Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sacred Days of The Sun/Son

This coming week is a very Sacred time.
Tonight is the first night of Chanukah,
Thurs is the arrival of the Winter Solstice/Yule here
& the arrival of the Summer Solstice for
Our friends on the other side of the equator.
Christmas arrives on the Eve Dec 24th,
The Birth of Heru- Son of Isis arrives Dec 25th...
All celebrations of the light.
For the Hebrews, The miracle of the oil burned for 8 days.
The Solstice is the celebration of the Sun,
Christmas for Christians honors the birth of the Son ;
As does The Feast of Heru for the Egyptians...
All these ancient people honored the light,
For the light meant hope then
As it does today.
May the Sun/Son shine upon Your path,
May You always have Hope,
May We remember Our commonality & cast aside Our differences.
May Your holidays Be Blessed

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hecate - Day of the Crossroads

Today We celebrate Her...
She whose torch illuminates Our path.
May I remain humble in Her service
Yet May I always know My power
She who name is loved by those who know Her
She who is feared by those who do not understand
The Path to the Goddess is never simple
But for those willing to walk it
It brings Great Reward
I AM Your Daughter
I rise up with My Sisters
And Speak Your Name proudly
Great Mother

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving - Honoring the land

I'm reposting a piece I wrote last Year...

As a child in school I remember hearing
of the pilgrims & the "first" Thanksgiving...
Over the years I have heard much debate
over the origins of Thanksgiving.
Now, I am no historian but some things I do know.
I know that however it began,
Thanksgiving was a celebration of the harvest.
A Thank You to Mother earth for Her bounty.
A Thank you to God/Spirit for providing
I know that George Washington first declared it
a day of Nationwide celebration.

This is His proclamation,
"recommend to the people of the United States
a day of public thanksgiving and prayer,
to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts
the many and signal favors of Almighty God,
especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably
to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:"

Today there is separation of church & state.
Today we complicate things.
Today we often forget the roots of Thanksgiving.
For those early people, whether Pilgrim,
Native American, Canadian or Spaniard ;
they were grateful.
They honored the land, first and foremost.
They honored "God"
For providing through the Winter season,
For giving them a place to practice their religious beliefs.

For Me,
I am Grateful each day for the gifts of The Great Mother
I am Grateful for the land I walk upon
I am grateful that I can wear my pentacle publicly
& not fear religious persecution.
Yes, we as a people have far to go
But today, I am grateful.
I offer these words...
This Thanksgiving may we remember this truth
Mother Earth does not belong to us, we area part of the land.
"One does not sell the land people walk on."
..Crazy Horse, Sept. 23, 1875

Monday, November 21, 2011

There is a restlessness in the air.
The Dark Moon arrives today,
Followed by Mercury Retrograde,

A New Moon & a partial Solar Eclipse,
All within a matter of days.

Changes. Misunderstandings.
New beginnings.
A time of transformation.
Be mindful of what You say.

Don't take what others say to heart.
Take a good hard look at the months ahead &
Prepare for the necessary changes.

If You want transformation in Your life,
YOU must be the catalyst of change.
May You pass through the energies of change smoothly

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Triple Goddess, Great mother, Moon Goddess,
Dark goddess, Queen of the witches.
Day of the crossroads is a time to honor her.
Leave an offering at the crossroads for Hecate.
Give thanks to the Great Mother.

Offering to Hecate
After Sunset on Nov 30th, I go to a crossroadsand leave an offering.
My offering consists ofIncense, preferably Lavender.
A small dish of Herbs including Mugwort & Patchouli.

A plate of the following:
1 Apple sliced in half horizontally (pentacle showing)
Drizzle the following over the Apple -
A small cup of Wine or red Grape Juice

Yes, it is similar to the ingredients of Kyphi.
For me Hecate and Isis are one and the same,
so what could be more fitting?
Give Thanks, say your prayer or petition and walk away
WITHOUT looking back.

