Monday, January 31, 2011

Capricorn 2 - Three Stained Glass Windows...

I often don't have as much time as I
would like to focus on My Blog.
There is my work as a Reader
There are My commitments & devotions to My lady
There is the care of My Dad, a labor of love
My home life and so on..

We all find ourselves long on things to do,
but short on time available.
Frustrated by the lack of time I've been devoting
to My blog,
Which is for me, A service to The Goddess;
I decided to ask the Sabian Symbols the following:

Where should I focus My Blog?
The result..
Capricorn 2 - "Three Stained Glass Windows,
One damaged by bombardment"
The Keyword - Commemorate

To Commemorate:
Be mindful

Mark by Ceremony
Keep the Memory alive

As a Daughter of The Goddess,
I live my life according to My Spiritual path,
following it's basic tenets.
I am mindful
As A devotee of The Goddess,
I honor Her sacred days, I honor Her seasons,

The Wheel of the Year
I Mark by ceremony
As a Priestess,
It is my path to carry on the traditions &
teach Her wisdom to those who seek Her word
Keep the memory alive

So maybe there are times
I am bombarded with too much to do
And never quite enough time
But like the remaining two windows,
in that war torn cathedral
My faith remains
Intact, Radiant

As the light illuminating the stained glass
And those moments are enough.

Sabian Symbols

One of my favorite forms of divination is
the use of Sabian Symbols
So just what are they?
The Sabian symbols came to life in 1925,

as an Astrological system.
Marc Edmund Jones, a renown astrologer

spent an afternoon with Medium Elsie Wheeler,
creating the symbols.

His vision was based upon the degrees of the astrological wheel.
Each sign encompasses 30 degrees.
Within these 30 degrees are 3 decans.

These help to individualize the characteristics
or traits of each sign.
30 degrees X 12 signs equal 360 degrees -

The circumference of a circle.

Marc Edmund Jones believed that each degree

carried within it's own message, philosophy.
He believed the ancients knew much more

When they created the systems of astrology we use today.
By enlisting the aid of Elsie Wheeler He hoped to channel
the message for each degree - 360 of them.
They accomplished this feat in 1 afternoon.

Maybe I'm fascinated with the symbols

because they were channeled by a Medium.
Maybe something within the symbols resonates within me...
Whatever it is, This I do know -
The Symbols not only work as an astrological tool,
But as a wonderful form of divination

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Fuss about Astrology

Recently Astrology was in the limelight.
The media reported news of a 13th constellation,
which according to the media, meant a change in an
individuals Sun sign...

By now you should know that your sign has not changed.
You should also be aware of the different systems or practices
of Astrology
Western, which in simplified terms follows the path of the Sun.
Vedic or sidreal is based upon the constellations,
However any changes to the constellations - and this is not the first,
have already been considered.
There are other systems, among them Chinese, Mazal or
Kabbalistic, Sabian Astrology, Mayan.

No matter what system one uses,
Astrology is an art of divination.
Astrology is predictive
But Astrology offers something more.
Astrology affords us a system of lessons,
of values.
From the time of the Ancients,
It has been a path towards enlightenment.
Like the Hermit it Tarot
Astrology shines the light within

As you go around the wheel of the Zodiac,
May you come to understand the truth of each sign,
May you learn compassion
For self, For others
May you embrace the positive and learn from the less than,
May the lessons of the Wise Ones
Light your Way
May you journey on the road to enlightenment

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full Moon, Cancer & the Magick of Devotion

This weeks Full Moon arrives in Cancer.
No sign do we equate more with the Moon, than Cancer...
Watery, Intuitive, Feminine
Cancer, like all water signs is about Emotions
Those that appear on the surface &
Those that lie hidden from view.

Like the Moon, Cancer can reveal it's secrets
Or show you an illusion.
Cancer can be tough & unyielding,
protected by a hard Shell
But if Cancer chooses, it can reveal it's
soft & gentle energies
Nurturing but not passive,
For Cancer, like the Moon Mother
is strong, tenacious & protective of Her young

The Full Moon in Cancer is one of
wondrous magick.
It is a time for Divination
A time for Financial/Career,
after all The Crab is wonderful with money...
Most of all,
Cancer is a sign of nurturing, feeding, devotion...
Isn't it cancer that rules the stomach?

