Friday, September 7, 2012

Tarot Translation - Week 3

Tarot Translation Week 3
The Question : What does September bring for Us?
The Cards Given : King of Pentacles, 3 or Wands reversed, Knight of Cups reversed.

For me, The King of Pentacles is a perfect representation of Sept.
I look at the card andsee Fall energy.
The Equinox arriving September 22.
Yes, Sept brings change, Fall is in the air.
But there's something more here.
My eyes were drawn to the Knight of Cups and I heard
an old Spiritual Song - The River Jordan.
The King of Pentacles, the accumulation of wealth,
perhaps oil?
The River Jordan, the promise of the holy land .
The three of Wands tells me of upcoming struggles
in the Holy Land. A leader who was baptized in the
Waters of the Jordan River may fall from power.
Rising oil prices, upheaval struggles,
sometime around the coming of Fall and
The Holy days of the children of Israel.

May Peace prevail, May the wealth be shared.

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