Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years 2013 - No more resolutions

The New Years Eve tradition.
We make resolutions.
We resolve to quit smoking.
To lose weight.
To get out of debt.
And on it goes...

Sometime around February
most resolutions are forgotten.
Gone with the wind.

Sometimes we feel as though we've failed.
Other times we laugh it off because for most of us -
We don't really take them seriously.
We don't put much credence in them.
Perhaps the whole concept of making a "resolution"
sets us up for failure.
By definition Resolution means : Commitment, Determination
It also means : A verdict or Judgement
Then there are some definitions related medical - we'll skip those
for now!
It's not a fun word.
Doesn't sound "happy"
It reminds me of those old movies or speeches
back in school -
"With hard work and determination,
You too can achieve your goals"
Bleh...It may be true but it's oh so boring!

New Years Eve is a time of celebration,
Those resolutions, not so fun.
I choose to bring in the New Calendar year with joy.
I choose to focus on My achievements of the past year -
Maybe I didn't lose the 10lbs I set out to

but I lost 4.
That's an achievement.
Didn't quite get out of debt but paid off 1 credit card?
That's an accomplishment.
This New Years Eve
I make no resolutions.

This Year I celebrate My accomplishments,
I Honor who I am and I resolve to accomplish what I desire.
This New Year,
May you honor all you've accomplished!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Giveaway Basket of Goodies!

A Holiday Giveaway designed to start the New Year off right!
Included in the giveaway are 2 of my Custom Candles,
3 of My 5oz Bath Salts & some of My own  White Sage, which sadly I think
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Quick Tip for Keeping Your Space Sacred with White Sage

White Sage is great for removing negativity & quick cleansing.
Traditionally used to "smudge".
Here's a tip We use around My home -
Hang a small cluster of White Sage in the doorway of family rooms or
heavily trafficked areas.

Leave the cluster for 1 full moon cycle.
In other words, If You hang the White Sage Cluster in the New Moon,
You keep it up through the Dark Moon.
What do you do next?
Take the White Sage down,
Bring it OUTSIDE and burn it!
burn it in Your home.
When You bring the Sage outside to burn,
You are burning off any negative energies that have been collected
in the home.

If You'd like to see more on cleansing Your space

Visit Me on You Tube :

Please Be mindful -Purchase White sage from a sustainable source!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wheel of the year tarot Deck

Many people have been asking,
"What deck is that?  It's beautiful"
Yes it is.
Although it took me a little while to decide that -
I purchased the deck maybe 6 months ago.
It languished in the back of the closet,
Along with quite a few other decks I never use.

A cleaning binge came along.
I felt the energy needed to be refreshed.
A good Spiritual house cleaning was in order.
I also had been feeling the energy of some of the decks
I was currently using needed a recharging,

even a much needed break.
So I went through My collection of decks.
Among the Tarot decks I decided to bring into the light of day,
The Wheel of the Year from Lo Scarabeo.

Why didn't I use it when first purchased?
I came across it online.
Loved the color & was impressed by 1 or 2 cards,
So I purchased it.
When it arrived & I thumbed through it,
It seemed a bit "cartoonish". 
I just couldn't connect to the artwork.
Without ever using it, I tossed it aside.

When the cleaning binge arrived,
I forced Myself to try a reading with it.
I don't know how wise a choice it was at that moment -
Given it was for a paying client!
I did explain this was a new deck & I may have to switch
in the middle.
To My surprise, the reading -
well it was incredible.
As I began to use it more often,
I've become enchanted with it's vibrant color, artwork &
"Feel Good" energy.
The clients love it too.
Would I recommenced it?
However... If you are a novice, and depend upon
the LWB - this may not be the deck for you.

Client reading & a message for 12/21/12

Today while doing a reading for a client,
I pulled this pair of cards.
Immediately I heard the following :

The winter solstice will be a time of change brought about by astrological alignment. Look to the sky.

Then I realized the world is number 21.

Now, I don't put much stock in the whole 12/21 thing.
The world certainly is not going to end, at least that's My opinion!
Something is up - perhaps literally.
The message may be to simply look at the night sky &
Be treated to a wondrous display.
Perhaps 12/21/12,
The Winter Solstice will be a time of change.
I'm not sure what is to come,
But I am sure I will be looking up at the night sky
This Solstice Eve!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Message - Sabian Symbol Gemini 27

Yesterday Morning I was trying to figure what message
to share for the holiday season.
I realized since what I choose to speak about is Spirituality,
It is perhaps best to ask Spirit for guidance.
Sabian symbols.
The answer will come from the symbols.
I pulled a symbol & received:

Gemini 27
A gypsy coming out of the forest

Interesting. What could this possibly have to do with the holidays,
But the first word I heard was "Stress", followed by alienation.
Gypsies' have not been accepted into society.
They live on the outskirts.
Mostly banding together with their own "kind'.
Family is important.

But what about the gypsy coming out of the forest?
No mention of a caravan, or fellow gypsies.
Just one lone person coming alone. Perhaps feeling
like they don't belong.

Many people feel alone during the holidays.
That loneliness & isolation can be overwhelming.
It can led to depression, even suicide.
The suicide rates go up alarmingly during the holidays.

Years, perhaps centuries ago people gathered together.
The shared what they had not only with family but with friends,
With neighbors, with the community.

It was essential to survival,
Not just of individuals but of entire societies.

We have strayed far from those roots.
Yes, there are soup kitchens
Yes there are holiday gift drives
But perhaps it is time
We set another place at our table for that annoying relative,
that lonely elderly neighbor or coworker
Who may just be spending the holidays alone.

