Monday, August 23, 2010

Simplicity of Grounding

This past weekend I was Blessed with
an abundance of clients.
Now, I love doing readings.
The energy in the moment is amazing &

readings are fun,
BUT readings are draining.
Anyone who reads knows it is always

good practice to cleanse afterwards.

At the end of each day,
I place my cards & crystals on a small table in my garden.
Although I smudge, use salt among my methods of cleansing,
there is nothing like fresh air.
Walking over to the table, I hear "Take your shoes off".
Okay, I stop, take a deep breath & remove my sandals.
"Walk on the grass, now".
About now you're thinking I'm slightly crazy?

But I know She is speaking and I listen.

I walk over to the grass. The feeling is magickal.
The grass, a plush carpet beneath my feet.
Damp, cool
I relax, I giggle feeling like a child again.
Suddenly I realize how rooted my body feels to this Earth.
I feel Mother Earth rising within.
Grounded, Peaceful
My strength renewed by Mother Earth.
There are many ways to ground,

To connect one's self
May you find your strength in Mother earth


  1. Great post. I find so much strength in Mother Earth...spending time alone in the darkness...connecting with myself. I am so glad this heat is gone that now maybe I might be able to enjoy my night's in my yard...and maybe even a trip to the ocean.

  2. lovely... don't you just love that feeling... there is truly nothing better... blessings

  3. Thank You Both!
    Yes, It is an incredible feeling.
    Let's hope someday more will come to understand that feeling.


  4. Living near the ocean I "cleanse" by wading for a while in the salt water followed by a meditative "sit" in the sand with my feet buried just listening to the rhythmic "heartbeat" of the waves.

  5. You know, you bring up a good point. I can't remember the last time my bare feet have touched the grass. I'm missing out on something so simple but so meaningful. Thanks for making me realize it :)

  6. oh, you are not crazy at all !!! walking without shoes is the best !!! if i had garden i would do that all the time !!! touching grass is wonderful... and its good for chakras too !!! i did took of shoes once in park, in automne... i just felt i should do that. The best walking without shoes is on the polish cold sea beach...breath the salty healing air and pick up amber left on sand by water.... i miss it sooooo much !!!!! i miss it painfully.
    And about the readings.. i just started to learn tarot.. i gone through Major arcana but Minor cards are still great blur for me...oh, it will take time...
    lots of love