Friday, May 31, 2013

5 of Stones - Medicine Woman Tarot

Woke up this morning, headed downstairs for a glass of juice -
I'm one of the few who doesn't drink coffee.

Sitting there, I was thinking about the mornings meditation.
Spirit was prodding me to give a message, only I wasn't quite sure

That little voice in My head said to me, "Go pull a card".
I felt drawn to The Medicine Woman Tarot. 

Not a deck I generally use, but when you feel the pull
you follow your instinct -
Unless of course it wouldn't be a good thing to do!

Quick shuffle & pull 1 card.
Five of  Stones. 
Sharing!  Looking at this card & You feel GOOD.
It's a happy card.  Giving to others.  Generosity. 

Now 5 of Stones is the equivalent of 5 of Pentacles.
Have you seen that card? 
Traditionally NOT a happy card.

The 5's in general are not the "happy" moments you find in a Tarot Deck.
Fives are about change.  They represent loss.  Challenges.

It's an "Ut Oh"card. 
Just look at a persons face when they get this card in a reading.
But change isn't necessarily bad. 
Which is the point Spirit wanted to make. 

It's all in the perception of things.

The Five of Pentacles represents the losses &

challenges on the material plane.
It can also represent Spiritual losses. 
So why the feel good energy of the 5 of stones?
Giving what little one can to others in need.
It's the glass being half full.
I have enough to provide what I need.

I can share.
In ancient times, communities would gather together.
Farmers would bring from their harvest,
Fisherman from their catch...
It would be given to the poor, the sick, the needy.
Those that needed welcomed these offerings.
They were not made to feel ashamed.

And that is the message of the 5 of stones.
Change the way We look at material things.
Be thankful. Be positive. 
And don't ever be ashamed to accept

help if you need it.