Friday, June 18, 2010

Aragonite & Lessons in Being

Today I decided to spend some time in my garden.
Today I needed to make time just for me.
Time for meditation & making plans

for the Summer Solstice.
My journal, a deck of tarot cards &

some crystals in my hand, I headed

I was also accompanied by a new friend,
a funny little crystal I came across at work. Aragonite.
This Crystal just felt "right" the moment I picked it up.

I settle in on a lounge chair.
The aragonite firmly in my hand,
I begin rolling it around in my palm,

an unconscious movement.
I relax.
I begin to feel connected again.
Letting go of all the unimportant things.
"Stuff" that eats up the moments of our day.
The unimportant items

we place far too much emphasis on.

I listen. I
The Great Mothers offers some important truths.
If we see not only with our eyes,
If we listen not only with our ears,
We have much to learn.
Honor each Plant, Rock & Tree
For they are our greatest teachers.


  1. So true, if we would only take the time to do!

  2. That was beautiful. I miss spending time in my garden. The apartment was so much smaller than this one, but I would love to be back there.
    Those were magical times for me.