Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pray for Peace

Those who fight in the name of God
Use No weapons. Their weapons are words,
prayers & good deeds.
Those who fight in the name of religion
Do so with weapons.

God/Goddess knows no religion.
#‎Pray‬ for

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2015 Predictions or more appropriately "Messages" from the Divine
I hate the word "Predictions" because I don't
"Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.
Maybe "Fore show" is better. It seems to imply
a bit more "Divine" Guidance.
Sometimes the messages are simple & to the point.
More often, They are presented almost as a riddle.
I am going to share them as I heard them : 

"Education systems fail"

"Middle Eastern conflict spreads overseas"

"Anarchy spreads through many nations"

"Water shall be the cause of many loses,
flood & famine"

" A Great destruction shall come in the lands of
Asia Minor"

"A pontiff rises in the land of the Man
Who would be King"

"A Trojan horse shall be sent (arrive?)
To a (the?) league of nations"

"Big brother IS watching"

"A Governor succeeds"

"The Bear rages (on?)"

"Tragedy at Kings Road" (row?)

"The deceit of 1 shall destroy many
as a nation bows to it's knees"

"A Father of Rock shall pass through the veil"

"The downing of a jet will prove (to be) sabotage"

"The fifth house from the Sun shall fall"

"Disaster of epic proportions waters rise in
northern seas"

"New treatments for disease of the mind"

"The Senators wife loses a bid"

"A Sonic Boom shall be heard around the world"

"The Middle East will continue to rage with blood
as disease spreads across a northern Europe"

"Before the deluge comes a time of great mercy
the Earth shall quake with a great fire"

"A Lancelot shall come but the people
will be too distraught to hear his message"

"Bacteria in fish affects food source (hearing cod?)

"Biogentics"  That was exactly what I heard - it will be of
some importance this year

"Once born a child
A devil rises, gathers many to his womb
And none shall know the difference"

Hot Spots -
Nepal - Human rights issues
Hong Kong - Unrest, Economic & political issues
Costa Rica - possibly weather related?
Celebes Sea???
Anatolia - Some connection to Middle East or terrorism
issues. It will be significant

"Economy will remain at steady pace before leveling
However, "The dollar shall fall"

I heard 1 specific messages repeated from 2014 :

"Major Oceanic Discovery"