Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring & The Magick of Rituals

Since I was young, the arrival of Spring has been a magickal time.
On that first day of Spring, I would join my mother in the garden.
I would be given a handful of seeds, a scoop and watering can.
Weather never mattering.
Chubby fingers digging in the soil.
"We give back to the Earth because She gives to us, We say thank you".
My Aunt would explain.
I don't think I really understood then.
What I did understand was
How the earth felt between my fingers.
What I knew was how I loved the smell of damp earth.
What I knew was this was something Magickal.

Magick is about rituals.
Rituals made with love, joy.
Rituals created with family, friends.
These rituals have their own special energy.
True magick comes Not from what direction one calls.
True magick comes Not from the placement of a chalice or Athame.
Nor does it come from how one casts a circle.
It is in the rituals of everyday living that True Magick lives,
For Magick comes from the heart.

May you honor the Spring with a magick all your own.


  1. Wonderful thoughts about true magick!

  2. Dear Intuitive Goddess, i have a flower blog award for you on my blog to collect :)


  3. Thank You again Debra!
    You posts are always welcome (:

  4. What a wonderful sentiment, great post!!!

  5. Spring is a truely magikal time, it amazes me to watch Mother Earth, her creatures and plants slowly wake up and grow stronger everyday. Thank u )0(

  6. ps ive nominated you for a little sunshine :)

  7. Greetings Flora!
    Thank you for being a part of my blog.

    Spring truly is a time of magick & wonder!
    Thank you for the award!

    Yes, I have to take care of the awards from
    the very gracious Debra, Nesca and Crystalrainbow...
    Please bear with me - it's been a busy week -
    Alot of people are coming for readings, I guess it's a great time for New things...
    Blessings to All!

  8. Beautiful post. I am glad I came across it. I look forward to reading more. :) Blessed Be.

  9. Kanani,
    What a lovely name!
    Thank you for visiting!
    My computers been down, so I haven't been able to post - but we're working on it!