Alienation can do terrible things.
From causing one to individual to harm
themselves or many,
To causing war among nations.
Perhaps if enough of Us set that extra plate,
this world may begin to be a different place.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Cookies!

My Holiday newsletter is all about cookies!
I've shared some of My favorite personal recipes.
Of course with cookies, You will need something
to wash it down with -
Enjoy My Holiday Eggnog!

Holiday Eggnog
2 1/2 cups milk
1 Cup Hvy Cream
3 Egg yolks, lightly beaten
1/3 cup sugar
4 tbl confectionery sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 cup rum
Dash of nutmeg

Blend all ingredients in Blender.
Chill & serve.
Can garnish with Cinnamon & whipped cream

Newsletter link:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Holiday Wish for Peace

I'm a Pagan.
It doesn't mean I have no religion.
It simply means that My path may be different then yours.
I see Spirit as The Goddess, The Great Mother.
It doesn't mean I am Godless, it simply means

I see that amazing & beautiful energy
as "SHE".
I don't bash another religion or
Spiritual path simply because I don't understand it.
Neither do I fear another path
because I may not understand it's customs.
I celebrate Yule,
but I also join in with friends, family & loved ones
who choose to celebrate other traditions.
Wish me a happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, I will wish you the same.
For this one month,
Let's share & respect one another's path.
For 1 very short month,
Let's not blame one another's religion
For 1 short month,
Let us truly believe in
"Peace on Earth"
For if We can not get along for 1 short month,
We will never know peace.
I wish You above all, Peace!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Call In Readings - Monday Night

This Mon night
My guest will be Helene Martz..She's a great Psychic/Reader Tune in and Call in 7pm EST 4pm PT 248-545-7685,,,
Rise up
Daughters of the Temple
Rise up
She is near
Let Her words roll
off your tongues
Like the Hiss of Serpents

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday and The True Meaning of Gift Giving

I have one particular holiday memory
that has stayed with me through the years.
A gift My Mother gave to me,
perhaps unknowing that,

that one gift still lives in My heart.

When I was a child, My older Sister was ill.
She had been born with a heart defect.
In those days, they didn't have the abilities & medical
miracles We have today.
My dad had a great job, My grandparents helped out
But the bills from Her illness were overwhelming.

When My Sister passed there wasn't enough money
For Her funeral. 
Family chipped in.
To make matters worse for My parents,
I had needed surgery.

My Parents & Grandparents always did the best
for us.  The holidays were a special time.
But this one year, the expenses weighed heavily.
As a child I had no understanding of these things.
There was a sadness in Our home.
My Mother seemed different.
She explained we were not to expect much that year.
Try to make a child understand that.
I suppose I was maybe 7...

On the corner of Our house was a small toy store.
The old fashioned kind.
The owners knew everyone in the neighborhood.
As kids we'd wander in the small shop,
To us it was a wonderland, filled with anything we could dream of.
That Christmas Eve,
My mother dressed us & took us down to the toy store.
She spoke with the owners for quite some time.
Then gathered My little Sister & I up,
heading back home.

I'm not quite sure I really understood but I remember feeling sad.
I wouldn't be getting what other children would.

That next day there was a miracle.
I opened a package containing a doll.
There were other small packages.
In these packages were doll clothes.
My mother had waited until Christmas Eve.
She went to the toy store and asked the owners what they had
to sell her at a discount.
Some doll clothes that had been damaged.
She sewed them.
My Mother made sure We had something to open.

Although I've received many beautiful gifts over
the years,
I can't recall them as vividly as I recall this.
I will always carry this one gift in My heart.
The truth about gift giving is
Not in how much We spend,
It's not about standing in line waiting for the latest toy,
or gadget.
It's not about the newest, the shiniest, the best.
The truth about gift giving is the love behind the gift.

It would serve us well to remember this before running off
to the store.
Perhaps it's not to late to put Spirit back into the holidays.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Struggling with Gratitude on a Spiritual Path

Thanksgiving 2012

My Spiritual path is My life.
It is what defines me.
It is My work,
It is My daily life.

Gratitude has always been an important aspect of My Path.
Of Me.
Now I find Myself struggling,
Trying to to remember all that which I am grateful for,
Rather than what I have lost.

I live on the Jersey Shore.
I love My home.
I love the smell of the sea air.
I love to walk along the sand,
Listen to the surf, feel the salt water on My face.
Our home was safe.
I am grateful.
But many friends have lost everything they have struggled for.
The shore will never be the same.
The familiar landmarks I pass by daily,
are gone now.

On the heels of this,
I lost My best friend, companion & family member.
Frankie, My love is what I called him.
The grief that I feel is overwhelming at times.
Anger over takes Me.
I can not find it within Myself to do those daily devotionals.
I rage at Spirit.
I ask My Lady, "why?"
In those moments I hate the world.
Somewhere, within this pain -
I know I am grateful.

I am grateful I have had the best friend, I could ask for.
I am grateful for the years He Blessed My life.

Many things are different now.
They will never be as they were.
Perhaps with time and the acceptance of change
I will be thankful for this moment.
Perhaps I will find the strength to rise above -
The anger
The grief
The hurt
Perhaps I will rise above and be true to My Spiritual calling.
Perhaps this struggle with gratitude will lead me where I need to be.

May You know your Blessings...
May Frankie, wherever He is know I love him
May all those who are struggling with gratitude, find their strength

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If We are silent,
In the stillness
We can hear Her speak
If We listen,
The Great Mother
Offers Her wisdom.
If We are wise,
We take it...