Devotion To Hecate

I am your daughter
In saffron & midnight sky
I kneel before The Great Mother
Three candles burn upon Her altar
Three stones I do wear
The stone of the Dark Mother
She who protects
The stone of Her Lifeblood
She who creates
The stone of Her Moon
She who is the light guiding our path
I am your priestess
I ask that I may walk the path of the ancient ones
Wise Ones
Priestesses who came before me
I ask that I may serve you with honor
To remain humble in thy service
I am your voice
For those who seek your guidance
I listen with my heart
To hear your words
For I am Your Daughter

Monday, October 31, 2011

May I walk the path of the Ancients
May I always honor their wisdom
May there always be room at My table
for a hungry mouth,
May there always be room in My heart
for a friend.
May I Grace the path I follow
With Dignity

Wishing A Blessed Samhain
Blessed Beltaine
To All
Wherever on Mama Gaia You may be!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Samhain Charm of Manifesting

Sacred woods
Burn Sacred Fires
Sacred Words
Bespeak Desires
All thy Wish
Now so shall be
By Words of power
Charm of three

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I AM a Witch
I am not a lightworker
Nor am Rainbow warrior
My energies have been around long before
There were Indigo Children
I respect Your path

But I do not abide by it

I am a Witch
My energies are neither Black
Nor White
I am the Fury of the Thunder
The gentleness of a Summer Breeze
I am the calm Waters on a glass like Sea
I am the roaring Waves in the heart of the storm
I learn My magick from Nature

I do not harm intentionally But
I do protect with the fierceness of a Lioness
I do not moan, cry or complain about
That which I do not have
I manifest that which I desire
For I AM a Witch

I AmYour Daughter

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Season of The Witch, Season of Change

Last week I spent some time back home
visiting with my mother.
I am settled in my new home now.
I have my routines, life has fallen into
new patterns. At some point during the visit
Mom asked Her question & I was reminded of
that no matter where I am, no matter how things
move foward,
I shall always miss "home"
So I am reposting,
For Myself & for others facing changes this season

Yesterday My Mom called.
After chatting a bit, Mom asked
"So are you putting up your altar?"
"Yes" I assured Her.
"What about Grandma's picture,it's here you know".
She proceeded to remind me of an
Uncle, a few cousins,
all of whom should be placed on the altar.
Not typical conversationfor the average family.

Mom's concerns come from my relocation.
This year I am unable to make
the commute home for Halloween/Samhain.
It will be difficult for both Mom & Myself.
Like any other family,
We gather together & celebrate.
We honor the seasons,
We honor ancestors,
We honor The Goddess.
We have our rituals, our meals & our magick.
This year there will be new ritual,
New faces at my table.
New friends sharing in the celebration.

My altar will reflect these changes.
While I am saddened by this change,
I acknowledge this is a season of change.
The wise know that change is inevitable.
My Lady will guide me through the changes.
The Season of the Witch is not always gentle.
The Season of the Witch,
Is one of faith,
for we stand at the crossroads
knowing we must not look back
The Season of the Witch
Is a time of Hope & Dreams
We give ourselves over to The Goddess,
And in so doing
We open the path to creation
Without faith we will never learn to manifest our dreams
May you let go & let Goddess guide you

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Unpacking My Work bag tonight,
I came across a delightful surprise -
2 beautiful pieces of Pyrite were tucked away.
I had forgotten about this purchase.
The Pyrite were lovely rounds the shop owner

had brought back from a gem show.

One, completely round with small hidden
crevices, sparkling as if dusted by fairies,

The other a delightful little gem,
reminded me of a small geode.
The top missing, but hidden within
cubes of Pyrite glistening.
It was my favorite piece.
I brought My treasures to my partner.

Here, one is for You.
"What is It?" Pyrite.
"Isn't that Fools gold?" Yes.
"Why would I want that?, I wouldn't use it
to bring anything - it's not the Real thing"
I thought they were nice,

You don't have to use it, but Okay.
I walked away.
He called Me back.
"I'll take it, Thank You".
He reached in & took My favorite.
As He walked away, He said -
"I left You the nice one, this one is broken!"
Broken? It's so pretty..
We both laughed & He took the other piece.

Much of magick is based upon it.
In some traditions,
Those pieces of Pyrite represent wealth,

One Practitioner may use Pyrite to attract abundance,
While another may use to represent false hopes...
It's all a matter of perception.

Same holds true for Spirit.
Each of us sees Spirit in a way
We understand.

And in this understanding,
We can connect with Spirit.

I Know Her.
The Great Mother.
The Goddess.
For another Spirit may be seen as Buddha,
Maybe Mary or Jesus.
Kwan Yin.
It all comes down to Perception.
Perhaps the secret to peace comes in
The Compassion of perception.

