Friday, June 25, 2010

A Full Moon, Partial Eclipse, & A Coming of Change

Tomorrow's Full moon arrives in Capricorn.
It arrives with a partial lunar eclipse.
It also arrives with a Cardinal Cross...

The Sky foretells of change.
Sometimes welcome, a breath of fresh air
Sometimes the thing we fear most.
The Tower Card
A force of Nature, a circumstance

we can not control.
Change has a purpose.
It comes because it Is what is needed.

It comes with the guidance of Capricorn
Fixed Cappy.
Practical & stabile,
Capricorn dislikes change.
But it is the same practicality & stability
that offers it's greatest support in times of change.

May you learn to embrace the magick of change

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Solstice Giveaway

And The Winner is ...
Debra, She who seeks

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Solstice Giveaway
Summer Solstice, Water & A Lesson From The Goddess

Often times our insights come
when we least expect it.
Today was one of those unexpected moments.
My plans for the Solstice had just begun

to fall into place.
I would float bowls of water across the pool,
surrounding them by quartz crystals.
Sun Water!
Perfect for manifestation & healing magick
in the months ahead.

Walking over to the pool, I step down.
I'm not the sort to dive right in.
The waters still a bit cold for me &
I have no plans to go for a swim.
About to step out when I hear Her.
"Be one with the Water.
Remember, It is neither warm nor cold,
It just is."

Okay, So I'm about to get a lesson
about swimming?
Seems a bit bizarre & maybe
I should question my sanity but

I stop & listen.

I begin to focus on the Water.
Leaning into the Water but not diving in.
I feel a part "of"
I'm starting to remember.
I remember the lessons of Fire,
The Lesson of Earth, of Air.
I remember the lesson of Water.
The lessons of Magick.
To Be One With.
"Now". Immediately I dive in.
I feel a part of.
It is in this moment I hear
Her message,
Her lesson.

We need to learn to Be One with the Water
We were born of the Water,
We come from our Mothers womb.
Our lands, born of The Great Mother's Womb.
We are part of the Water,
As it is part of us.
We will never "master" the elements.
For that is Humankind's biggest mistake.

So, I pass these words along.
I will Focus my intent upon
Our Waters this solstice.
May we someday learn to "Be One"
with the gifts of the Great Mother,
Before it is too late.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Aragonite & Lessons in Being

Today I decided to spend some time in my garden.
Today I needed to make time just for me.
Time for meditation & making plans

for the Summer Solstice.
My journal, a deck of tarot cards &

some crystals in my hand, I headed

I was also accompanied by a new friend,
a funny little crystal I came across at work. Aragonite.
This Crystal just felt "right" the moment I picked it up.

I settle in on a lounge chair.
The aragonite firmly in my hand,
I begin rolling it around in my palm,

an unconscious movement.
I relax.
I begin to feel connected again.
Letting go of all the unimportant things.
"Stuff" that eats up the moments of our day.
The unimportant items

we place far too much emphasis on.

I listen. I
The Great Mothers offers some important truths.
If we see not only with our eyes,
If we listen not only with our ears,
We have much to learn.
Honor each Plant, Rock & Tree
For they are our greatest teachers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Short Notice But...

Summer Solstice Giveaway...
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June 21st

Rules Have Changed...
This Blog was created to honor The Goddess.
To be in service to The Great Mother, to spread Her
word to those who seek it, To give something Back.

I'm asking those who are interested in this giveaway
to visit the blog "Doll with a Soul" by Nesca.
She has created a beautiful piece to honor The Goddess
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Leave a comment for Nesca. Show some support !
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Yes, it's a bit of work... But it's just a moment of your time.
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Spread some abundance.
May it return threefold.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blessing the Water - set an intention of love and healing

Dr. Emoto - author scientist, and humanitarian - has shared a brief, yet power prayer and we are passing it along here as a focal point, a space of conscious creation allowing us to move past fear, judgment and retribution into Unity, Harmony and Wholeness. This prayer is structured using Ho'oponopono and is directed initially at WATER - the element connecting ALL Life on the planet. Water ... the carrier of Spirit and the flow-er of Love!!!