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Sabian Symbol for Veterans Day - Sagittarius 12

Yesterday, 11/11/12 was officially Veteran's Day.
I decided to ask Spirit, "Is there a message for me to share?"
Using the Sabian symbolsI pulled Sagittarius 12

Sagittarius 12 : A flag that turns into an Eagle, The Eagle into a chanticleer
saluting the Dawn.

Huh???  That was My first thought.
What the heck is a chanticleer?  Time for google..
First definition I find is "chorus"
Singing in unison. 
Ok, That makes sense.  As a nation, We need to be united.
To support one another. to work in unison.

Second definition is the name of a U.S. Navy Ship.  British too
I believe.
Ok, That also makes sense.  I asked for a Veterans Day message.
Then came the 3rd definition - A Rooster...
A Rooster crowing salutes the dawn.
For those who live in proximity to a Rooster,
Well, You know that crowing wakes you up.
Sort of like the bugle blowing & waking up those
Who served in the Military.

Then I found something interesting.
The Rooster & The Eagle.
Political symbols.
The Rooster representing the democrats.
The Eagle,  Republicans.
Back in the day When one went to vote -
You'd find The Rooster representing the Democrats.
The Eagle - Well, if You ticked that off You were voting Republican.
It made it easy for all people to vote.
You didn't need to know how to read,
or understand the language.
It was universal.

Some states still use it.

Here was the interesting message -
With all the fuss and bother over these elections,
We need to remember on this day and everyday,
Many wars were fought in the name of democracy,
To give people rights and to protect those rights.
In the end, it doesn't matter if you vote Republican or
What matters is that You can vote.

What matters is many Men & Women have fought
to protect those rights - For Us and for other people.
The least we can do on Veterans Day is to honor that very right
and respect the rights of others.
Most of All,
Stand United

Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayer for The East Coast 10/12

Great mother
She Who is All,
Mother whose children are the fish,
Please be gentle with Us.
May your cleansing be swift & merciful.
I honor You Yemeya.
I am your daughter

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bridging the gap in the Pagan Community

"Eclectic"  It's a big word in the Pagan community.
By definition, eclectic : composed of elements drawn from various sources

So what about the sources where these elements come from?
For some it's not a big deal.

 But for others, It is.
Many Native American communities resent

other people claiming to be part of there culture.
There is nothing wrong with learning the ways
of another people.

In fact it forms a bridge to understanding. 
However, When someone begins to teach or spread
the ways of a culture they do not truly understand,

a chasm is created.
When the ways of a culture are molded to fit
An individuals need or perspective,
That chasm grows.

Recently I heard about a tiny a controversy in the Pagan community.
This one involved the Spiritual practice called Santeria.
First, I must say that Santeria and Palo are beautiful traditions.
they are not the basis of all that oogity boogity stuff people believe.

I'm also not going to get into the roots of the tradition -
One can wikipedia that.
Neither am I going to discuss all the rituals & ceremonies.
I will explain one simple concept which may shine a light on
where issues develop from...

Many eclectic Pagans choose which deity they work with.
They may feel called by a certain deity but ultimately,
They make the choice.

Not so in Palo or Santeria.
To begin with, Some follow this tradition
because of family.  Some have a need for the
protection, Spiritually and some are called by Spirit
to be Priests,Priestess, Diviners.
It is the Spiritual Elder who receives the message that
one is called to the path. 
Also to what degree one shall be initiated.
It is also SPIRIT who decided who shall crown the initiate.
Spirit decides through divination by one's Padrino, Madrina
or Babalawo; who Your Mother & Father is in the tradition.
These traditions are celebrated in a grand manner.
Houses come together to prepare the initiate.
Huge, glorious altars prepared, feasts, music.
Above all, Respect.

When someone outside the tradition says,
Oshun is My Mother, or Chango is My Father
The intention may not be to disrespect but to
those who follow the path of the Santo or Palero
It is considered so.
Better perhaps to say simply, "I honor Oshun"
Then to widen a gap already in need of bridging.

We are all children of the Divine
No matter how We see it. 

May We give one another the gift of respect

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The charm is a silver plated pewter Nordic rune symbol,

“Wunjo” – associated with the balance required before one can experience true happiness.
 I’ve added several small gemstones that are often associated with
 balancing energies: garnet for success;
 citrine for clarity of thought;
 rhodochrosite for sweeping away emotional clutter;
 turquoise for wholeness; lapis lazuli for self knowledge;
 blue chalcedony for achieving calmness;
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Irish Barmbrack Bread, A Samhain Tradition

Barmbrack is a traditional Irish bread or fruit cake
which is served on Samhain or All Hallows Eve.
The cake is baked with small trinkets hidden inside.
The Fun of this tradition is in the finding of one.

 Each trinket would foretell the future of the one who found it.

 The coins, represent wealth, ring marriage, The thimble - well

A fun & tasty holiday tradition!


2 1/2 Cups Dried fruit - sultanas, apricots, raisins, etc..
1 - 2 Cups Tea
2 1/2 Cups of All Purpose Flour
1 Egg
1/2 Tsp Baking Soda
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp allspice
1/4 cup Orange Marmalade

Soak the dried fruit overnight in the tea. Plain tea is fine, but
Orange Pekoe  or Lemon Zinger adds nice flavor.
Drain the liquid from the fruit.
Preheat oven - 350 degrees.
Sift together  flour, baking soda & spices.
Beat the egg, sugar & marmalade, Fold in fruit.
*If you have trinkets, wrap them in parchment or wax paper
& fold in.
Slowly fold in flour until just blended.
Pour into greased Bundt Pan.

