Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Years' Wish - Return to Grace

A sense of propriety
Is Divine love

Today, It seems grace is sadly lacking in our society.
With the Advent of Cell phones & Internet
Propriety is out of fashion.
At any given time
One can find someone spewing unkind words at another.
Personal issues are no longer personal
but posted for the world to see.

People proudly bandy about their use/abuse of
Alcohol & prescription meds
They discuss their love lives, family, friends
They call it "venting"

Fellow Pagans putting down one another.
Pagans putting down Christians and other religions
Those in the Craft claiming Their way is The Way...

What happened to Grace?
A basic tenet of The Craft of The Wise is
To Know Grace
Knowing Grace is Compassion towards others
Knowing Grace is kindness
Knowing Grace is restraint
Knowing Grace is to be Humble
Knowing Grace is To Honor & Respect the Divine,
In all we do.

May your daughters rise up
May they bring your words to light
May they show the way
May we return to grace

Yemaya - Goddess of New Year

Goddess of Ocean Waters
Mother goddess
Goddess of hope
Goddess of divination

Yemeya is the mother protecting her children.
Her waters wash over us, cleansing.
Washing away sadness.

She brings prosperity.
Yemeya, Star of the Sea.
A powerful force, Yemeya demands respect.
Wear a gemstone from her beloved Ocean Waters.
Light a Blue or White candle to honor the Goddess.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's in a Name?
Er' a Witches cauldron be
Voice of Spirit calls to thee...
Today's Giveaway winner...
Lady Grace Dreamweaver.
The goddess was listening, wasn't She?
To All who entered, Thank You
For sharing your dreams
May you know She is listening...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tomorrow's Giveaway

Tomorrows Giveaway -
Dream a little Dream, Rhiannon's Blend.

On the Eve of the Full Moon,
Before The Winter Solstice;
I created this blend.
For the Giveaway I added 2 crystals-
Prehinite & Pink Peruvian Opal.

Prehinite- enhances & encourages dreams.
Pink Opal - Feminine, receptive, it helps us to
connect, to receive the messages that come in dreams.

Visit on FB & tell us your dream.
Post by 6PM tomorrow to be entered.
For those of you who do not have access
to FB & are a follower of this blog,
You can post here to be included.

May you manifest great dreams

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays

Get your questions in by 6 PM today for Robin!
Throughout the week we'll be having giveaways &
surprises so join us on FB!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Blessings!

Tarot on Tuesdays, Yule Surprise!
The ladies of Tarot on Tuesday will be spending the Holiday
weekend with family BUT... We'll be back on Monday with
Yuletide surprises!
Join us throughout the week for Giveaways!
Robin will be giving a piece of Her beautiful Reiki infused Jewelry,
Althea, our Fairguidemother is doing Hair readings - You won't find that
anywhere else!
I'll be giving a Dream Bag & there will be more surprises...

May your holidays be filled with Joy, Laughter & the Magick of Love

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last minute Treasure

In my local bookstore looking for holiday gifts when I came across this treasure! Perfectly coinciding with my posts & teachings on "Dream Weaving". Coincidence? Maybe not... This small book is a gem! For those interested in Dream Working, run to the bookstore and get yourself a copy. I've purchased several to give to My Sisters & students. The book includes several blends which made me smile - There is Magick in this book. Thank You Jim Long, this is a treasure!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Solstice, The Full Moon & An Eclipse

This Tuesday marks the arrival of the Solstice.
This particular Solstice arrives during a Full Moon
& a lunar eclipse.

The Solstice itself is a time for looking inward.
A time of reflection
But it is also a time of Magick
During a Solstice/Full Moon
All sorts of wonderful magick can be manifested
So now we have a Solstice/Full Moon/Eclipse
All manner of Magick can manifest here, right?

Well, not exactly.
This eclipse arrives during a VOID
In my time zone, EST

The eclipse/void arrives at 3:13 AM
Now most of us understand voids.
In fact I'm sure many have experienced
Magick gone awry,
Only to find there was a void during the working.

Does this mean we don't work any magick?
Of course not.
We rearrange.
We work before the eclipse.
Do we get the benefit of the Eclipse?
Yes and No
No, We will not reap any magickal benefit
From this particular eclipse
Yes, It brings a special spiritual significance

The Celestial Event is full of Spiritual Energy
Change is coming
She is rising
In different cultures,
Called by many names
She is calling to Her children
Could this be a precursor to the Aquarian Age?
I don't know
But what I do know,
This is Magick of the greatest kind

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays

This Tuesday I'll be providing the reading.
Join us on FB and post your questions before
6PM on Monday!

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
We honor The Mother Goddess
The birth of the son/sun,
Brings forth hope, renewal
The cycle of life continues
The Wheel of the year turns
Season to Season

The Circle of life
From the barren winter season
The flame of hope burns
Guiding us,
Reminding us of the seedling
Ready to break through the frozen Earth
To begin the cycle again

A gift from The Great Mother
The Son/Sun is that seedling
Her gift to us.


As we light our candles
As we burn the Yule log
May we always be thankful
May we honor the Wheel
May we know that Hope & Love is eternal, if we have faith

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rhiannon's Dream Blend

Rhiannon's Dream Blend
Intuitive Goddess

Rhiannon, Lunar Goddess
It is said that on Yule Rhiannon visits;
She enters our dreams, learns our desires
& guides us.
The following can be placed in a sachet,
(any type of small bag) or if you're feerling
crafty, you could make a pillow.

A bag or cloth - White or Silver

1 teaspoon of the following Herbs:
Mugwort - To grant vision
Thyme - To call the Fey, Rhiannon is a Fairy Queen
Catnip or Mint - Attraction, Cats sacred to Rhiannon
Jasmine - Lunar, Sacred to Rhiannon

A small piece of quartz

** I do not recommend using oils in the blends
as the scent can be too overpowering & traditionally
we have only used the herbs

Manifesting Magick through Dreams

Dream Weaving,
Manifesting Magick during the dream state.
More than Dream interpretation
More than receiving messages
Dream weaving is

We begin by creating a Dream Altar.
A sacred space for the preparation
& workings of dream magick.
Keep your dream altar as close to your sleeping
area as possible.
It can be as simple as a piece of quartz & some fresh
lavender or as elaborate as Statuary to a Dream Goddess
such as Rhiannon,
Items to assist you in Dream State &
Offerings to Spirit/ Goddess/God

Manifesting in Dream State is working
in another realm.
That which applies to manifestation during
waking hours does not apply to dream state.
We do not work with voids,
nor astrological correspondences
Days of the week - do not matter on the astral plane.

So what do we work with?
Herbs, crystals, stones
Paper & pen
We create teas to drink before sleep
We lay herbs under our pillows or
Create sachets, Dream pillows
We place crystals under our pillow,
We wear them
We write our desires upon a paper
placed upon our dream altar,
We place them in our sachets, pillows
We pray, we call upon Spirit, Our Higher Selves,
The Great Mother
Then we dream
We make it so
Dream a little magick into your life

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dream Weaving

Sometimes prophetic, often analyzed
Our dreams speak to us
Dreams offer us an opportunity to exist in another realm.

Our dreams can be a guide or a blueprint
Dreams can be a doorway to manifesting
The ancients knew this.

In Egypt, Priestesses of Isis prepared Herbs
of prophetic sleep
For they knew that She shall come in time of dreams
Guiding Her daughters.

In Native American cultures,
Medicine Men & Women use their dreams
to manifest a world for their children and their children's children.