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer for the Gulf:
"I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures . . .I am sorry.Please forgive me.Thank you. I love you. "

We are passing this request to people who we believe might be willing to participate in this prayer, to set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming that we can perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico.We are not powerless. We are powerful. Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily...multiple times daily....can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening.We don't have to know how......we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any power active in the Universe today. Please join us in often repeating this healing prayer of of Dr. Emoto's. And feel free to copy and paste this to send it around the planet. Let's take charge, and do our own clean up!

Source: Susan Weed
The Feminine Side of The Sun

The Sun
Creative, Abundant, Fertile
The Sun
Healing, Restorative
Fiery, Passionate, protective
Seen as the domain of the masculine,
But the Sun was once seen as feminine.

Isis/ Aset
originally worshipped as a Sun Goddess.
Isis/Aset Protected her beloved Osiris
Created great magick, fashioning a phallus of gold
with which She Conceived a son
Isis/ Au Set
Mother of the Sun/Son

Protector, Warrior Goddess
Her fires of Inspiration
Joy, Fertility, Sexuality
Sun Sister, Sunwoman,
All encompass the attributes today seen as masculine.

This Solstice, when honoring the Sun
Remember The Sun was once viewed as the Realm of The Goddess.

May you know the power of The Sacred Feminine

Friday, June 11, 2010

Candle for Our Ocean Waters

This New Moon I plan to light a candle for Yemeya.
Yeyeomo Eja
The Mother whose Children are the fish
Star of the Sea

I shall light a candle and ask Her to protect
Her children that dwell in Her waters.
I shall light a candle ask that She forgive US.
For too long we have disrespected Her Waters.
It is easy for us to blame others.
But as a people we have disrespected Mother Earth.
For it is our consumerism that drives those we lay blame to.
We over fish Her waters.
Our boats pollute the waters daily.
We chop down trees to build houses, shopping malls, highways.
We do these things in the name of "Progress"

Have we progressed?
Have we become enlightened?
The Wise Ones know it is the time of change.

Please join me & light a candle.
Ask Yemeya to heal her waters.
Ask the Great Mother to teach us to be one
with our Sacred Earth.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Sun, The Goddess & Magick

The Sun.
Often viewed as masculine energy,
The Sun is also the realm of The Great Mother.
The Sun brings Life.
The Sun brings forth abundance.

Work with the Sun and honor The Goddess
Amaterasu, Sekhmet, Hathor, Bast
Brigid, Aine, Hestia, Juno,


Learn the magick of the Sun.
The Sun brings forth Healing.
The Sun brings forth Love.
May the Sun fill your life with light

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recently, many of my clients & students have asked
about cleansing crystals.
They've read something online or in a book

and taken it as fact.
For today's Pagans there is so much information

readily available. The Internet has become a
major source of information.
There are blogs, web sites, forums.
A plethora of info.
Some of it excellent, some good and some incorrect.
If we take all that is presented as gospel,

we may not learn some important truths for ourselves.
Cleansing Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals & Gemstones are found in the Earth.
Mother Gaia. Terra Firma.
There are some which are found in the Oceans;
Such as Pearls, but Stones are predominantly found
within the Earth.

It is a Fact that Water can be harmful to the physical
properties of certain stones & crystals.
Some Crystals should not be cleansed in water.
Among those - Malachite, Azurite, Selenite,

Turquoise, Opal & Calcite

Another fact is Salt Water can be corrosive to many
Crystals & Stones.
Salt can change the physical properties of a crystal,
leaving you with a damaged stone.
Do not clean your Crystals with water

unless you have done your research.
A general rule of thumb - Stones with a hardness of less than 7.0
should NOT be cleansed with water.
For stones that can be cleansed in water,

Flower water is a better choice than salt.

Cleansing with Salt is fine, if done correctly.
Fill a dish with Sea Salt - Kosher, Himalayan works fine.
Place your crystal in the salt and DO NOT add water!
Leave it sit in the salt.
Cleanse your crystal by the Moons light.
Use care if placing Crystals in the Sun,

as it will cause fading with certain stones.
Smudging, is another good choice.

Of course there's Mother Earth herself.
I keep a bowl of Earth from a Sacred Place on my altar.
I place my Crystals in Her Earth when they need to be recharged.

Listen to the Stone People and they will teach you.
Pay attention to Mother Gaia, her mysteries are all around.
She will show you, if your eyes will see.
She will teach you, if your ears will hear.
Trust. Seek. Learn for yourself.