Bake for approx 1 hour.  Done when top springs back
when gently pressed. Cool completely before removing
from pan.

* A Bundt pan allows for even heat distribution, which is
necessary for a heavier cake/bread
** This is not a traditional recipe in that there is no yeast

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tarot Bag Giveaway!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wicked Wednesdays GIVEAWAYS!

Every Wednesday through October I'm be GIVING something away..
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Monday, October 8, 2012

October Magick - Sesame Seed

"Open Sesame"
When I was young, I remember sitting in the living room
watching Ali Baba & the forty thieves.
I would run around saying "Open Says Me"..
It would be years later when I learned the phrase was
"Open Sesame".

Sesame seed
In magick, it has been utilized since Biblical times.
Used in Egyptian Magick
The seeds represent prosperity & abundance
Sesame seeds are a traditional offering for the Hindu Deity Ganesha.

Whenever I think of Sesame Seeds,
I'm transported back to the land of magic carpets
To that little girl running around, believing  in magic
calling out "Open Says Me"
Sesame seed opens paths, draws opportunities toward us.
Yes, perhaps that little girl was right -
When using the energy of Sesame Seeds,
We should shout out , Open says Me!

Business Success Oil
Sesame seeds
Sesame seed oil

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Morning Message 10/6/12

During the Mornings Meditation I heard the Following:
"One Shall come
A Woman
And SHE shall unite
The houses (of many nations)
And those that do Not follow
Shall be fallen by the wayside"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvest Moon

May this Moon bring Blessings upon Your path,
May You feel Her power as She illuminates the night sky
Shine On Harvest Moon
Shine on!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tarot Significator - Who are YOU?

This week the question for the tarot Translation Group is -
"Which card is your significator & why?" 

What exactly is a significator?
Traditionally, 1 card is chosen from a tarot deck to represent
the querent (who the reading is for).
Sometimes the card is chosen based upon the astrological sign,
Sometimes solely upon gender, other times upon physical appearance.
Most readers today don't opt to use a significator. 
So why then ask this question?

When I first saw this question,
My immediate reaction was The High Priestess.
No brainer right?  After all, I am a Devotee/ Priestess
In service to The Goddess. 
I am also a psychic who reads tarot.

All ready to prepare My answer when I thought
"Who AM I, really?"

So I grabbed a deck of tarot cards & began to browse them.
Asking myself to pick 1 word to describe a card and see how
it applies to me.
Then I saw the 3 of discs, aka 3 of pentacles.

The 3 of Pentacles is a card of hard work,
but it is the work that one loves.  It is succeeding at what you do.
It's doing a thing well because you love it.
The 3 of Pentacles is something more.  It is building something.
In the Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

describes the 3 of Pentacles as
"building the house of The Goddess".

That IS who I am. Together with My Sisters,
I am building community.

I am building a space to honor The Goddess.

I pulled out My Motherpeace Tarot Deck.
3 of pentacles.  3 Women laying the bricks,
working together - toward a common goal.
Building community.
Building Sisterhood
Honoring the Great Mother through work I love.
Not to mention the 3 Pentacles...
Maiden, Mother, Crone
I AM the 3 of Pentacles

Take a moment and your tarot deck.
Study the cards - then ask
Who am I?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Equinox, The Magick of Balance

This weekend is the equinox.
For some, Spring is in the air.
Here, this Saturday  fall arrives.

My Sisters & I will share in a celebration.
There will be fruits of the harvest, breads & cheese
We take time to give Thanks.

The Equinox is time of magick
The magick of balance.
And so Our ritual is one of balance.

Each one of us comes to the table prepared to give something up.
In order to make room to bring what we choose to manifest.
Sounds easy? 
Not quite.  You see We must each ask what it is that We need to
change within Ourselves.  What flaw, or bad habit are We willing
to remove from Our lives?  What are we willing to put the work
into changing - Just as we are willing to work towards

that which We desire in our lives.
A fair exchange.

Into the cauldron fire,
written on parchment goes that which We have
chosen to release. 
Then by the light of a single candle,
Each Sister affirms that which She chooses to manifest.

Some may choose  to leave a relationship that no longer works,
Some may choose to diet or stop smoking.
Whatever is chosen, We will support one another in the coming weeks,
For when one feels She can not do it alone,
There is always a Sister  who will help Her through.
That is Balance.

May You always find a Balance in life

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Call In Readings

I'll be a guest this Monday on Psychic Barbara Mackey's
Internet Radio show - Psychic on Air.
If you'd like the opportunity to call in for a reading with me,
The call in number is : (248)414-5866

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tarot Translation - Week 3

Tarot Translation Week 3
The Question : What does September bring for Us?
The Cards Given : King of Pentacles, 3 or Wands reversed, Knight of Cups reversed.

For me, The King of Pentacles is a perfect representation of Sept.
I look at the card andsee Fall energy.
The Equinox arriving September 22.
Yes, Sept brings change, Fall is in the air.
But there's something more here.
My eyes were drawn to the Knight of Cups and I heard
an old Spiritual Song - The River Jordan.
The King of Pentacles, the accumulation of wealth,
perhaps oil?
The River Jordan, the promise of the holy land .
The three of Wands tells me of upcoming struggles
in the Holy Land. A leader who was baptized in the
Waters of the Jordan River may fall from power.
Rising oil prices, upheaval struggles,
sometime around the coming of Fall and
The Holy days of the children of Israel.

