Friday, June 25, 2010

A Full Moon, Partial Eclipse, & A Coming of Change

Tomorrow's Full moon arrives in Capricorn.
It arrives with a partial lunar eclipse.
It also arrives with a Cardinal Cross...

The Sky foretells of change.
Sometimes welcome, a breath of fresh air
Sometimes the thing we fear most.
The Tower Card
A force of Nature, a circumstance

we can not control.
Change has a purpose.
It comes because it Is what is needed.

It comes with the guidance of Capricorn
Fixed Cappy.
Practical & stabile,
Capricorn dislikes change.
But it is the same practicality & stability
that offers it's greatest support in times of change.

May you learn to embrace the magick of change


  1. Have a Happy Full Moon. I've been feeling this Full Moon and Eclipse..big time. A restless feeling coming over me..I guess it's part of the changes that is coming in.

  2. I'm feeling as though I want to crawl out of my skin. Full Moon in Capricorn always makes me feel that way. Full Moon in June as well. Double Wammy. Still gonna do some magic this afternoon though, such a waste not to.

  3. Hoping the changes are refreshing, welcome ones.
    Inannastar,I hope your results are Magickal!

  4. Change is always unsettling but lets hope that it has a positive outcome for us all and the world around us.
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x