Friday, June 3, 2011


There's one in every Italian Family...We love that word..
"Hey, That Guys a real Miserabe"...We joke about it,
But the fact is - No one likes a Miserabe.

We all know a Miserabe.
They're the person constantly complaining.
They always have some ache or pain...
They hate their job. They hate their family.
They talk about people, in a negative manner.
A Miserabe is lacking.

They don't have abundance.
Means many things, comes in many forms...

Abundance of Health.
Abundance of Joy, Love,
Yes, even finances...
If the Miserabe learned to see the abundance in their life,

Life would change for them.
For Like attracts like.
We are not all meant to be rich,
We may not all find that "perfect" love,

Perhaps We may not land that idyllic job,
But Each One of Us is meant to have an Abundance of Joy,
You just have to figure out "where" to look.

May you always know Abundance


  1. Great word! "Miserabe." I'm not Italian but can I use it too?

  2. I would love to hear you say it!!!

  3. Such a fun word to say! I have a feeling it'll be passing through my mind the next time I run across one... which is far to frequently, honestly.

  4. Isn't it Fun? You just have to say it, with the proper inflection of course,lol