May We understand the magick of Perception

Friday, September 30, 2011

Today's Meditation Arrived with the following:

At Her feet were placed
Precious Gems
And She said,
Come unto Me
Enter Thy temple
For a great darkness shall befall
Many lands.
The Daughters of Aset
Shall rise up
Their numbers many

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blessings of The Equinox

Today The Wheel of The Year marks
A change of Seasons.
The Equinox.
A time of Perfect Balance.
For a short while,
Everything is in balance.

Use this time wisely.
Look within areas in One's life
Where balance is needed.
For those entering The Fall,
The coming of The Dark Mother
Heralds us to prepare for the barren times.
To celebrate the Harvest -
To Reap the rewards of our work, but
To remain mindful that everything has a cycle.
For Those entering The Spring,
Their Work begins..
A time for planting the seeds of One's dreams.
To nurture & tend them.
For the energy We provide now,
Will be Harvest of the turning wheel.

Where ever You are on this Great Earth,
There is Great Magick in the Air.
May You celebrate Her,
May You understand the Greatness of
Mother Earth beneath Your very feet.
Spend some time with Her today &
Be thankful.
May You always Be Blessed.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Full Moon in Pisces & The lesson of Compassion

As We travel the Astrological Wheel,
We see the traits of each sign.
These traits carry with them lessons.
Some We may remember on a Soul level.
Some We need to learn.
Each sign carries traits we aspire to &

Those less then desirable ones,
We seek to overcome.

Pisces like all the others,
Has it's share of both.
Pisces - The Dreamer of the zodiac
Two fish swimming in opposite directions.
You could say Pisces tends towards indecision.
You could also say that Pisces

is one of the more adaptable of the signs.
You could say that Pisces
can be a bit of a "cold" fish -
Yet one of the Great gifts Pisces has to share
Is the gift of compassion.
We can all use compassion,
Especially these days.

Tonight, Light a candle & send
A little compassion out into the World.
For if just 1 candle or prayer is sent out
In the night sky,
Imagine the Power of hundreds.
Tonight, Raise Your candles high
Send Your prayer of compassion,
Perhaps someday soon, we shall know peace.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Season of Change

It's all around.
The wheel of the year moves
towards the equinox

Suddenly everyone is speaking of change.
You can smell it in the Air.
You can feel the change in the weather.
You can see it in the night sky.
You can even hear it if you listen
to the sounds of nature.
Suddenly everyone is aware of the shift.
But the truth is,
It's been happening all along.

The days become shorter
minutes at a time.

We never notice,
Until we "wake up" and realize
it's no longer light at 8PM.
It's like that in Our lives.

Most changes are gradual.
We don't take notice until -
The relationship is ending,

Or the Job.
There are the sudden shifts.

Sometimes devastating.
The others,
We had forewarning,
We just didn't choose to see.

Life, like nature;
Gives us signs.
It's up to us to see them.
It's up to us to embrace them.
It's like a pond of water,
in the middle of summer.
If the Water doesn't flow,
If Rain doesn't come,
It becomes stagnant.
Sometimes We need that rain,
To get things moving again.
Open Your eyes to the changes all around.

Embrace them.
Learn from Mother earth.

May the magick of change wash over you.

May it cleanse & refresh.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius - Friendship

This Full Moon will be arriving in Aquarius.
Free Thinking, Independent Aquarius.
Humanitarian of the zodiac.

Aquarius wants to save the World.
But in their vision of humanity,
Sometimes close personal relationships
Are difficult to achieve.
Friendship is one of life's most precious gifts.

It would be wise to use this Full Moon
To Focus on friendship -

Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet"

And a youth said, "Speak to us of Friendship."
And he answered them saying,
"Your friend is your needs answered.
He is your field which you sow with love

and reap with thanksgiving.
And he is your board and your fireside.
For you come to him with your hunger,

and you seek him for peace.
When your friend speaks his mind
you fear not the "nay" in your own mind,
nor do you withhold the "ay."
And when he is silent

your heart ceases not to listen to his heart;
For without words, in friendship,
all thoughts, all desires,

all expectations are born and shared,
with joy that is un acclaimed.
When you part from your friend, you grieve not;
For that which you love most in him

may be clearer in his absence,
as the mountain to the climber

is clearer from the plain.
And let there be no purpose in friendship
save the deepening of the spirit.
For love that seeks aught

but the disclosure of its own mystery
is not love but a net cast forth:

and only the unprofitable is caught.
And let your best be for your friend.
If he must know the ebb of your tide,
let him know its flood also.
For what is your friend

that you should seek him with hours to kill?
Seek him always with hours to live.
For it is his to fill your need,

but not your emptiness.
And in the sweetness of friendship
let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things

the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."

