Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meditations, Messages under The Full Moon

Last Tuesdays Full Moon was for me,
A time of meditation.
A time of preparing incense & tinctures

It was also a time to communicate with My Lady
I asked what lessons She would like me to focus on
I asked what wisdom is to be shared

In this time,
In this sacred space
The words come
The message suddenly clear
She has been speaking to me of Earth
Season of change upon us
We move from the element of Water
And connect with the element of Earth

For in the temples we danced
Bare feet upon sacred ground
And on our feet anointed with oils
anklets, charms
the rhythm of temple bells
And our dance was a joyful one
Each step Her rhythm rising within
Her blood the pulse of the land
We felt Her then
We knew
We were wise

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces is a sign of duality
Two fish swimming in different directions
Each following its own path.
Past and future
Beginning and end
Pisces like its element, Water
Can be warm or cold
Feelings influenced strongly by it's environment.

But fish also swim in schools
Fluid, flexible
This too, like its element Water.
If we can learn to swim upstream,
Following the lessons of cooperation

and compassion Pisces offers
We can manifest all manner of magick

May you use this Moon to practice the magick of Compassionate Cooperation

Monday, August 23, 2010

Simplicity of Grounding

This past weekend I was Blessed with
an abundance of clients.
Now, I love doing readings.
The energy in the moment is amazing &

readings are fun,
BUT readings are draining.
Anyone who reads knows it is always

good practice to cleanse afterwards.

At the end of each day,
I place my cards & crystals on a small table in my garden.
Although I smudge, use salt among my methods of cleansing,
there is nothing like fresh air.
Walking over to the table, I hear "Take your shoes off".
Okay, I stop, take a deep breath & remove my sandals.
"Walk on the grass, now".
About now you're thinking I'm slightly crazy?

But I know She is speaking and I listen.

I walk over to the grass. The feeling is magickal.
The grass, a plush carpet beneath my feet.
Damp, cool
I relax, I giggle feeling like a child again.
Suddenly I realize how rooted my body feels to this Earth.
I feel Mother Earth rising within.
Grounded, Peaceful
My strength renewed by Mother Earth.
There are many ways to ground,

To connect one's self
May you find your strength in Mother earth

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This afternoon I spent some time before my altar.
Time giving honor to The Goddess
Time saying Thank You
It was a time of meditating

I wanted this time to find a focus.
I have new students
A blog dedicated to My Lady
I asked
"What is the message you want me to share?"
Do I focus on the elements,
or the coming change of season?
As I ask, I begin to hear
And so I grab paper & pen

This is the message
Take what you will from it
Believe what you chose
All I ask is that you do not judge

For in the temples we once were upon our knees
for hours
But we were not there to bow in humility
We were there to learn
In secret times
In quiet time
To learn Her ways
To share Her message
And those who thought they were pious,
were not
And they were cast out
And those that stayed were sisters
And lived the ways
To teach their daughters
And their daughter's daughters
For the time shall come
And She will rise again
The Goddess Whispers
In the ears of those whose
Hearts are open
The Goddess calls

A voice in the night to those whose
Minds are open
The Goddess beckons

Her name upon the lips
Of those who seek to know Her
The Goddess kisses Her children
Her daughters wear Her mark
For their soul has been

by The Great Mother

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Moon & The Magick of Leo

Synonymous with Leo.
Warm, Sunny, Benevolent Leo.
Leo has many lessons to share with us.

Leo shines with confidence.
Leo takes care of business,
Yet knows the importance of fun.
Broad Minded, Loyal
Leo understands the meaning of friendship

Leo also warns us to be wary,
For too much confidence can turn to egotism
Placing too much importance on business can
turn to materialism and occasionally

Leo's benevolent nature can become
bossy & intolerant.

Use the Magick of Leo wisely,
This New Moon.
Leo Magick can bring prosperity & abundance.
Leo Magick brings fun & romance

but use care,
For Leo is in love with love -

flirty, fun but not much staying power
Leo Magick IS the magick of generosity
There is no better time to use the gift of magick
to help another.

May the Magick of benevolence light your path

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The world of blogging has introduced some
wonderful women into my life.
This fabulous sculpture is a gift I received
from a one of those women.
Nesca, I am proud to know you & more honored to be your friend.
Thank you for gifting me with your wonderful take on Isis, Great Mother.
Stop by to see more of her fabulous work at