May Peace prevail, May the wealth be shared.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tarot Translation - Week 2

I joined the newly formed Tarot translation group. Sort of like a tarot "throwdown" -
Maybe not exactly...
A question is put out and 3 cards are pulled. Each member interprets in their individual style.
Week 2 (I know, I didn't make week 1) , and the question is...

"My spouse & I seem to be on different energy cycles lately. My energy is up, when His
is down & vice versa. It's making both of us irritable. In what ways can we work through
these ups & downs together?"

The cards pulled - The Chariot, The 5 of Cups & The 9 of Pentacles

Here's My advice:

The chariot tells me "Change"! Yes, I know that's obvious, but what?
I'm getting total environment energy. Does that mean some time away may be in order,
If possible? There's no doubt about depleted energies here, so a mini break may be just what's needed. In the deck I chose, I'm drawn to the color wheel type energy on the Chariot. Maybe
some changes in the home, soothing colors in the bedroom - perhaps some Feng Shui fixes.

The 5 of pentacles , well yes the relationship is strained. perhaps one or both may be
forgetting what really matters here. Looking at the Water I get a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation- not to be repetitive but try to getaway for a day or two.
Don't forget to "try a little tenderness" for yourself and each other.

Lastly, 9 of Pentacles.. Comfort. Are you sleeping alright? Is your partner? What can you
do? Create a sense of comfort beginning with the environment. Is it time for a new mattress?
Fresh linens? I spoil Myself with expensive Egyptian Cotton on My bed & the nights sleep is well worth it. One last thing - What's going on health wise? Something may be creating this irritable
and fluctuating energy. Consider a quick checkup.
One last thing, In keeping with the energy of the Chariot - "If you will it, so shall it be"
You'll find the way to work through this.


Saturday, August 4, 2012


I can not speak
Another's words,
I can only speak mine

I can not know
Another's truth
I can only know mine

I can not learn
Another's wisdom
I can only seek to find mine

May You speak your true voice

Monday, July 23, 2012


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daughter of The Goddess

I am a Psychic or an intuitive reader.
I often work with Tarot and other tools but
am just as comfortable doing a "cold" read -
In other words just receiving the message.

In My personal devotions and service to The Goddess,
I am Her Seer.
I generally do NOT use that term publicly.
It has connotations of ego and plain old craziness.
However, That is My path.

Because My gift brings recognition of HER.
When I receive these messages & relay them
to a client or to the public; when these messages
or predictions "become" it is a confirmation of Spirit.
Of the Goddess, The Sacred feminine.
Perhaps, long forgotten, hidden away in many cultures,

The other day a client came for a reading.
Now sometimes the message may seem strange,
a bit daft - But if it persists I deliver it exactly as I receive it.
As My client sat down, I heard "Penguins"
Ok, That's an odd one - I'll pass.
Penguins persisted. I finally had to tell Her.
I'm hearing the word penguin.
She laughed. Being a regular She is used to My readings.
However, this was odd.
She thought about it a bit. We both did.
What could it mean? Was there someone who loved penguins,
perhaps a collection of stuffed animals?
A sports team? Nothing.
Then She remembered a childhood friend.
She hadn't seen Her in over a dozen years.
We both laughed it off & went on with the reading.

The following day
She messaged me. "Do You have a few minutes?"
Well, on Her way home She decided to stop at a Seven Eleven.
She never goes to this particular store, but suddenly She needed to
stop there.
There in that Seven Eleven was Her friend. The childhood friend
who loved Penguins.
The message now made itself very clear.

My "gift" comes from The Goddess.
I AM Her voice.
I am not the only one.
I AM a Daughter of The Great Mother
My path is to honor Her
To share HER words.
The Sacred Feminine exists.
You may know Her as Mary, The Blessed Mother.
You may know Her as Isis or perhaps Tara,
Oshun or Hecate.

It is time for recognition of The Sacred Feminine.
She is waiting for us to remember.
There was a time when We celebrated Her.
The time has come to honor The Great Mother again.

May You Be Blessed.
May the wisdom of the divine feminine guide your path.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Honoring Isis

SHE whose waters flowed into ancient Egypt
Out of Africa
White & Blue
The Nile Rivers flow
Like Your Sacred Blossoms

Your Daughters have not forgotten
We wait
Knowing the time is near
Great Mother
Rise up

I Who am Your humble Priestess
Carry forth
Your name
For Our Sisters and their Sisters
All the Daughters of Egypt

Across Many lands
We sing Your praise
Speak Your name
Like honey upon Our lips

The time of The Great Mother is near


An Ancient Prayer of Praise
Because of Isis, there is a heaven.
Because of Isis, there is an earth.
Because of Isis, the wind blows on the desert.
Because of Isis, the sweet sun shines.
Because of Isis, the river floods in spring.
Because of Isis, the plants bear fruit.
Because of Isis, we live and grow strong.
Because of Isis, we have breath to give thanks

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dark side of the Moon

The Dark Moon is upon Us...
During this phase, We take a "time out"
We look at what needs changing, fine tuning
We listen to Our heart..
We take time to just be AND
We clean house, if necessary

Friday, July 6, 2012

Speaking Your Truth

Last night while meditating I received a message that
I was on the fence about sharing.
The message did say, "Tell the people"..
Mulling it about with My friend, She asked,
" Why do you think You should put it out there?"

