Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Equinox, The Magick of Balance

This weekend is the equinox.
For some, Spring is in the air.
Here, this Saturday  fall arrives.

My Sisters & I will share in a celebration.
There will be fruits of the harvest, breads & cheese
We take time to give Thanks.

The Equinox is time of magick
The magick of balance.
And so Our ritual is one of balance.

Each one of us comes to the table prepared to give something up.
In order to make room to bring what we choose to manifest.
Sounds easy? 
Not quite.  You see We must each ask what it is that We need to
change within Ourselves.  What flaw, or bad habit are We willing
to remove from Our lives?  What are we willing to put the work
into changing - Just as we are willing to work towards

that which We desire in our lives.
A fair exchange.

Into the cauldron fire,
written on parchment goes that which We have
chosen to release. 
Then by the light of a single candle,
Each Sister affirms that which She chooses to manifest.

Some may choose  to leave a relationship that no longer works,
Some may choose to diet or stop smoking.
Whatever is chosen, We will support one another in the coming weeks,
For when one feels She can not do it alone,
There is always a Sister  who will help Her through.
That is Balance.

May You always find a Balance in life

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