Friday, April 30, 2010


The dark half of the year has ended
The light returns
The Great Fire is kindled
Life renews, Abundance flows
It is the time between
The veil is lifted
We drink from the well
We bathe in the morning dew
We honor the land
We honor The Lady

Light a green candle to honor The Goddess

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon in Scorpio

Intense, Passionate, Powerful
Scorpio plummets the depths of Emotion
Delving deep, Scorpio seeks truths
Scorpio holds the power of regeneration

The Full Moon in Scorpio
The Sun in Taurus
Sex & Love
Money & Power

Taurus-Scorpio polarity prompts us
to seek balance
For when we have balance, all manner of magick is possible

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Sun, Taurus & A Charm of Abundance

Taurus may well be the Sun sign closet to the Earth.
Pragmatic, stabile, determined, loyal
Ruled by Venus, Taurus is sensual.
A lover of comfort and beauty.
Sometimes, that determination can become stubbornness
Loyalty can become possessiveness.

Bindweed, Wild Morning Glory, High John the Conqueror root.
Bindweed or High John can be invasive. An unwelcome guest
in some gardens, seen as destructive.
To others, it's flowers bring beauty.
It is used by Native Americans for medicinal & spiritual purposes.
It is a staple of Folk Magick.

Duality is a part of nature.
We do not exist without it.
The wise know how to embrace it, work with it,
transform it.
For magick is the art of transformation

Taurus Abundance Pouch

The Sun warms Mother Earth,
Seedlings grow,
Gaia returns to abundance

To utilize the energy & magick of the Sun,

Prepare the Pouch between Noon & Midday

1 whole piece of High John Root
1 piece of Jade or Emerald
green flannel cloth
oil - preferably Van Van

Oil the High John Root. It is best to use Van Van or High John oil.
If none is available, use a plain carrier oil. Do NOT use other oils.
Hold your stone & place your intent upon the stone.
Place all ingredients on the cloth.
Use a Charm or prayer of your making
Tie the bag with the twine .
To energize your bag, let it sit in the Suns light.

The Sun has returned
Warming Mother Earth
Bringing growth & abundance
Spring calls forth the magick of the Sun

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sun in Taurus - Abundance

The Sun transitioned into Taurus April 20th.
Taurus' arrival in spring is a harbinger
of opportunity to come.

Practical, Determined, Stable & Sensual
When it comes to finances,
Earthy Taurus Knows how to make things grow.
Taurus gently reminds us, Be willing to make change
For in the extreme, determination can become stubbornness.

Taurus tell us to tend our garden
Take care of the seeds we have planted
For Spring is a time of growth
Mother Gaia brings Abundance to her children,
If we are wise enough to embrace it

Friday, April 16, 2010


Primordial Mother from which life comes.
Gaia is universal.
Gaia is our Mother Earth.
We must learn to honor her.

Before ritual, before meditation, before magick,
I cleanse my feet to honor the sacredness of the Earth
which I walk upon.

At mealtime, I take a few moments
to honor the sacredness of the food She provides.

Spending time in my garden,
Whether planting, harvesting or relaxing
I spend a few moments honoring Her.

We must learn to Honor & respect the Earth everyday,
Not just on Earth Day
Or there will be nothing for the children

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."
Native American Proverb

The Earth your womb,
From which All life springs
Demeter, Ishtar, Isis
Many are your names

Mother Earth shelters
Mother Earth nourishes
Gaia is every stone
Gaia is every plant, tree
Gaia is the Salt & the Water
Of which we are made

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mothers Day - Goddess Giveaway

Gaia, Mary, Demeter
Bast, Cerridwen, Danu
Corn Mother, Kuan Yin, Yemeya
She Who is All

In honor of My Lady,

I am giving away 1 Isis Reading.
The reading shall be given by email or by phone
depending on the location of the recipient.
In the coming weeks I shall be honoring The Goddess
in her Mother Aspect.

To enter offer your words of gratitude to The Goddess.
Post in the comment section.
You must be a follower of this blog,
Please send contact info to
You may go to my shop
to see what I'll be giving away.

Winner will be announced Mothers Day, May 9th

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Magick of Knowing

Recently I had an opportunity
to speak with someone I very much admired
within the Spiritual Community.
After a few minutes of conversation,
I began to feel uneasy.

Here was this person generously sharing
spells, their experiences and "spiritual" advice.
Yet it didn't seem right.
Much of what was said I know NOT to be true.
I came away disappointed.
Here is an Author of books, giving service to
the spiritual community.
People listen. They believe.
Therein lies the problem.

Magick is
It is Not just believing what others
have told you.
You must Know it.
It must be experienced.

Working with a particular herb in a spell
you've read is all well and good,
But do you connect with that herb?
Do you know why it works for that spell?
Is it the right Herb for you? For your purpose?

Magick is personal.
Magick comes from within.
Each flower, crystal, stone has it's own energy.
We must connect.
If we can not connect,
How can we expect our magick to succeed?

At it's very essence,
Magick is change, transformation
Learning how to make that change,
to transform takes work .
But with that work comes knowing
and after all, knowledge is power.

May you come to Know for yourself

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Receiving with a Gracious Heart

Sometimes we forget the importance of receiving.
We forget that it is an act of Joy.
When we receive with graciousness we give

back to those who has taken the time
to remember us.

I have been graced with some wonderful gifts

in the past few weeks.
Some have been kind words & thoughts.
Some have been beautiful art

created by wonderful friends
Some have been awards to this blog of mine

To Nesca & Althea,
Your Art now graces my altars.
Nesca, your pendant is amazing in person
Althea, Your fairy baby is way too precious

& we love the "butt crack"

I look forward to my gift & know I'll love it
It could not have come at a better time,
for it brightened my day

Debra@ She who seeks
Nesca@ dollwithasoul
Thank you all for the blog awards...

To Everyone who left their warm thoughts,
It was a blessing to turn on my computer
& find a kind word when I was feeling down

May we always receive with a gracious heart

Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebrating the Journey

Recently my cat Rocky passed over.
Although he was 16, it was something I had not given thought to.
So, it came as a shock.
My sadness overwhelmed me.

In my sadness, I prepared his altar.
His picture placed upon it.
Herbs, waters, a saucer of milk.
At night, sitting before it, I cried...
I cried some more.
I asked My Lady to guide me.
I asked Her to show me how to ease my grief.
I did not want to feel this sadness.

Sitting before the altar
The message came to me -
My sadness was for myself.
For My loss.
Grief is about "Us".
It is a selfish although necessary emotion.
Those that have passed over, have moved on.
That is their journey.
As a psychic, I Know this
As a daughter of the Goddess, I know this
Yet in my grief,
I did not see it

We will always be saddened by the loss of a loved one.
Our loss.
But we must learn from the ancient ones.
The Wise ones knew.
May we honor our departed and celebrate their journey