Thursday, July 25, 2013

Old School Pagan in a New Age World

What defines Pagan?
If you look in Oxford or Webster's you may find
Pagan defined like this:
"A person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions."
"An adherent of a polytheistic religion in antiquity"
You know, back in ancient times, Paganism was a mainstream religion.
Today Pagans define themselves many different ways.
Now, I hate labels.
I'm not really comfortable being defined simply as a Pagan.
My Religion is Nature.
My Spiritual Path is one that leads to The Goddess.
The Sacred Feminine.
I suppose that makes me "Pagan" by definition.

If I'm going to be labelled Pagan,
Then I'm 100% Old School Pagan.
I was Pagan when being Pagan wasn't exactly "cool".
In fact People tended to shy away from You.
In My Path tradition was adhered to.
Devotion & Prayer were/are regular practice.
Studies were taken very seriously.
There were No shortcuts.
Although We were taught not to "fear" Our deities,
We were taught to respect them.
For those whose path included Magick,
That too was serious business.

Somewhere along the way,
The New Age community arrived.
Change is good.
Many Spiritual paths that were once feared are now
more accepted.  More accessible.
Ok, Most change is good.
There seems to be a lack of respect in the New Age Community.
A lack of reverence.
Not by everyone, but by enough people.
A huge sense of entitlement.
Not to mention the titles!!!
Most Elders I know are humble people.
They've been on their path long enough,
that they need not announce themselves.

Old School Pagans recognize one another.
We're very familiar with the Elders of Our communities.
We don't need titles although We may have them...
We don't regard Ourselves as Gods or Goddesses
But we understand the potential within ourselves.
It's not always easy being an Old School Pagan,
But I wouldn't change a thing.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coming "Out" Psychic - Confessions of a Tarot Reader

Most people know me as a Tarot Reader, or
rather an "Intuitive" Tarot Reader.
A self imposed title I used when I began My career
as a professional reader. 
I chose to call myself  a "Tarot Reader" because I
believed it to be more accepted by mainstream society.
I also didn't fully understand the difference between who
I really am & what I do.

When I was young, somewhere between 10 -11 years old,
It became apparent I had an ability to "know" things.
The exact time We knew of this I will always remember.
It was late in the evening, probably around 10PM and
I should have been fast asleep. I remember running in to
My Mom & telling Her, "Aunt Harriet died".  I was pretty
upset & insistent.  Shortly afterwards the phone did ring
with the terrible news.  My Aunt had passed from a sudden
heart attack.

As I got older, this knowing continued.
I was told My Dad had the same ability although
He never embraced it. 
It was the norm for me, I never questioned or gave it
much thought.
At some point I began giving readings or making "predictions"
for family & friends.
"Predictions" seem to be a dirty word - right along with
"Fortune Teller".  Btw, I am not a "Fortune Teller".
I moved along in My chosen career path -
NOT a reader. 
I did do readings on the side.  It was fun, extra income &
I began to work with Tarot.

Eventually, circumstances or perhaps Fate stepped in
Changing My path.  I am forever grateful to Spirit and
To those friends who manifested this change.
Armed with a Tarot Deck, the path as a professional reader began.
Truth was, I am a Psychic.  I can read with nothing at all.
I simply Hear or See the message.
Some of those messages have been posted right here on this blog.
Those messages are called "predictions" by some.
To me, they are simply messages.  Messages from Spirit.
Problem was, "Psychics" get a bad rap. The ones who didn't -
Well, I couldn't see putting Myself in their category. I didn't think
I had the abilities they did.

I thought Tarot was safer, more accepted.
In reality, it's not.
I also thought I fit in better.
Labels.  Why do we need them?

As I explored the Tarot community,
I realized, it's NOT who I am.
I love Tarot.  I've met some incredibly talented people.
I love the artistry of the decks.
That artistry is a tool that helps me do what I do best.
I AM a Psychic.
I do see energies that have not yet come to pass.
I have an excellent track record.
I will not be ashamed of those "predictive" energies,
That some like to make fun of or pooh pooh.
I will support Tarot.  I will use tarot decks.
But I will come out of the self imposed closet.
I am who I am because of Spirit.
I owe it to Spirit to acknowledge.
I AM a Psychic and I am proud.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spiritual Practioners Dream Differently

We all have them.  Some are manifestations
of our subconscious, Some are just a replay
of the days events.
Freud interpreted our dreams.

Jung interpreted them.
We can find dozens of books on the subject.
It's fun.  It's interesting.
We may find insight in a situation.  

We may find answers.
But Spiritual Dreams - That's a bit different.
Spiritual Practitioners Dream differently.

Last night after taking a Spiritual Bath,
I headed to bed.  I woke up this morning
Now that doesn't always happen, or I wouldn't
take too many of these...
I did wake up with a message or two.
Which is generally how these dreams work.
These messages sometimes

need a bit of interpretation,
like any other dream but
the interpretation is different.
You won't find it in any book or site.

An example of this type of dream:

I was going in & out of different rooms.
Each time I entered I would blow some dust
& the door would open.
Now a dream interpretation may say I'm
wishing for an opportunity.  The interpretation
could go deeper.
However, as a Spiritual Practitioner -
I know exactly what Spirit was telling me!
Clean Your house!  The dust, that was

A while back I had posted a dream.
I asked some of My Spiritual Sisters what
they thought.  Someone answered,

unfamiliar with the particular spiritual practice.
She gave a long thought out description as to
the psychological interpretation dream.

That doesn't apply with Spirit.

Spiritual Practitioners dream differently.
We get advice,
We receive news of future events,
We're asked for offerings,
We're reminded of  our duties,
Our responsibilities to Spirit.
We're asked to serve.
Our dreams are more than "Dreams"
They are Blessings bestowed.
Yes, We have ordinary dreams but
Spiritual Practitioners do dream differently!