.
On faith,
On time,
On love.

Buster has a schedule.
Each day he runs to the bedroom door and cries.
It's My cue to open the door where He then
pounces on the bed waiting for me.
It's expected that I lie down
So He can cuddle on me.

Buster has taught me to take time out.
Even if just for a few minutes.
I need to take time to relax.
Moreso, I need to spend time with those I love.

Today, While taking that Buster & Me break,
I was totally basking in that loving energy.
Then I heard the news..
Another shooting in a school, children taken hostage
on a bus.
I thought about the little bundle of love curled up on me
& I asked -
Why?  Why is there so much dark energy in Our world?
Why is there an evilness, a darkness in the hearts of so many?
I asked My Lady,
How do We fix this?  Can We?

Then I heard it ...
"We come into this world a bundle of love. Depending
on love from Our mothers.  Without which We fail to thrive.
It is the environment which creates this energy.  Environmentally
it is that which creates dark energy.  Change the environment,
Change the world. "

We come into this world bundles of love.
somewhere along the way, it changes.
We change.  We look to so many things, we forget how
important one simple thing is - Love.
The weight of this change may be falling 

on the hands & hearts of Women.

May each of Her Daughters
Rise up
May We emanate the love
The Great Mother has given us
And radiate it out to the world.
May We rise,
May We be the change
May We all remember the importance of love

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rose Quartz in the kitchen

Today I was straightening out My kitchen counter when I took notice
of a piece of Rose Quartz by the window.
It suddenly occurred to me, "what an odd place for Rose quartz".

Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra.
It is a stone whose energies are related to unconditional love,
Self love & acceptance.
Some say it reminds us of Our "intentions".

According to Feng Shui,
Rose Quartz should be placed in the relationship corner
of one's home.
The relationship corner is the bedroom.

In Our house,
The kitchen is a place we come together.
I prepare meals for those I love
I cook because I love to do so...
When We sit together for a meal we laugh,.
We love, We argue.. We settle the differences.
The kitchen is Our relationship corner.
In the kitchen,
Sitting together for a meal;
We are reminded of Our true intentions..
As a family unit.
As individuals.
The kitchen is the center of Our home.

That piece of rose quartz had been left there
After a class on crystals.
After cleaning it, it just seemed right
leaving it there,

In My kitchen.
I knew exactly where it needed to be.
In the heart of our home.

Crystals will speak to us,
If We listen.
And what they have to say -
Is something you may not learn in any book.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Predictions / Messages

We are now a week into the New Year.
On New Year's Eve,
I asked Spirit what is the message for 2013?
What I should I share?

Wild World - Actually, I heard the words to an old Cat Stevens song
"Oh Baby it's a Wild World"...
What I can tell you is the Pacifica energy is two-fold.
Since I heard Korea directly afterwards, it may be referencing
The Pacific Islands somewhere in the South China Sea.
It also was clearly messaging a connection to the West Coast,
Here in the U.S. - possibly weather energy.
I googled Pacifica & found it is a place in California.

I clearly heard "NOT the obvious"
I also was getting the impression it may not be referencing
"North Korea" at all - which would be the obvious...

In the days that followed,
I received a few more messages for the year ahead.
Here they are:

A birth will be a Big Event.  It will bring a healing to it's people.
I was getting a sense of Royalty.  Is it the birth expected for Britain's
Royal family or is this another "Royal" family?
Perhaps a family not quite Royal but looked upon as such?

An important scientific breakthrough -
Sounded like "Enzymes"
Whatever it is, it will be important.

School Districts - Issue with parents / teachers
possibly in the U.K.?

Scandal involving "housing" or "zoning"
A silver haired politician (Who sort of resembled Phil Donahue,lol)

will be involved. 
He will be found hiding something possibly in his home!

Silver - going up
Hearing the word "Stockpiling"
An individual or individuals are stockpiling it.

3rd world nations as women try to reclaim power.

We may be in for a Wild Ride.
It may prove to be a "Wild World"
It may also be a time of much needed change.