Monday, October 31, 2011

May I walk the path of the Ancients
May I always honor their wisdom
May there always be room at My table
for a hungry mouth,
May there always be room in My heart
for a friend.
May I Grace the path I follow
With Dignity

Wishing A Blessed Samhain
Blessed Beltaine
To All
Wherever on Mama Gaia You may be!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Samhain Charm of Manifesting

Sacred woods
Burn Sacred Fires
Sacred Words
Bespeak Desires
All thy Wish
Now so shall be
By Words of power
Charm of three

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I AM a Witch
I am not a lightworker
Nor am Rainbow warrior
My energies have been around long before
There were Indigo Children
I respect Your path

But I do not abide by it

I am a Witch
My energies are neither Black
Nor White
I am the Fury of the Thunder
The gentleness of a Summer Breeze
I am the calm Waters on a glass like Sea
I am the roaring Waves in the heart of the storm
I learn My magick from Nature

I do not harm intentionally But
I do protect with the fierceness of a Lioness
I do not moan, cry or complain about
That which I do not have
I manifest that which I desire
For I AM a Witch

I AmYour Daughter

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Season of The Witch, Season of Change

Last week I spent some time back home
visiting with my mother.
I am settled in my new home now.
I have my routines, life has fallen into
new patterns. At some point during the visit
Mom asked Her question & I was reminded of
that no matter where I am, no matter how things
move foward,
I shall always miss "home"
So I am reposting,
For Myself & for others facing changes this season

Yesterday My Mom called.
After chatting a bit, Mom asked
"So are you putting up your altar?"
"Yes" I assured Her.
"What about Grandma's picture,it's here you know".
She proceeded to remind me of an
Uncle, a few cousins,
all of whom should be placed on the altar.
Not typical conversationfor the average family.

Mom's concerns come from my relocation.
This year I am unable to make
the commute home for Halloween/Samhain.
It will be difficult for both Mom & Myself.
Like any other family,
We gather together & celebrate.
We honor the seasons,
We honor ancestors,
We honor The Goddess.
We have our rituals, our meals & our magick.
This year there will be new ritual,
New faces at my table.
New friends sharing in the celebration.

My altar will reflect these changes.
While I am saddened by this change,
I acknowledge this is a season of change.
The wise know that change is inevitable.
My Lady will guide me through the changes.
The Season of the Witch is not always gentle.
The Season of the Witch,
Is one of faith,
for we stand at the crossroads
knowing we must not look back
The Season of the Witch
Is a time of Hope & Dreams
We give ourselves over to The Goddess,
And in so doing
We open the path to creation
Without faith we will never learn to manifest our dreams
May you let go & let Goddess guide you

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Unpacking My Work bag tonight,
I came across a delightful surprise -
2 beautiful pieces of Pyrite were tucked away.
I had forgotten about this purchase.
The Pyrite were lovely rounds the shop owner

had brought back from a gem show.

One, completely round with small hidden
crevices, sparkling as if dusted by fairies,

The other a delightful little gem,
reminded me of a small geode.
The top missing, but hidden within
cubes of Pyrite glistening.
It was my favorite piece.
I brought My treasures to my partner.

Here, one is for You.
"What is It?" Pyrite.
"Isn't that Fools gold?" Yes.
"Why would I want that?, I wouldn't use it
to bring anything - it's not the Real thing"
I thought they were nice,

You don't have to use it, but Okay.
I walked away.
He called Me back.
"I'll take it, Thank You".
He reached in & took My favorite.
As He walked away, He said -
"I left You the nice one, this one is broken!"
Broken? It's so pretty..
We both laughed & He took the other piece.

Much of magick is based upon it.
In some traditions,
Those pieces of Pyrite represent wealth,

One Practitioner may use Pyrite to attract abundance,
While another may use to represent false hopes...
It's all a matter of perception.

Same holds true for Spirit.
Each of us sees Spirit in a way
We understand.

And in this understanding,
We can connect with Spirit.

I Know Her.
The Great Mother.
The Goddess.
For another Spirit may be seen as Buddha,
Maybe Mary or Jesus.
Kwan Yin.
It all comes down to Perception.
Perhaps the secret to peace comes in
The Compassion of perception.

May We understand the magick of Perception