Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 A Time of Many Changes

I'm posting a message I heard a few nights ago.
Strangely enough as I'm reading
the half scribbled message,
I see the word "foreshadowed" -
which I just happened to
use in My post regarding New Years Predictions! 
I'm going to take that as a sign .

"A time of changes has come.
Many falsehoods will come to the light.
Many will not accept the
Truths about themselves.

And Those that are Right &
Just & Good
Need No accolades
For it (They) are known

The prophets shall be separated

And the false shall be fereted
& seek forgiveness (for naught)

A plague shall set across
Many Lands
The brethen

The true healers shall be called upon
for they shall be given
A rightful place (in the kingdom)

The Seer whose eyes see all
Shall warn of the comings
But none shall listen
Turn a deaf ear
To all that is foreshadowed

And in the ruble & ash
Shall rise
The ones chosen

Do You not kneel before me
And ask forgiveness?

For I am 1 god
Whose faces are many
I am the One
Who birthed you"

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2014 PredictionsI hate the word "Predictions" because I don't
"Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.
Maybe "Fore show" is better. It seems to imply
a bit more "Divine" Guidance.
Sometimes the messages are simple & to the point.
More often, They are presented almost as a riddle.
I am going to share them as I heard them -

"The People's Republic shall Rise (March?)
Against the Great Sea Monster. Tripoli shall fall."

"The Pope shall be a player in the
Downfall of the Great."

"A once Great Leader shall be
Shown His truth."

"Major Oceanic discovery"

"Extreme Weather East of The Mississippi."

Hot spots in the World will include :
Saudi Arabia - Specifically seeing a mountain
region.  I never thought of mountains in the desert.
Geography is not My specialty. I think it's a range
to the North.  May not be political. 
orth Korea - No Surprise. "Execution of Nationalists" ?

Gold will skyrocket... Then Fall. Quickly.

"The Donkey Wins" - I have NO clue...

"Political figure suffers mental breakdown."

"The U.S. falls farther into the abyss"

"Issue with food chain. Sanitation

"Retail stores fail."

The last message, I'm not quite sure if I got exactly,
but I'm going to post what I heard -
"Attempted  Assassination African/Arab continent,
United Arab Emeritus?"

Friday, December 27, 2013

Etiquette for a Psychic Reading

We often speak about 'Ethics" in the Psychic Community.
How a Reader or Psychic should conduct themselves,
How to treat clients responsibly & respectfully.
What we don't talk about is "How" the client
should conduct themselves.
Not quite the same as the Code of Ethics
a Reader should have,
But just as important to speak of. 

Etiquette for a Reading:

Keep Your Appointment.
Yes, Sometimes there are life's little emergencies.
We know.  We get it.
We also know an appointment
with a Psychic Reader is not taken as seriously as say,
A Dental appointment.
We may NOT be Dentists or Doctors,
But we strive to maintain a professional demeanor
& should be treated as such.

Be on time.
A few minutes late or early, no biggie.
Showing up 30 Minutes late &
expecting to keep Your appointment?
Not only is it unfair to Us,
but it's unfair to other scheduled appointments.

Don't "Test" Us.  Don't "Lie".
First, it's very rude to test Our skills.
I can't speak for other Readers,
but I know when someone is testing me.
Guess what? I get annoyed.  Changes the energy.
I'll still give You what You came for,
but if I'm angry or annoyed -
You may not get as much as You could have received
from Your Reading. 
Same goes for lying
except that most of the time, I know.
I may not call You out on it, but You're wasting not only
My time; You're wasting your own!

Don't tell Me what another Reader told you.
We don't care.  It has absolutely nothing to do with
what You came for - A Reading with Me.

Don't Tell Me Everything & Don't Tell Me Nothing!
If You volunteer everything,
You really won't know if I'm legit.
If You sit there stone faced & don't respond ,
I have no idea if I'm picking up the right energy.
If You wait until the very end to say, "You were right on" -
Trust me, I'd rather not hear it.
Make things simple &  just say,
"Yes, I have a Sister that lives in Houston" when I ask.

