Sunday, February 22, 2015

Message from Spirit 2/22/15

Message from Spirit -

"And if The Christ revealed Himself
What say was the message?

What of (is) loss?
The heart should know of pain
But the mind should know eternal
For loss is but a temporary state

Listen not to charlatans
Who speak of their journey
They know not, They speak not of truth

What is this religion?
Is it war? pestilence?
What say you
For in truth
Have you no answers?

For I am One
Above All
Yet none shall hear Thy voice
For thy puppets upon a string
Garbled voices in the (their) head
Sickness of the mind
Yet many listen

But the true Seer (Seers)
Shall lead the way

In the days coming
You must ask yourself
Wherein the truth lies
Who is righteous?
Who like the serpent speaks untruths?
In the end
Is it wiser To follow your heart
or follow your mind"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Message from Spirit February 2015

"The Third World War
Shall (will?) begin in the desert
Unlike any other
The foretelling
The coming of the Anti Christ
misunderstood for millenniums
The message now clear
Heralds the coming of times Prophesied"