Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What about the August 2017 Solar Eclipse ?

On Monday the 21st we have a Total Solar Eclipse which will be viewed across the entire US, making this a rare occurrence. The last time we saw a Total Solar Eclipse in the USA was in 1918.

Astrologically speaking there's what I call Big Medicine
Wheel/Small Medicine Wheel. In other words How it affects the individual vs how it affects the world around us. How it affects us individually depends upon your astrological chart & that I leave to the Astrologers 

How it affects the big picture - Well, We haven't had an Eclipse like this in the US since 1918, the same year WWI ended.
This Eclipse occurs in Leo - same sign as the current US President. I def think we can expect the unexpected. The energy of an eclipse doesn't show itself at the exact moment that the Eclipse occurs.
Now I have been receiving messages from Spirit that
something is coming 
end of August, early September. The message -
"Enjoy the good energy now, change is coming late August/early September"
If I'm honest, I believe we can expect some sort of possible terrorist activity.
Generally speaking, we are in a process of change & for those who have done the work, get ready to reap rewards.

For Magickal Practitioners, or those looking to set intentions
here's how to work with this energy -
A Solar Eclipse is a special energy Magickally speaking.
With a Solar Eclipse, we work with Sun energy - Dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset.

Dawn is the equivalent of the New Moon.
Noon is peak energy,
Afternoon waning & of course Sunset.
The Eclipse begins at here at 2:24 EST - Afternoon. Until 3:00
the energy is geared toward "bringing".
HOWEVER, there is a
The Moon VOC means, ALL BETS ARE OFF!

It's Best NOT to perform Magickal work or intention setting during a void. The void occurs at 2:30 - 4:25 PM . The void means we're not sure where those energies are going to land! 
The good news - it's a New Moon. Set intentions, work magick after the void.

*There's no eclipse without the Moon. These energies work in conjunction, so the void does matter