May You know Joy, Laughter & Friendship

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Ancient lands
In Ancient times
The Great Mother
She who led My people
Gave Us Heka

From Egypt
She shall rise
Her Daughters know
The power of Word
Offering it to those who seek
Her guidance
I honor You

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Removing, Reversing, Unblocking

The Waning Moon is here &
You want to get "rid off" something.
Perhaps you have a very large debt &
You can't make headway..
Maybe there's a co worker making life at the job

Is there an exam you need to pass,
but seem unable?
A move up the corporate ladder,
but something always gets in the way.
These are blocks..

You're having a bad run of luck.
There's a lot of arguing or jealousy.
That creates negativity.
These things need to be reversed.

What am I getting at here?
Removing, Reversing, Unblocking.
There is much confusion on this subject.

Some time ago,
I put some unblocking candles in My Etsy shop..
The immediate response - "You know the correct way
to make these candles"..
I still hear it today when I make an unblocking or
Road Opening Candle.
But this is NOT about tooting My own horn.
This is explaining a difference that many don't understand.

Unblocking Candles
Should be black on the top.
The bottom half could be a color representing
the purpose - Red, to unblock matters of the heart;
Green for financial matters.

Abre Camino, Or Road Opener candles are Black & Red.
The colors of an Abre Camino candle represent Elegua or Lucero,
Opener of roads.
In the traditions of Santeria & Palo
Elegua or Lucero is called on for assistance in opening the path,
Getting things moving.

Now We come to reversing candles..
This is where the confusion sets in.
Reversing candles.
In the traditional afro/cuban fashion
These candles are Red on top (or green) and Black on the bottom.
The problem is people making the candles don't always
understand the "Whys".
People using the candles often don't understand the "Hows".
The purpose of a "reversing" candle IS to reverse or change
what has been done..
So here comes the "Secret" most people don't understand.
We reverse the candle.
That's right.
We flip it over, cut it so the wick is exposed & burn it.
Even the ones in glass jars..

May you use the Magick of the Waning/Dark Moon Wisely,
May Your path be clear,
Your Road, Open.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cradle of Isis, July 17th

Today We celebrate You
Yellow & gold,
For You are a Sun Goddess
Jerusalem Thistle
To honor the green
Sweet Jasmine & Lotus
Fill the air


The sistrums' rattle
We chant
Ancient praise to the powerof Word
I place Thy crystals upon your altar
And kneel before you

When the night Sky rises
Silver candles shall burn
Lighting the night
For You are A Moon Goddess
Honey & Roses placed upon your Altar
For You are The Rose of Egypt

She of 10,000 names
Your Daughters honor You

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meditation & Messages during the Full Moon

During My Full Moon Meditations,
I asked if there was any message I was to share.
What I heard was "The Tower"..
Followed by "Disaster".

I asked specifically what was meant,
This is what I heard -
Economic Crisis
Disaster befalls
Indo/Asian Markets

I'm no expert in finance.
I have no idea what Indo/Asian

actually refers to
But I am delivering the message
just the same.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Magick of The Moon

I'm asked the following quite often...
How many days does the Full Moon last?
How many days after the Full Moon
Can I still "Bring"?
There are many variations on the question,

But the point is always the same.

Witchcraft or "The Craft of the Wise"
Is a nature based tradition.

We follow the cycles of nature.
We learn from it.
We learn from Her.
Now there is an adage in magick,

When working with the Moon -
3 days before, 3 days after.
Is this correct?
When the Moon is New, yes.
It continues to become visible to the eye.
We work the magick of bringing.
The magick of making Our dreams, desires,
goals, visible.

This culminates with the Full moon.
The energy of the Moon is at it's peak.
Once the moon is "Full",
It begins a decline in visibility.
It may appear to the human eye
As full, But it IS on the wane.
The Earth does not stand still,
Nature does not stop,
Nor does it put everything on hold for 3 days.
Because We don't "see' the shift does not
mean it is not occurring.
3 days before / 3 days after?
When it comes to the Full Moon,
All bets are off.
The answer to this question lies
In the difference between believing & knowing.
That is a truth of The Craft of the Wise...