The short answer - During My meditation I asked
The Goddess what She wanted of me. What I am to do
to continue to spread her word, To build a safe community
to Honor and acknowledge HER.
What I got was a surprise to me.

Telling My friend & Sister this,
Her response was to put it out there.
Now everyone that knows me , knows I am a Witch, or wise woman -
whichever you prefer.
I don't hide it. But neither do I flaunt it.
When clients come to me, I never push my Spiritual
As I believe each of Us sees Spirit in a way We can relate.
That doesn't mean hiding or sugar coating My beliefs.

Jacques words, wise indeed -
I share them here:
People don't want to question their long-held beliefs,
unless they're clubbed over the head with something different.
Its silly really. They think by changing their view of spirituality,
that makes them wrong in the past. Not so.
NOT knowing something, then learning about it is Growing
and has nothing to do with being wrong.
Maybe, just maybe, She's trying to raise awareness of Herself
by showing that Heavenly/Angelic/
Spiritual messages
can come from a source that others have not considered before now
(they all don't come from "God").
And the only way to do that is to put the information out there,
so that when the message proves true people will stop to consider.
Once they do that, they might start asking questions.
In the meantime, some of us end up looking like kooks.
I've finally gotten to the point where I can usually get my ego out of the equation.
It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of me personally.
It only matters that people Connect in a way that best serves Her and them.
Its true that change is constant.
However its also true that change frequently occurs at a rate slower than molasses in January. It all takes time. ;)

Thank You Jacque, for reminding me what is important here...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day - A Sabian Symbol

Happy Fathers Day!

I pulled a Sabian symbol asking "What is the message for Fathers Day?"

Pisces 6 - Officers on Dress Parade
Keyword - Disipline
Sometimes the message is straight to the point!
Sometimes there are layers...

Have you have seen a miltary parade? What about My friends in the UK -
You have the Royal Guard...
These Men stand tall in their perfectly starched uniforms.
Do people even use starch anymore??? Anyway, they stand proud.
They don't flinch. They protect, they serve,
They wear their burdens without complaint.
Dads are like that. They protect us. They serve Us
Keeping a roof over Our heads, food on the table, providing the clothes we wear.
They sit through school recitals when You know
they'd probably rather watch they Ball Game, lol..
They support Us. Proudly.
Of course they also disipline Us. How many of Us have heard
"Wait till your Father hears about this"!!!
But it's that disipline that molds us into the adults We become.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads!
Daddy, I Love You!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


"CoExist" is not just a tagline for Spiritual communities.
We need to learn it begins with the small things,
the day to day things.
"CoExist" is not restricted to religion or politics.
We must learn that compromise is a
necessary part of "CoExistance".

We must be willing to look at things from
another's point of view.

We don't don't have to agree, but We should respect it.
Perhaps if We begin with tolerance of the small differences,

We will learn to manage the big ones.
Then We won't need bumper stickers to remind us


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse & The Magick of Sagittarius


Half Horse, Half Man
Sagittarius is the nomad of the zodiac.
Always seeking something new,
Always looking to expand their horizons.
Sag seeks wisdom, truth & justice.
Sometimes Sag can be a bit clumsy in those attempts,
But have you ever watched a racehorse?
Sag can have amazing grace & agility when needed.

Sagittarius prizes freedom.
Personal freedom and freedom for all people.

This Full Moon arrives with a lunar eclipse -
Powerful magick.
Under the guidance of Sagittarius
Perhaps this Full Moon
If We all put the focus on others in need,
Maybe We can make the world a better place...

Sagittarius aims for the stars,
Why can't we...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunflower Magick


A sure sign of summer,
The Sunflower is a strong solar herb.

It's medicinal and magickal properties go back
to ancient times.
The Aztecs adorned themselves with sunflowers to
honor the Sun God,
Native Americans knew the value of their medicine,
used them as a food source and a dye.

Sunflowers turn their "heads" to face the Sun.

Medicinally,  the Sunflower is a diuretic and
expectorant - Used to treat bronchial & respiratory
ailments, coughs and colds.
Culinary uses, We all know about Sunflower seeds
but the petals are also great in salads and baked goods.
Even the stem of this majestic flower is used to make
paper and fabric.

It is a bringer of happiness,
thought to ease depression,
Bring abundance - Did you ever count how many seeds
in one Sunflower?
Speaking of which, Makes it a good choice for fertility magick..
Because of it's strong solar qualities,
It is also used in protective magick.
A bath in Sunflower Petals will bring Joy -
How can you not smile relaxing in a tub of golden petals?
And is said to bring confidence...

Next time you find yourself eating Sunflower seeds,
make a wish, say a prayer, put your affirmation out there...
Believe in the Magick!

Welcome Summer!

Here, June means Summer.
Flowers in Bloom.

With A Full Moon approaching and
A Lunar Eclipse,
The magick of nature is afoot!

Flowers are a wonderful source of magick..
They provide healing medicines, are used in
in aromatherapy, can assist us in love, luck, protective and
many other magicks.

Treat the garden with respect.
When You take,

May Your Garden Flourish
May You manifest Your Dreams

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crystals - Believing or knowing?

I Love Crystals.
Look around My home and You'll find them everywhere.
Large Specimens of quartz can be found in family rooms,
Amethyst clusters in bedrooms.
Jade in My workspace.
I wear crystals.
I believe in the energies of crystals, or rather,
I Know.
As a Reader, I've worked in several Metaphysical stores.
Someone is always asking about crystals.
You'll find bins with all sorts of crystals, gemstones.
You'll usually find a description, straight from a book -
alongside these crystals.
Of course You'll also find books on the subject.

