Friday, July 31, 2015

Message from Spirit (Full Moon / Blue Moon) July 2015

"Humans have long lost the understanding of love.
Love is conveyed with touch.
Love is an energy passed through the power of touch.
Love IS felt.
Love is the touch between newborn & mother
It is the warmth between animal companion and human
Love is the touch of a great healer.
Was not the power of Jesus conveyed with touch?
Humankind does not know how to feel.
Love is not a word
It is a living breathing energy.
Without this knowing, humankind will not survive.
This, man has forgotten. How to touch,
How to love, How to heal."

Message from Spirit 7/28/15

"When the revolution shall come,
Small voices, no longer heard will matter.
When those rise in a harmony long forgotten,
It is then the people will know greatness"