Thursday, April 8, 2010

Receiving with a Gracious Heart

Sometimes we forget the importance of receiving.
We forget that it is an act of Joy.
When we receive with graciousness we give

back to those who has taken the time
to remember us.

I have been graced with some wonderful gifts

in the past few weeks.
Some have been kind words & thoughts.
Some have been beautiful art

created by wonderful friends
Some have been awards to this blog of mine

To Nesca & Althea,
Your Art now graces my altars.
Nesca, your pendant is amazing in person
Althea, Your fairy baby is way too precious

& we love the "butt crack"

I look forward to my gift & know I'll love it
It could not have come at a better time,
for it brightened my day

Debra@ She who seeks
Nesca@ dollwithasoul
Thank you all for the blog awards...

To Everyone who left their warm thoughts,
It was a blessing to turn on my computer
& find a kind word when I was feeling down

May we always receive with a gracious heart


  1. aww! Thanks! Glad you like the fae baby. Your blog is really swell, so pretty!

  2. You gave me much more. Bless You.

  3. I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your advice yesterday. I really plan on taking your advice.

  4. I do hope that you have received it or will do any day- it was made and sent with warmest wishes!
    Cally x

  5. Thank You again.
    It is a joy to meet such a wonderful group
    of Sisters!
    Many Many Blessings!

  6. Mary,
    I hope it serves you as well as it has me!
    And if you should happen to indulge in the
    occassional bowl of ice cream, what the heck!!!
    A good treat is Sacred too!