Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Trouble with Angels or Why I don't like Doreen Virtue Decks

Doreen Virtue. You either love Her Decks... Or Not.
There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground.
It's sort of like those movies when everyone was asking
"Team Jacob or Team Edward"...

I'm on the "Not a fan" team.
Many people feel Her Decks are too fluffy.
Personally I don't care about fluffy.
If Fairies, Unicorns & Angels make someone happy,
Hey, Why not?
If fact there are a few Fairy themed Tarot Decks
I'd recommend -
Fairy Lights, Celtic Fairy, Victorian Fairy...

No, My issues with Doreen Virtue Decks are twofold.
The is Fluff of a different sort.
Angels play significant roles in the Bible.
Islam, Judaism, Christianity all reference Angels.
Slapping them on cards,
like junk food for the masses
turns it to fluff, in My opinion.
For instance -
Metatron: Call upon Me to clear & open Your Chakras

Now Metatron is not referenced in either
the old or new testament.
Some scholars state Metatron
was referenced in the Talmud
& in Jewish Mystical writings.
In the Rabbinic tradition He is the Highest of the High.
So what's My point?
Is Metatron's purpose to clear Your chakras? 
Seriously.. FLUFF
And Disrespect.

I love a good deck.
Whether it be a Tarot Deck or an Oracle Deck,
I appreciate the work & love an artist has put into it.
I know several artists who created decks.
A labor of love. They birthed it.
From inception to culmination,
It took time. It took heart. 
They have soul.

How many decks exactly does
Doreen Virtue churn out per year?
In 2012 We had Her Angel Tarot,
Mary, Queen of Angels, Flower Therapy & Mermaids..
Her cards are vapid, soulless.
Once upon a time,
they may have been about the message.
Nowadays it's all about the money.
My money is something I won't be spending
on these decks.

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Message from Spirit 11/7/13

Thy Mother is the 1 true God
You who assign gender
When there is none

For I am the ONE
Who makes Mountains quake
Waters Flood
And Kings fall from grace

The Ones you call Angels
Walk among you
Unknowing who they are
Fulfilling their destiny
By deed & word

Armageddon comes

Not with Thunder
But with a whisper
The cries of a hundred (hundreds more?)
Yet none shall hear

When the fire comes
This shall be too late
Hunger in the streets
Yet many turn a blind eye

Upon Thy mount
Many converge
Seeking answers
Believing none
Yet some shall rise
The truth bearers
And One Shall lead the way
And She will be righteous

And Why when one speaks to me
Does one not anoint Thyself with Nard &
Precious Oils?
For I AM
Who rises above all