Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Message from Spirit December 2014

Today I heard the Following:

"Whence did Thy Temple become Thy Church?
For wherein did the Son of Nazareth
Chased moneychangers from Thy Temple

The sons of man speak many tongues
But who (none) speaketh Thy truth

I have Risen time & again
But who chooses to see?

In battles fought
I have stood silently watching
For who is right & just
Empires fall & rise again.

Those who seek answers to the past
For their present is too painful
Shall never see  

Truth sold by charlatans
For I shall be merciless
Those who deceive Me
Have been tried

The weigher of the hearts of men
Comes forth
For She is My Brethen

Do you think your sins
Can be washed from you by word and not
By deed?
Do you believe truth has no light?
For it shall come
And I shall be merciless.

I have laid before you
What is to come
Yet who chooses to see
Destroyer - Creator I am not
It is you, mankind woman which doth so

Thy watchers walk amongst you
Through their eyes
I choose to see
And who is to say
One lie smaller than another?
And who shall redeem the redeemer
Not I , For I am the Immortal One

I have asked for reverence
For that which I have given
I have been fair and  just
Kind and unyielding
For a Mother can not make a child love Her