Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October - The Journey Begins

Change is in the air.
Here, the crisp Fall air is settling in slowly.
Others may be seeing those first signs of Spring.

What is the message for October?
RAIDHO - The Journey
LAGUZ - Water

Raidho :
It's time for movement.
For some, it may be a Spiritual Journey.
For others, emotional.
For most, it's the mundane things that
change your life -
A new job. A new apartment.
A new school.

Water. The Sea. The Ocean.
Vast. Unknown.
It is Our fears.

The journey begins.
We must face our fear of change,
Of the unknown.
It may be time to look at Our behaviors.
To ask Ourselves important questions.
Change is inevitable,
As nature shows us.
There is beauty in change.
If We move forward with grace
& face Our fears,
Anything is possible

May Your Journey be Blessed