Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Solstice Reading

A few days ago I asked Spirit if there was any message for
the Summer Solstice.
" Don't expect the summer to be peaches & cream"
"Remember the importance of Elders"
The 11 had me baffled.
Later I decided to pull a few cards. What do I get?
11 again. Is there a message in the number itself? Is the message
in the Tarot card - Justice?  I don't know the answer.
Time will tell. It always does with Spirit. In the meantime
here's the Reading :

Summer Solstice Reading - Gaian Tarot Deck (Joanna Powell Colbert)
I was drawn to this deck because of it's connection to
the Earth.  I think I made the right choice!
I do want to clarify, this is NOT a tarot reading.
Yes, I can read Tarot but I'm a psychic & the cards
are just a tool to get the message across to me or the
client. So while the 9 of water/ cups may be a card of
happiness, wishes even spirituality
that's not what we're doing here
(sometimes you need to clarify!)
Let's get to the nitty gritty...

 In that cave or cove lies hidden
a treasure. Pure water . Unblemished by man.
Perhaps it rises from a well spring deep within the earth.
What ever the source it is pure. A gift from the Great Mother.
It lies hidden away from our sewerage, oil drilling, ships...
Water Nourishes the Earth. We depend upon Our connection
to the Water & to the Earth itself for health & well being.
The Elders of different cultures know this.
They warn us, but We do not listen.
Traditions & teachings like Ayurveda, Chinese medicine,
the Shamans & Medicine People of different
cultures know this truth. Balance is a necessity.
Whether it's the health & well being of an individual
or this planet, without balance
there will come chaos & disease. 
Healing begins at the root - like the chakra. 
We must begin by healing the Earth.
She is the womb we come from.
She is the source we feed from.
If we don't take action soon, our resources will dry up.
In the end, it is nature that has the power
to decide the fate of mankind.

 May You enjoy the gifts of abundance this Solstice