Where exactly does this information come from?
How do We know what properties each crystal carries?
Many stones, crystals have properties attributed to them
for centuries.
Ancient peoples  Egyptian, Greek, Celtic - All used stones
for healing, magickal purposes.
In ancient India, Asia, Africa  -
Stones were ascribed to specific energies.
Is it  knowledge these ancient peoples had,
That passed down to Us?
Or perhaps simply belief that breathed the life
into these qualities, each stone carries?
What about newer finds & made made crystals?
Where exactly do these properties come from?
Who decided what Aqua Aura does?
Or Zincite?  Any number of newer discoveries.

We must learn for ourselves.
We must experience on our own.
Books are a great starting point,
but remember that often times it's based on another's
Smoky Quartz may be a great stone for grounding or protection
for One person,
But it may make another nervous, edgy.
I love Aragonite in it's raw form -
It grounds & helps me meditate. 
I find it a great hand stone -
But someone else may just say meh, does nothing.
It's fine to read books.
To ask others for guidance.
However, when it comes to "Knowing" ,
We must gain that knowledge for ourselves.
May the Stone people whisper their secrets to your heart.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A May 1st Card Reading

Wanting to share a message for both those celebrating Beltaine
And those celebrating Samhain,
I asked Spirit for some guidance.
Two cards, one for Beltaine -
One for Samhain.
So I choose.  One at a time.
The first for those celebrating Beltaine:

10 of Pentacles
A culmination.  Abundance.
Reaping the rewards of hard work.
For some a time to celebrate,
For others, A time to sit back, reflect & access
one's goals and accomplishments.
But there's more here..
As I looked at the card,
The Godfather flashed in My mind.
There was the image of the aged Vito Corleone,
sitting  outdoors in his chair.  Surrounded by the land.
All his work, good and bad has reached it's pinnacle.
He sits back, takes time for pleasure.  For family.  His young
grandson runs around playfully.  Then Vito expires.

Sometimes Spirit delivers the message with a touch of humor.
10 of pentacles is a culmination.  It is a time sit back & take pleasure
in what we've accomplished. 
We must also be ready to move on. It is time to say goodbye to
the old.  There are fresh new projects, ideas,
waiting just around that corner.  Life comes & goes in cycles.
We must embrace them.

Then I pulled a card for Samhain:

The endless dance of Death!
 A little tongue in cheek, but I should expect this.
Spirit has a sense of humor, when delivering a message.
Samhain.  The dark half of the year.  The earth slumbers.
Oh but look at the activity going on away from our sight.
Life is sometimes a struggle.  There may be difficulties,
lean times.  But there will be fabulous moments.  It is up
to Us to learn how to manuever.  To get through the hard times,
We must work with what we have, not fight against it.
We need to take time out to honor those who have come before -
Their blood, sweat, bones have created the foundation We have
Life comes in cycles. We can not change that fact.  We must
learn to dance with life. The Good, the not so...
Embrace life.  May Your dance be a joyful one.


May Day Meditation

I woke up this May Morning & headed outside.
Washing My face in the morning dew or more likely

I spent a little while in My garden meditating.
Asking Spirit, What is the message for Beltaine/Samhain?
Is there a commonality? A shared message between these

Nature's balance. Changes & transitions.
Beltaine, The celebration of Summer.
The growth begun in the Spring reaches fruition,
preparing us for the harvest.
The fruits of of labor which sustains us through the Winter.

Samhain, The coming of the dark half of the year.
The earth rests. Storing Her nutrients deep within.
Providing sustenance to the seeds lying dormant,
through the cold dark season.
Nature exists in balance.
Man has a way of upsetting that balance.
But nature will eventually win out.
Life is like that.
We can resist the changes, transitions that come our way.
But in the end, change is inevitable.
It is the balance of life.

Go gracefully into this cycle of change.
May Your path be Blessed,
May your transitions flow easily!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Full Moon Magick - Clarity

The Full Moon is a time a manifestation.
The culmination of a cycle of bringing, growing.
This culmination sheds light & brings clarity.
During the Full Moon,We can seek answers.
Lady Moon illuminates the path,
If We ask for Her guidance.

Divination, Meditation
Answers come in many forms.
There are Teas, Incense, to Help.
There are Lunar Herbs to help bring clarity.

Dress a White candle with any of the following oils:
Camphor which purifies & cleanses, also aids in divination.
Lemon Grass brings clarity of thought, as does Clary Sage.
Ask for guidance and ALWAYS Thank Spirit.
Leave a small token of gratitude.

Lady Moon,
Shinning Bright
Illuminate My Path this night,
The truth before My eyes
to see,
Show the way that's best for me.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This morning I sat down for breakfast.
Looking out the window,
I saw a Rainbow over the water.
It was rather unexpected but caught My eye.
Then I heard it...
"The World shall never be in balance as long as

the feminine is forgotten"

Many have forgotten The Great Mother.
In todays' world We do not honor the Sacredness

of the feminine.
She is the Earth itself.
Her ways are long forgotten.
May We remember
May We honor the path of the Ancients
Before We continue to spiral out of balance.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

She came to me in Dreams,
Bring unto Me offerings of Thistle
Five Sacred crystals placed upon My Altar
Sandalwood to annoint Thy feet.
For You are Thy daughter
She who dwells in the house of The Mother

I am
I honor You
For in a time
The World Shall change
And there will be no recourse.
She will be the Mother of many daughters

Time once forgotten
Her name will spread
Across many lands.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The New Moon arrives in Virgo, Thursday 4:39AM EST
A VOC follows at 8:34 AM lasting till 11:50PM.
The Moon then transitions to Libra.
Now When working with magick,
It is the energies occuring at the point of the working
which effect the workings.
Do You want the energies of Virgo or Libra??
The choice IS yours!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Venus in Taurus - Love on My Mind

Venus in Taurus-
Reminds Me of that old song,
I've got Love on My mind.