Use this Full Moon to Cook up a little Magick
Share a meal with those you love
Show your devotion
To family
To The Goddess
Add a dash of magick &
May Lady Moon smile upon you

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dream Magick Giveaway is ready to mail.
Thank You Lady Grace Dreamweaver for your patience.
These kits will be available on my Etsy shop.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tarot on Tuesday

Join us on FB!
Post your question by 6PM today.
Tomorrow I will answer 1 question

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tarot on Tuesdays - Giveaway Winner

Congrats to Debra, She who seeks!
Contact me with your info - (you can use my gmail)
Thank you to everyone who shared with us.

Tarot on Tuesdays will be back on Tuesday...
This weeks reader is Me, IntuitiveGoddess
Post your questions on FB by 6 PM Monday

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mother whose children are the fish
Goddess of The Ocean
Goddess of the New Year
Yey Omo Eja
The Ocean
From which all life begins

Tarot on Tuesdays final Yule giveaway -
A Yemeya pouch!
3 Gemstones, chosen to represent the Ocean
Honored by Yemeya
These gemstones have been infused by Robin with Reiki.
Then we added My Yemeya powder...

How do YOU honor Yemeya?
Do you have a prayer? A ritual?
How to you honor the Spirit of Her Great waters?
Share with us.
Get your entry in by 10 PM
Blessings from All of Us at Tarot on Tuesdays!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Final Yule Giveaway

Tomorrow we will post our last of the Yule giveaways
at Tarot on Tuesdays.

This one comes from both Robin & Myself.
We end with the Beginning - Yemeya, Goddess of the New Year.
Join us tomorrow to enter.
The prize - A pouch filled with 3 Reiki infused Crystals,
chosen to honor Yemeya & a vial of My Yemeya Powder.

Hopefully a photo will be up with rules for entry!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cleansing Crystals & gemstones

Recently I've received many questions regarding this subject,
So I am reposting

Crystals & Gemstones are found in the Earth.
Mother Gaia. Terra Firma.
There are some which are found in the Oceans;
Such as Pearls,
but Stones are predominantly found within the Earth.
It is a Fact that Water can be harmful to the physical properties
of certain stones & crystals.
Some Crystals should not be cleansed in water.
Among those - Malachite, Azurite, Selenite,Turquoise, Opal & Calcite.

Another fact is Salt Water can be corrosive
to manyCrystals & Stones.
Salt can change the physical properties of a crystal,
leaving you with a damaged stone.
Do not clean your Crystals with water
unless you have done your research.
A general rule of thumb - Stones with a hardness of less than 7.0
Should NOT be cleansed with water.
For stones that can be cleansed in water,
Flower water is a better choice than salt.

Cleansing with Salt is fine, if done correctly.
Fill a dish with Sea Salt - Kosher, Himalayan works fine.
Place your crystal in the salt and DO NOT add water!
Leave it sit in the salt.
Cleanse your crystal by the Moons light.
Use care if placing Crystals in the Sun,
as it will cause fading with certain stones.
Smudging, is another good choice.

Of course there's Mother Earth herself.
I keep a bowl of Earth from a Sacred Place on my altar.
I place my Crystals in Her Earth when they need to be recharged.
Listen to the Stone People and they will teach you.
Pay attention to Mother Gaia, her mysteries are all around.
She will show you, if your eyes will see.
She will teach you, if your ears will hear.
Trust. Seek. Learn for yourself.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tarot on Tuesdays

This week, Tarot is on Wednesday.
Althea, Our Fairyguidemother is scheduled
to read, Post your question by tomorrow 6 PM.

The final Yule Giveaway will be posting on January 5th.
The great mother, known by many names , many aspects.
We honor Her aspect as Yemeya. For all life comes from the ocean.
This giveaway will include a pouch filled with reiki infused gemstones
& a special Yemeya blend incense/candle powder