Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mercury Retrograde -"MoonWalk"

On December 3rd Est, Mercury turns retrograde
for the final time in 2017.  It's an interesting energy for
Year's end.  In general Retrogrades are a good to time "slow down" .
Much emphasis is placed on communication or rather
"miscommunications" .

Being the last Mercury Retrograde of the year,
I asked Spirit If there is a message to share.
I heard that followed by a very clear visual of Michael Jackson.
The lyrics from Billie Jean, "Be careful what you do" looping
over & over in my head.
Immediately the iconic dance brings to mind the movement of
Mercury going backwards but with Spirit there is always more.
Another layer to peel away. 

So I searched "Moonwalk" asking Spirit for more clarity.
I found Michael Jackson first performed the Moonwalk
while singing Billie Jean.
The lyrics "Be careful what you do" continued in my head.
So this is what Spirit is saying? Be cautious during Mercury Retro?
Yes, but there was more.
"Actions create Reactions".
Ok, so we need to be mindful of what we say &
do during the Retrograde -
Ultimately WE are responsible for what happens.

But of course there is another layer,
isn't there always with these messages?
I hear "lies become the truth" playing in my head.
Right now there is so much happening ,
Everyone has a story to tell.
It's hard to discern the lies from the truth.
There will be more shakeups,
more discomfort as we sift through everything.
Right now caution is needed because nothing is ever
Black or White.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What about the August 2017 Solar Eclipse ?

On Monday the 21st we have a Total Solar Eclipse which will be viewed across the entire US, making this a rare occurrence. The last time we saw a Total Solar Eclipse in the USA was in 1918.

Astrologically speaking there's what I call Big Medicine
Wheel/Small Medicine Wheel. In other words How it affects the individual vs how it affects the world around us. How it affects us individually depends upon your astrological chart & that I leave to the Astrologers 

How it affects the big picture - Well, We haven't had an Eclipse like this in the US since 1918, the same year WWI ended.
This Eclipse occurs in Leo - same sign as the current US President. I def think we can expect the unexpected. The energy of an eclipse doesn't show itself at the exact moment that the Eclipse occurs.
Now I have been receiving messages from Spirit that
something is coming 
end of August, early September. The message -
"Enjoy the good energy now, change is coming late August/early September"
If I'm honest, I believe we can expect some sort of possible terrorist activity.
Generally speaking, we are in a process of change & for those who have done the work, get ready to reap rewards.

For Magickal Practitioners, or those looking to set intentions
here's how to work with this energy -
A Solar Eclipse is a special energy Magickally speaking.
With a Solar Eclipse, we work with Sun energy - Dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset.

Dawn is the equivalent of the New Moon.
Noon is peak energy,
Afternoon waning & of course Sunset.
The Eclipse begins at here at 2:24 EST - Afternoon. Until 3:00
the energy is geared toward "bringing".
HOWEVER, there is a
The Moon VOC means, ALL BETS ARE OFF!

It's Best NOT to perform Magickal work or intention setting during a void. The void occurs at 2:30 - 4:25 PM . The void means we're not sure where those energies are going to land! 
The good news - it's a New Moon. Set intentions, work magick after the void.

*There's no eclipse without the Moon. These energies work in conjunction, so the void does matter