May you come to know for yourself.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man sees color
Spirit does Not

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wishing All the Lovely Canadian Women (& Men)
I've met here,
A very Happy Day!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beauty & Glamour on The Spiritual Path

Beauty, Glamour, Makeup
Doesn't seem to have a place in Spirituality

Before The Summer Solstice,

I asked My Sisters to share a favorite Makeup
or Beauty tip.
After several puzzled looks,Someone said,
"Aren't We supposed to be learning about the Goddess"
Another remarked How we should not support
A system which determines a Woman's value

on the basis of looks.
All good points, BUT -
Beauty, Glamour, Makeup
Play a part in Ritual, Spirituality.
In My tradition,

We bathe in scented Waters,
Anoint feet with perfumes.
Eyes are rimmed with powders,
Beautiful silken gowns,Fit for a Goddess are worn.

Many aspects of the Goddess
Honor Beauty, Glamour.

We pay respects with offerings of perfume,
Mirrors, Gold, Silver, even Silk.

Among their many attributes,
Beauty. Glamour.


By Goddess standards does not mean
One must be a size 4 or have perfect skin.
It does mean Honoring

Who you are.
It means paying reverence to the Great Mother.
We are her Daughters
So, put on a silken robe or gown
Wash your hair with lavender scented water
Embrace All things Beautiful.
Beauty, is our birthright

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Hierophant, A Matter of Tradition

Ferol Humphrey posed the following question
on Her Living Tarot page -
Using tarot ,
Ask Who I was/Who I am?
And so I did.

One of the cards came up "The Hierophant"
The Hierophant-
Wise Man, High priest
Spiritual Advisor, Teacher

Sometimes a bit rigid

Oops, This is who I was?
The exercise brought to light many issues
I had been contemplating.
You see, I am a traditionalist.
The Spiritual Path I follow
is rich in traditions.
Goddess, Earth Centered and
Yes, traditional.
My partner, A practicing Palero
Also follows a very traditional path.

Pagan paths are rich in traditions.
Ancient traditions such as the Druids,
Isian Mystery traditions ,
Palo Mayombe,
Rosicrucians, etc -
to newer paths, such as Gerald Gardner's Wicca ;
All embrace tradition.
Which brings to light an issue.
Today, Many define Paganism as
"Do whatever".

What is the actual definition of Paganism?
There is no one true answer,
other than perhaps a nature based
So today,
Being a Pagan means any number of things.
"Eclectic pagan" is a favorite term.
I do what I like, take a bit of this,
Add a dash of that & I'm a pagan.
One from column A, 2 from column B
This is not a Chinese restaurant.
Paganism may not be defined by the more
conventional religions,
but pagan religions or practices
do have their traditions.

Many elders in the pagan community
Are taking a step back.
Waiting for the dust to settle.
All the while
following Our Traditions
Sharing what is to be shared among initiates.
Respecting & learning from other traditions
Always honoring Our own.
Yes, We get a "feel" for something.
Yes, We should add our own spin & make it
uniquely ours,
But we must also honor tradition.

I am the Hierophant.
I shall remain bound by My traditions,
Happy to do so...
But I will remember
Not to be too "rigid" when viewing
others along the pagan path.

Tradition is a guide, not a jailer
- William Somerset Maugham

May you look upon your traditions with reverence

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ankh

I breath life
Into that

Which I desire
For thy breath is sacred

I breathe life
Into that
Which is to be healed
For thy breath is sacred

I breath life
Into that
Which I create
For I am
The daughter of The Great Mother

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Reading: Scorpio 20

I pulled a Sabian symbol
Asking, "What message can I share for the eclipse?"

Scorpio 20 : A Woman Drawing 2 Dark Curtains Aside
Keyword: Daring

In a literal sense, The Earth casts Her Shadow
darkening The Moon.
Are you Daring?
Are you willing to use this time to illuminate
things in your life?
To listen to the messages along you path?
Are you willing to look into the unknown?
Are you willing to take a risk, make a change?
A you willing to go after your dream?

Magick, Messages & The Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar eclipse will occur Wednesday 6/15/11.
There are many different views about the eclipse..
Should You or shouldn't you perform magick?
Is it a good omen or bad?
What does the energy bring?
What exactly IS a Lunar Eclipse?
The Eclipse occurs when there is an alignment
between the sun, the earth & the moon.
The Moon passes behind the Earth.
During the Eclipse we see all the phases of Moon.
The obvious choice would be to focus on
The energies of the Moon -
After all, Each phase is apparent to us..
But obvious is not always best..
You see the keyword here is Alignment.
The Sun, The Moon, The Earth

When something is aligned or coordinated
it creates specific results.
The Sun, creates
The Earth, grounds
The Moon, illuminates
Perhaps the best energy of the eclipse is to Align
your plans.
Focus on what you would like to create
Contemplate what needs firming up, grounding
See what the best course of action is.
Use this time to be inactive -
To Plan your future course of action.
Use this time wisely.

