Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recently, many of my clients & students have asked
about cleansing crystals.
They've read something online or in a book

and taken it as fact.
For today's Pagans there is so much information

readily available. The Internet has become a
major source of information.
There are blogs, web sites, forums.
A plethora of info.
Some of it excellent, some good and some incorrect.
If we take all that is presented as gospel,

we may not learn some important truths for ourselves.


  1. What I love about Paganism/Wicca is that it is non-dogmatic . . . so I can adopt whatever information is relevant to me. It's very liberating, especially when you were raised in a different faith. However, I can see where incorrect information about crystals . . . or some other scientific-like information would be frustrating.

  2. Hi City Wiccan!
    Spiritually is a personal thing - We need to respect this about one another!
    However, For some things we do need factual info!
    Many blessings on your path (: