Friday, December 17, 2010

Rhiannon's Dream Blend

Rhiannon's Dream Blend
Intuitive Goddess

Rhiannon, Lunar Goddess
It is said that on Yule Rhiannon visits;
She enters our dreams, learns our desires
& guides us.
The following can be placed in a sachet,
(any type of small bag) or if you're feerling
crafty, you could make a pillow.

A bag or cloth - White or Silver

1 teaspoon of the following Herbs:
Mugwort - To grant vision
Thyme - To call the Fey, Rhiannon is a Fairy Queen
Catnip or Mint - Attraction, Cats sacred to Rhiannon
Jasmine - Lunar, Sacred to Rhiannon

A small piece of quartz

** I do not recommend using oils in the blends
as the scent can be too overpowering & traditionally
we have only used the herbs

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