Perhaps the Stars hold a message
For all of us.
The Sky is aligning,
Not once but 3 times since June 1st..
The greatest alignment of Our lifetime
is yet to come.
Look to the stars..
Listen for your message.
Magick of this kind is not offered everyday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

And She said
Leave no traces
of your adoration,
For others shall follow
Your path
SHE who is the Sun
SHE who is the Moon
SHE who is the Stars
SHE who is the creatrix
Of all there is

We who reside

Within HER womb
Honor HER

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Magician - Jack of All Trades

A lovely woman came for a reading.
The big issue that appeared was business/finance.
She had several businesses but was unable to generate
sustainable income.
"I'm currently working on My healthy lifestyle cookbook,
I teach Yoga, I'm a Reiki practitioner and I..."
Whoa, Stop right there -
The cards had already shown us
She had too many things going on, but
She wasn't understanding.
"Focus on the problem & without looking pull 1 card"
The "Magician"
Now the magician at first glance doesn't appear to be a
The magician can make manifest whatever they choose to.
Or do they?
The magician is full of Gemini energy.
Fleet footed, mercurial Gemini.
Gemini, with it's whirlwind of activity isn't
known for it's staying power.
Gemini can do a dozen different things.
Gemini has a marvelous capacity for learning...
But Gemini doesn't stick around long enough
to "master" what they've learned.
I bet you thought this post was going to be about Tarot?
It's not.
A little trickster energy from Gemini's ruler, Mercury..
This post is about being Authentic.
Be Authentic.
Know WHO you are.
Know what you CAN do & excel at it.
Don't travel a path because others do.
Don't live your life as others expect.
We can learn many skills to take us through life.
In fact, It serves us well to do so.
But if We are to succeed
We must find the skill, talent, or vocation
That serves us well & master it.
The truth of the Magician is
Mastery = Manifestation
Otherwise, We'll end up a Jack of All Trades,
Master of None

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reminder to Our Giveaway Winner -
Please contact me before the End of the week.


There's one in every Italian Family...We love that word..
"Hey, That Guys a real Miserabe"...We joke about it,
But the fact is - No one likes a Miserabe.

We all know a Miserabe.
They're the person constantly complaining.
They always have some ache or pain...
They hate their job. They hate their family.
They talk about people, in a negative manner.
A Miserabe is lacking.

They don't have abundance.
Means many things, comes in many forms...

Abundance of Health.
Abundance of Joy, Love,
Yes, even finances...
If the Miserabe learned to see the abundance in their life,

Life would change for them.
For Like attracts like.
We are not all meant to be rich,
We may not all find that "perfect" love,

Perhaps We may not land that idyllic job,
But Each One of Us is meant to have an Abundance of Joy,
You just have to figure out "where" to look.

May you always know Abundance

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eclipse reading : Libra 11

With Thanks to Elsie Wheeler & Marc Edmund Jones,
Creators of the Sabian Symbols;
I pulled a Sabian symbol for a message regarding today's Partial Solar Eclipse.
I asked, "What message can I share with others regarding today's eclipse?

Libra 11 - A Professor peering over His Glasses

Keyword: Specialization
Use this time to go within.

Focus. Meditate.
The Mind/logic vs Intuition -
Combined with today's Gemini energy - "Think"!

"Specialization" is defined as focusing on a particular
area of work, study or activity.

Narrow your focus!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Magick of the Eclipse

So what exactly is a solar eclipse?
An eclipse occurs when the Moon passes
between the Sun & the Earth.A little interference, so to speak!

The Sun is still there but no longer
visible to the human eye.
It is "blocked"

What does that mean in magickal terms?
What it doesn't mean,

It is NOT a bad omen.
It is part of the natural cycle.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
For some, it represents a balance
between the Dark & the light..But is the moon really Dark?
Doesn't Lady Moon illuminate the night sky?

Doesn't the Moon illuminate us, with Her wisdom?
Now the Sun is Magick itself.

Many practitioners work with the Sun's energy,
In a manner similar to the Moon.

In simple terms,The Sunrise equals beginnings...
The Sunset is when we remove obstacles.

In the Eastern US, this eclipse occurs at 5:02 PM -
The time of late afternoon Sun.

Waning energies..
The Sun is in Gemini.

