Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces is a sign of duality
Two fish swimming in different directions
Each following its own path.
Past and future
Beginning and end
Pisces like its element, Water
Can be warm or cold
Feelings influenced strongly by it's environment.

But fish also swim in schools
Fluid, flexible
This too, like its element Water.
If we can learn to swim upstream,
Following the lessons of cooperation

and compassion Pisces offers
We can manifest all manner of magick

May you use this Moon to practice the magick of Compassionate Cooperation


  1. Compassionate Cooperation...

    l♥ve this thought...will apply to my wee little ones...who seems to have gone by the wayside...tonight its them! bright full moon wishes and blessings~

  2. You always have wonderful insight, intuitive goddess. This Pisces moon find me swimming with a lot of feelings. Sometimes, you just have to dive into. it.

  3. Thank You Both!
    Faerwillow, blessings to your wee ones
    Shell, Hope those feelings are good ones! Dive In!