When the reading is over, it's over.
While I'm not exactly a clock watcher, You've paid
for a specific amount of time.  If it goes over a little,
No big deal. Please don't continue with "Just one
more question".  I have a schedule & other clients.
If you've paid for 30 Minutes, Don't expect an hour.

Tip the Reader.
I work for Myself, so it's different but I remember
Working in Shops & psychic fairs...
The Reader only gets a percentage.
Generally a shop takes 30 % of what You pay.
So depending on how much You pay for the Reading,
it's nice to tip.
Unless of course the Reading sucked (Did I just say that???)

May you have a wonderful experience with a Reading!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot

The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot- Artist Lorelei Douglas
is My latest Tarot purchase & I love it.
Deck Love at first sight.

The Basics:
The Deck follows in the RWS tradition with a few
minor changes.
Rather than 78 cards there are 82.
The additional 4 are "Veto" cards ,

1 for each of the suits.
Some of the more traditional names
have been changed, but are easily identifiable -
Just look at The Patriarch : 

Yul Brenner, The King & I   

What better card to portray the Emperor? 
Ok, some younger folks may not be familiar
with the movie (Is that possible?) but the idea
should be clear. 
There's also the LWB - Ok, Not a book,
More like a pamphlet which is easily downloaded.
Lorelei Douglas offers several different configurations,
It can be folded & stored in the box.

The Box, there I have a complaint.
Visually, it's beautiful. 

However,  it's not sturdy. The box
is oversized, perhaps to fold up the booklet &
place it inside? 
Because of that, it easily bends.  For such a beautiful
Deck, it should have a sturdier box. 
The card-stock itself is also a bit on the thin side. 
I don't know if I'll let clients handle these cards.

Would I recommend this Deck?
It's fresh, inventive, vibrant -
Just look at these colors...
Movie Buff must have!
As for Me,
Any Deck depicting the 8 of cups with

Rhett Butler walking away from Scarlett
is a must have.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giveaway Time!

 It's time for A Giveaway!

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Aromatherapy Sprays

Crystals - Between a rock & a hard place

I love Crystals, Gemstones.
Anyone that knows me, knows
I have a bit of an obsession
for them.
If You read through My blog,
You'll find pictures & posts about some of My favorites.

In My early years at Etsy
I sold them - not individually because that's
against Etsy rules unless You are a supplier
(Most people don't bother with the "rules" these days)
But in Mojo Bags, or rather Intention Bags.
I decided to name them Intention Bags because
they weren't True Mojo Bags (I'm a bit of a stickler
for traditions) 
I taught workshops on creating pouches
utilizing the energies of crystals & herbs.

You'll find Crystals throughout My home.
A very large Quartz specimen I convinced the
Owner of Sacred Circle to sell to me,
graces My Reading room.

All well & good
Until a few nights ago.
The night of the New Moon to be exact.
I was sitting by My altar in prayer
holding in My hands a very special piece of quartz.
Then I heard the message,
"It is wrong.  The buying & selling of these crystals.
Mother Earth is being ravaged. Always taking, never
returning is the way of the people.  Take what is offered
freely, like the shell that washes upon the shore.  Piece by
piece the core of  The Great Mother is chipped away.
Someday, there shall be nothing. Nothing but destruction
for the children."

I wasn't quite sure where this message was coming from.
I'm still not. I do know it didn't feel good.
Which brings me to the next part -
"How do You think this will heal the people,
when it does nothing but harm Mother earth?
The power to heal has been long forgotten.
Do not rape the Great Mother for no good shall come"

I wasn't feeling very good about this "message".
I wasn't feeling very good about Myself.
I'm not quite sure where I stand.
I love My crystals.
I can't see giving them up.
Of course, If Spirit asks me to I would.
For now, I won't be purchasing any crystals.
I will listen for the guidance of My Lady.
Perhaps this is a "test"
More likely, it is truth I may not want to see;
If I am to serve The Great Mother Goddess,
I most own these truths.