Today Dream Weaving although almost a lost art;
Remains a powerful manifestation tool.
For in Dream State we enter another realm
We exist in a place of possibilities
We coexist with Spirit, Our higher selves
It is here The Great Mother breathes life into our dreams.
So before heading off to sleep,
Spend some time in the silence
Map your dreams, visualize your world
Bring Her an offering
Call to the Great Mother
May She guide your dreams

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays

Joining us today is Althea, Fairyguidemother.
Althea works with the Fey, using oracle cards.
Among Her favorites are Brian Froud's decks.
Post a question to Althea before 6PM on
our FB page!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rhiannon - Goddess of Winters Solstice


To the Welsh people, Great Queen
Riding through the night upon Her White Mare
Tuatha de Danaan,
Queen of the Fey

Giving birth to the Sacred Son
She who teaches compassion, faith, hope
Shows us the dignity within
Which rises up even under adverse circumstances.

On the Eve of Winter Solstice
She shows us the light through the Darkness
On this night
She rides Her White Horse through the dreams
of Her followers
Granting that which is needed to manifest Our dreams

Leave a small white candle burning for Her
Place Lavender under your pillow or create
a dream sachet
Let Rhiannon enter your dreams
When Her songbird sings,
Know that dreams do manifest
May you always know dignity, even in trying times

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holda - Goddess of Winter


Ancient Goddess whose name means "gracious one"
White Lady of Winter
Goddess of the seasons

Kindness & Mercy
Goddess of Home & Hearth
Patron of Witches
She is a Goddess of Weather
Of Spinning, Weaving
It is She who brings the snow,
Shaking off Her feather bed,
Laughing & Spreading Joy.
Her snow blankets Mother Earth
Hiding & protecting Her seedlings
Until the Wheel turns and Spring arrives.

Goddess who taught spinning & weaving to women
An acceptable form of income for ancient women.
But Spinning is so much more.
For Spinning & weaving creates the magick fabric
of our lives.
Patroness of Witches
She who teaches us to create.

Mother Holle
Bringer of gifts
Bringer of Good Health, Good Fortune, Prosperity.
Mother Holda
Protector of Children
Rocking them to sleep, singing her lullaby.
Mother Holda
She brings gifts to the children
She is the origin of Santa,
long before Father Christmas.

Twelve days sacred to Holda.
Honor Her
Leave cookies & Milk
Light a Red candle
Offer Her the greatest Honor this Yule -
Donate a toy to a needy child.
Remember Mother Holda,
For Yes, Virginia - There is a Santa Claus

Her name is Holda

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Solstice Giveaway

In the Days leading up to the Solstice
I'll be honoring the Goddess in Her aspects as
Mother, Triple Goddess, Weaver
She who brings the Son/Sun

In honoring the tradition of old,
The sharing of our bounty,
I will offer 1 reading as a Solstice/Yule gift..

The giveaway info will be posted as we get closer
to the Solstice.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mother Goddess
Triple Goddess
She who spins the web of life

At Yule time we honor The Goddess
For it is She who brings forth the Sun/Son

Brighid, Demeter, Holda
Morrigan, Spinning Woman

She is the Mother guiding Her children
She is the Mother listening in the night
However you call to Her
However you see Her
However you know Her
Does not matter
What matters is only that you do

Winter Solstice

Solstice Eve
On this, the longest night
Winter arrives
For our ancestors, food was scarce
Fire,essential to survival
On this night, Hope would shine through the darkness
For on the Solstice
The wheel of the year turns & with it
The light returns
Knowing the Sun was returning brought hope, faith.
With that faith came a tradition of sharing.
On Solstice Eve they shared their bounty,
For they knew they would survive the barren months.
They knew the Sun would be returning &
The land plentiful again.
The Ancient Ones had faith.
May it be with Faith that you share your bounty
May you honor the Element of Fire
May you honor The Great Mother and the return of the Sun/Son

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tarot on Tuesdays

This Tuesday Robin will be providing the reading!
Robin is a Reiki Master. She reads energy & works
with oracle cards.
Stop by & post a question to Her.
To quote Robin, "I may not be able to tell you
when your Prince will come but I can tell you Why
He isn't already here."
Questions must be posted by Monday 6PM