Thursday, March 25, 2010


3/1994 - 3/2010

16 years ago, You came into my life
Only Days old, found abandoned in the garbage
Fitting in the palm of my hand
The vet said "No Chance"
You stayed in my hand for hours on end
Fed with an eyedropper,
You were a fighter
I named you Rocky
For 16 years
You have slept curled up in my hair
Nuzzling my ear as I tried to sleep
Sitting beside my altar
Always knowing when I needed comfort
Friend, Companion
It was March when You came into my life
Now in March, You are gone
I miss You Already, My friend

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring & The Magick of Rituals

Since I was young, the arrival of Spring has been a magickal time.
On that first day of Spring, I would join my mother in the garden.
I would be given a handful of seeds, a scoop and watering can.
Weather never mattering.
Chubby fingers digging in the soil.
"We give back to the Earth because She gives to us, We say thank you".
My Aunt would explain.
I don't think I really understood then.
What I did understand was
How the earth felt between my fingers.
What I knew was how I loved the smell of damp earth.
What I knew was this was something Magickal.

Magick is about rituals.
Rituals made with love, joy.
Rituals created with family, friends.
These rituals have their own special energy.
True magick comes Not from what direction one calls.
True magick comes Not from the placement of a chalice or Athame.
Nor does it come from how one casts a circle.
It is in the rituals of everyday living that True Magick lives,
For Magick comes from the heart.

May you honor the Spring with a magick all your own.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wisdom From Mother Earth

The past few days I've had the
opportunity to spend time in my garden.
With the snow finally melted,

I begin to assess things.

Joyful in the knowledge,that Spring is almost here;
I find myself saddened.
A favorite Plum Tree has not survived

the Winter storms.
I sigh as I gather the broken branches.

The remains of the tree will be cut down.
The energy of my tree will change form.
It will become mulch to protect & nourish my garden.
Firewood to warm the winter nights.
Maybe carved into Runes...

Although my Plum tree shall be missed,
There is a space to be filled with something new.
Perhaps an Apple tree shall be planted, maybe a White Fig.
Mother Earths "Spring Cleaning"
May we learn from her wisdom.
Change is inevitable.
We must release that which no longer serves us,
To make way for the new.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning Under a Waning Moon

March's Waning Moon
Perfectly timed with the coming of Spring.

An opportunity to cleanse & renew
Ourselves and our homes
To rid ourselves of negativity
To rid ourselves of outdated ideas
Removing the buildup of unwanted energies
Those that lurk, long after an unkind word spoken

Cleansing our home
Clearing out negative vibrations
Returning our home to it's sacredness

So under March's Waning Moon
Open up the windows and let the breeze
gently blow away all those old, unwanted energies

Making room for the new