Monday, August 9, 2010

New Moon & The Magick of Leo

Synonymous with Leo.
Warm, Sunny, Benevolent Leo.
Leo has many lessons to share with us.

Leo shines with confidence.
Leo takes care of business,
Yet knows the importance of fun.
Broad Minded, Loyal
Leo understands the meaning of friendship

Leo also warns us to be wary,
For too much confidence can turn to egotism
Placing too much importance on business can
turn to materialism and occasionally

Leo's benevolent nature can become
bossy & intolerant.

Use the Magick of Leo wisely,
This New Moon.
Leo Magick can bring prosperity & abundance.
Leo Magick brings fun & romance

but use care,
For Leo is in love with love -

flirty, fun but not much staying power
Leo Magick IS the magick of generosity
There is no better time to use the gift of magick
to help another.

May the Magick of benevolence light your path


  1. Yes, sounds like every Leo I've ever known!

  2. Lovely post! Haven't had a great time with Leos in my life....but your advice is valued..
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x