Monday, February 20, 2012

The Knight of Cups - Eli's Coming

A client asked Me today,
"What is going on? So many shifts, changes.
Things seem so unsettled lately."
I turned a card over..
The Knight of Cups.
Immediately I heard "Eli's coming".
It was an old song. It kept playing
over & over in My head.
I took a moment to think about the song.
Eli's a heartbreaker.
So why this? What does it mean?
Not everything that glitters IS gold.
Not every opportunity is the right one.
Not every offer comes from the heart.

There are changes coming.
Some will be given great opportunities,
Some will be given false hopes.
Some may achieve great heights,
For others,
Eli may deliver heartbreak.

We may not be able to prevent every change to come.
We may not be able to control these shifts.
We can however change how we respond.
Eli's coming?
But if You're ready for him,
He won't keep You down for long.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Darker side of The Moon

A little after midnight tonight,
The Moon enters Her Dark phase.
It is a time when we take a step back
& look inward.

The Dark Moon is a time to "clean" house.
For some, It is taking a look at what isn't working
and releasing it.
For others, it's time to look at plan B
Many magickal practicioners use this time for
Binding & Banishing work.
Now If You listen to Hollywood,
That's a bad thing.
However, most binding or banishing work
serves a more mundane purpose.
Releasing a bad habit,
Getting over the emotions of a bad romance,
Letting go of negative thought patterns.

Of course there are times when
A Witch may have to put an end to gossiping
Or ill will in a magickal way
But mostly we use this time to go within.

Honor the Wisdom the Dark Moon offers.
May you find enlightenment within Her Darkness

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuesday's Full Moon arrives in Leo.
Magnanimous, Generous Leo.
Playful, Loyal & Yes, a touch egocentric.
Leo's are the lovers of the zodiac.

With Valentine's Day approaching,
This Full Moon is a perfect time for
Love Magick.
Leo's are "In Love" with love -
Making this perfect for Romantic, Passionate Love

But there are many other aspects to Love Magick.
Love of self.
For some, that does not come easy.
We all need self esteem to carry us through.
A dash of Leo's ego couldn't hurt.

Love of family.
The Lioness is fiercely protective & devoted
Families are not always easy.
A touch of that Leo energy may help to
smooth things.

Love for Man/Woman kind.
Leo is noble hearted, generous.
The World could always use a bit of Leo Magick,
Leo teaches us that We should all have the luxury of love.
It is a luxury we should all expect.
It is a luxury we should give to others.
May You know the magick of love

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Kildare the Priestesses kept the Sacred Flame.
It is said, It still burns today.
May the Goddess,
In all Her aspects
Remain always, In Our hearts.
But Brigid is not a Christian saint, she thought, even if Patricius
thinks so. That is the Goddess as she is worshipped in Ireland.
And I know it, and even if they think otherwise, these women know the power
of the Immortal. Exile her, as they may, she will prevail.
The Goddess will never withdraw herself from mankind.
- Marion Zimmer Bradley,

The Mists of Avalon