Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This morning I sat down for breakfast.
Looking out the window,
I saw a Rainbow over the water.
It was rather unexpected but caught My eye.
Then I heard it...
"The World shall never be in balance as long as

the feminine is forgotten"

Many have forgotten The Great Mother.
In todays' world We do not honor the Sacredness

of the feminine.
She is the Earth itself.
Her ways are long forgotten.
May We remember
May We honor the path of the Ancients
Before We continue to spiral out of balance.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

She came to me in Dreams,
Bring unto Me offerings of Thistle
Five Sacred crystals placed upon My Altar
Sandalwood to annoint Thy feet.
For You are Thy daughter
She who dwells in the house of The Mother

I am
I honor You
For in a time
The World Shall change
And there will be no recourse.
She will be the Mother of many daughters

Time once forgotten
Her name will spread
Across many lands.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The New Moon arrives in Virgo, Thursday 4:39AM EST
A VOC follows at 8:34 AM lasting till 11:50PM.
The Moon then transitions to Libra.
Now When working with magick,
It is the energies occuring at the point of the working
which effect the workings.
Do You want the energies of Virgo or Libra??
The choice IS yours!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Venus in Taurus - Love on My Mind

Venus in Taurus-
Reminds Me of that old song,
I've got Love on My mind.

Now Taurus the Bull is one of the sexiest
signs of the zodiac.
Yes, Taurus is slow.
Yes Taurus is stubborn.
But Taurus is also very earthy, sensual.

Venus rules Taurus.
Be prepared for relationships to take center stage.
There may be blocks, after all Taurus IS
There may be a bit of overindulgence,
Taurus can never get
enough of the finer things.
But Taurus brings Stability & longevity to

Lets not forget Thursdays Full Moon in Libra,
Also ruled by Venus.
Libra brings balance to relationships,
As long as her scales aren't tipping in one direction.
You may find in the coming days,
Relationships move to the forfront.
You may find, You've got "Love" on Your mind.

Plan a little bit of Magick for the Full Moon,
Don't forget... Add a dash of love.
May You manifest Magick of The Heart