The New Moon is always in the sign of the Sun...
So the eclipse occurs during Gemini's influence.

Use it to you best advantage.
How exactly? You could use the magick of the waning Sun &
That of the eclipse to remove obstacles in the area of communication.
Gemini also rules the intellect -

Why not use this time to Go within,
To Meditate

Take a good look at those things that block or
inhibit your goals..

Have goals or plans for the New Moon?
Use the magick of this
eclipse to recognize
any obstacles or blocks & get around them

May you find a way around your obstacles,
May you shine like the Sun

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the winner is...

Thank You to everyone that participated in the Giveaway.
It was very difficult to choose.
The winner is Crystalrainbow!
Congratulations. Please contact me at
Lets give a HUGE thank you to Irmina for creating this beautiful sculpture.
Irmina is currently moving & will be back with us next week.

May you always honor the Oceans

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Night, The Full Moon brought a message.
Do I post it, or not?
Does it make sense?
Am I to question it or to simply "deliver"?
The lesson Has been "belief",
And so I shall post.
Take from it what you will.

For the word of the Great Mother.
For She is here.

Ask Not,
Am I righteous?
But ask,
Am I worthy?

Tens of days shall come
And it shall pass
Upon horses
They shall ride
And do battle
Their voices shall ring out
And when it is done
The old ways shall no longer be
But the Old shall be new.

And a Great battle shall come,
And rise upon the sea.

They shall come
Across Great Lands
Daughter of Egypt
Of Africa
Daughters of ancient lands

For They shall know Her name
They shall know Her ways
And a Great peace shall rise up &
Return to the land

Monday, May 16, 2011

On July 2nd, 2011 an opportunity for Sisters
around the world to come together...
Whether you are solitary, belong to coven, a women's
Whether you are a teacher, a student or a seeker
The Great Mother is calling..
Do YOU hear Her call?
Stop by this website & join together for a very special Full Moon.
Time for a correction!
I originally worked on a lesson for My Sisterhood
regarding This coming Full Moon in Scorpio..
Somewhere along the way,
I "believed" I had made a mistake &

The coming Full Moon was in Sagittarius...

I was right the first time...
Why did I believe I had made a mistake?

I could SIMPLY remove this post & put
The correct one in..
But there is a lesson here, Don't you think?
So I will leave it.
We all need to "believe" in ourselves, don't we?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sagittarius, The Full Moon & The Magick of Belief

Tuesday, The Full moon arrives in Sagittarius.
The Archer, arrow aimed at the stars;
Teaches us to aspire, to believe.
So today I posted some quotes about 'belief".

More directly, belief in self.
I asked, "Do you believe in yourself?"
The response surprised me.
"No", "Not really"...
I had not expected that.

I thought about the responses a bit
& then it came to me!

Sagittarius, believed to represent Chiron.
Chiron, The wounded healer.It made perfect sense.
Within each of us are those
things we must overcome.

Each one of us carries a doubt, a wound.
Each of us has something to aspire to,
No one comes into this life "perfected".

When we overcome,
We achieve.
We learn the lesson of belief.
We can help others through example.
We can be a light, a guide.
Within each of us
We can find Chiron, the wounded healer.

This Full moon
Use the magick of Sagittarius

To shoot your arrows towards your dreams & aspirations.
May you learn the magick of belief - In self

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway

The winner of the 1/2 hour phone reading is Kris Deabalo!

The Giveaway

Reminder.. The Yemeya Giveaway ends May 21st -
If you want a chance to win her, get your entry in!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway

If You'd like to surprise your Mom with a reading;
Enter for a chance to win 1 half hour phone or skype
Reading with me.
Giveaway ends tomorrow.

Wishing all the Mom's a wonderful day!
The Book Of Prophecies

"When the millennium that follows this millennium ends,
Men will have finally opened their eyes.
They will no longer be imprisoned in their heads and cities,
But will be able to see from one end of the Earth to another,
and understand each other.
They will know what makes one suffer hurts another.
Men will form one huge body of which each will be a tiny part.
Together they will form the heart of this body.
There will be a common language spoken by everybody,
and thus, finally, a glorious humanity will come into existence...
Because Woman will arrive to reign supreme;
She will govern the future and decree Her philosophy to Man.
She will be the Mother of the Millennium that follows the millennium.
She will, after the days of the devil,
radiate the gentle sweetness of a mother.
She will, after the days of barbarity,
embody beauty.
The Millennium that follows the millennium,
Will metamorphose into an age age of lightness:
Men will love each other, sharing everything, dream,
And dreams will turn into Reality...
Thus Man will have his second birth.
Spirit will possess the mass of men,
Who will be united in brotherhood.
So an end will be proclaimed to barbarity.
It will be an era of a new strength of belief.
that follows the millennium, will be ensued by days of jubilation:
The dark days at the beginning of the Millennium
Men will once more find the righteous path of humanity,
And Earth will find harmony once more...
There will be roads that connect one end of Earth,
and the sky to the other;
The woods will once more be dense,
the desert will once more be irrigated,
and the water will once more be pure.
The Earth will be like a garden:
Men will take care of every living thing,
And he will clean everything he dirtied,
He will understand that the whole of Earth is his home,
And he will think with wisdom of the morrow.
Man will know everything on Earth and his own body.
Diseases will be cured before they are manifested,
And everybody will cure themselves and each other.
Man will have understood that
he has to help himself to stay upright;
And after the days of reticence and avarice,
Man will open his heart and his purse to the poor;
He will define himself curator of human species,
And so, finally, a New Era will begin.
When Man has learnt to give and share,
The bitter days of solitude will be at an end.
He will once more believe in the Spirit,
And barbarians will once more be unheard of...
But all this will happen after the wars and the fires.
And this will arise from the ashes of the burnt Towers of Babel.
And a strong hand will be needed to bring order to chaos,
and to put Man on the right path.
Man will learn that all creatures are bringers of light,
and all creatures must be respected.
Man, in his lifetime, will live more than one life,
And will learn that the Light never goes out."

John of Jerusalem, The Book of Prophecies

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Isis, Great Mother

A Special Mother's Day Giveaway...
If you know a special mom you'd like to surprise

with 1 half hour reading via telephone or skype
enter here by Sunday May 8th.

Monday, May 2, 2011

When a client comes for a reading
One of the first things I tell them is
"Nothing is set in stone"
If you don't like where you are heading
Than make the necessary changes on your path.
We have the power to change things.

Or do we?
Often when I'm reading for a client,
specific future events come up.
For instance -
One woman who was unemployed came to see
me & I had a very detailed visual of a place I
thought she may be interviewed for a position.
I gave her initials.
Two weeks later She returned.
She had gotten a job.
What She wanted me to know was,
"When I arrived at the place it was exactly as you
told me". "You give me snapshots".

Here then is the question,
Are Our paths predestined?
Are some things predetermined?
Spirit provides Myself & others like me
A look ahead.
Which of these events are the result of our actions &
Which are predetermined, fate perhaps?

Is this The Great Mothers way of letting us know
SHE is here?
Is She providing both messages of hope & warning?
Will people understand before it is too late?
She calls to us,
She asks us to believe,
To listen,
To know.
Are you ready to know?

The first entry in the Yemeya Giveaway comes from Debra...
Take a look at a post from Her blog!

Yesterday while spending time at My Altar
I asked My Lady for a message.
I asked Her if she had a message for Mayday,

For the coming months.

The message came very clearly.
One sentence.
This time I knew NOT to doubt & posted it.
For those who follow My FB page,
You will most likely have seen it already.
The message -
"Unexpected shift in political affairs"

Ok. I guessed some things were about to change.
I didn't expect the very "unexpected"news we received
last night.
My first response was shock -

Only because it came so swiftly after I received
the message.
Then I cried.
I cried because I know She is with us.
I cried because She is calling out.
She is rising.
Many choose not to see.
Many will never see,

Nor will they acknowledge.

Whether you see Her as Isis, Gaia or Mary
Does not matter.
The Great Mother is rising.
Her daughters know.

I am honored to be Her voice.
It is time for Her daughters to come together.
To work together.
To rise up proudly & acknowledge Her.
May We come together before it is too late

Sunday, May 1, 2011


May Day Blessings!
Beltain for the Ancients was a celebration of summer.
Summer nears & many of us will head towards the beaches.
So, We come to Our giveaway.

Irmina has completed Yemeya.
How does one enter?
First, You must be a fan of both My blog &
Now as you can see
Irmina has put an amazing amount of work into this piece,
So we can't make it that simple can we?

Time for a little show & tell...
How do You honor Our waters?
Do you have a prayer?
Have you created a poem? A piece of art?
Do you have a special altar?
Do you take part in a beach cleanup?
Show us!!
Tell us!!
Send it to
The Giveaway will end May 21st