Now Taurus the Bull is one of the sexiest
signs of the zodiac.
Yes, Taurus is slow.
Yes Taurus is stubborn.
But Taurus is also very earthy, sensual.

Venus rules Taurus.
Be prepared for relationships to take center stage.
There may be blocks, after all Taurus IS
There may be a bit of overindulgence,
Taurus can never get
enough of the finer things.
But Taurus brings Stability & longevity to

Lets not forget Thursdays Full Moon in Libra,
Also ruled by Venus.
Libra brings balance to relationships,
As long as her scales aren't tipping in one direction.
You may find in the coming days,
Relationships move to the forfront.
You may find, You've got "Love" on Your mind.

Plan a little bit of Magick for the Full Moon,
Don't forget... Add a dash of love.
May You manifest Magick of The Heart

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Knight of Cups - Eli's Coming

A client asked Me today,
"What is going on? So many shifts, changes.
Things seem so unsettled lately."
I turned a card over..
The Knight of Cups.
Immediately I heard "Eli's coming".
It was an old song. It kept playing
over & over in My head.
I took a moment to think about the song.
Eli's a heartbreaker.
So why this? What does it mean?
Not everything that glitters IS gold.
Not every opportunity is the right one.
Not every offer comes from the heart.

There are changes coming.
Some will be given great opportunities,
Some will be given false hopes.
Some may achieve great heights,
For others,
Eli may deliver heartbreak.

We may not be able to prevent every change to come.
We may not be able to control these shifts.
We can however change how we respond.
Eli's coming?
But if You're ready for him,
He won't keep You down for long.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Darker side of The Moon

A little after midnight tonight,
The Moon enters Her Dark phase.
It is a time when we take a step back
& look inward.

The Dark Moon is a time to "clean" house.
For some, It is taking a look at what isn't working
and releasing it.
For others, it's time to look at plan B
Many magickal practicioners use this time for
Binding & Banishing work.
Now If You listen to Hollywood,
That's a bad thing.
However, most binding or banishing work
serves a more mundane purpose.
Releasing a bad habit,
Getting over the emotions of a bad romance,
Letting go of negative thought patterns.

Of course there are times when
A Witch may have to put an end to gossiping
Or ill will in a magickal way
But mostly we use this time to go within.

Honor the Wisdom the Dark Moon offers.
May you find enlightenment within Her Darkness

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuesday's Full Moon arrives in Leo.
Magnanimous, Generous Leo.
Playful, Loyal & Yes, a touch egocentric.
Leo's are the lovers of the zodiac.

With Valentine's Day approaching,
This Full Moon is a perfect time for
Love Magick.
Leo's are "In Love" with love -
Making this perfect for Romantic, Passionate Love

But there are many other aspects to Love Magick.
Love of self.
For some, that does not come easy.
We all need self esteem to carry us through.
A dash of Leo's ego couldn't hurt.

Love of family.
The Lioness is fiercely protective & devoted
Families are not always easy.
A touch of that Leo energy may help to
smooth things.

Love for Man/Woman kind.
Leo is noble hearted, generous.
The World could always use a bit of Leo Magick,
Leo teaches us that We should all have the luxury of love.
It is a luxury we should all expect.
It is a luxury we should give to others.
May You know the magick of love

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Kildare the Priestesses kept the Sacred Flame.
It is said, It still burns today.
May the Goddess,
In all Her aspects
Remain always, In Our hearts.
But Brigid is not a Christian saint, she thought, even if Patricius
thinks so. That is the Goddess as she is worshipped in Ireland.
And I know it, and even if they think otherwise, these women know the power
of the Immortal. Exile her, as they may, she will prevail.
The Goddess will never withdraw herself from mankind.
- Marion Zimmer Bradley,

The Mists of Avalon

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"A religion without a goddess is halfway to atheism."
- Dion Fortune

First Quarter Moon

Monday, January 30th the Moon will
be at it's first quarter phase.
Time to take a time out from manifesting.

Midpoint is perfect for making changes.
Sometimes Our goals, plans don't go exactly as
We hope.
So We regroup. rethink. Work out those "kinks".
Use this time wisely.
May You see a little more clearly as You move toward your goals

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome 2012

My Foray into the Internet began with this blog.
I met some wonderful people including Debra, whose blog
She who speaks always puts a smile on My face;
more often makes me laugh;
There's been Callie, whose blog is a beautiful & comfy place,
Who generously gifted me with Her crafts.
And it was here that I met My Dear friend Irmina, Doll with a Soul.
Irmina is creating a series of Goddess Dolls for My New Website.
I haven't spent much time at My blog,
not as much as I should.
This blog IS where I honor theGoddess.

There are many things to juggle this year.
My professional work as a Reader, My upcoming Website,
Time for family, friends
This year I will make time for My blog,
Even if it's only 1 hour a week.
For this blog is a Sacred Space,
Where I share Her name
Her words
Her guidance
To those Who seek to listen.

Welcome 2012
A year of change
May We be the better for it

IG - Helene