Saturday, September 26, 2015

Message from Spirit September 2015

Message from Spirit Sept 2015 - 
For whence did the flesh become sinful?
It is man who hath sullied that which I created.
Honor Me by offering the fruits of thy labor
Honor Me by celebrating joyous feasts
Honor Me by serving.
Kneel before me in prayer
Yet do not lay claim to words & deed not Mine
For I know (in?) which house the holiest exist.

And those who speak of their good book
know nothing.
Empty words upon empty pages
Filled by the hand of man.
How thou angers me
For I know every deed, every sin, every atrocity.
My hell is unimaginable.
If you should seek redemption,Thy time is now.

For I shall smite the false prophets & Jehovahs
My wrath shall be unseen,
For My prophets are many. Their names shall be

There IS no truth greater than mine.
Yet why give rise to false prophets whose words
Hiss like the tongue of a (the?) serpent?
And speak to me of prayer.
For your prayer are your deeds unspoken
Your prayers are your kindness to those unfortunate
(less fortunate?)

Evil spreads across many lands like vermin.
Yet no (none?) shall judge
The sword of justice not yet risen in the land
of the children of Israel as Asia Minor burns in flames.

I gave rise to life
In the lands of Africa, Asia Minor.
My Beloved Egypt
The final carnage shall come
In these lands
For what is to come has not yet been.

All hail the prophetess of Israel
The bloodline of Kings & Priests (Priestess?)
Utterance of words
In a tongue so foreign
None shall understand
Announce the coming of days
For I AM the Might & the Retriever,
Sinner & Salvation for in the coming of days
Dost thou ask thyself , Where is thy redemption?

Moses, Mohamed, Jesus
These amoung (Thy?) Prophets. The Bedouin.
The One who utters My Word.
My Blood runs through these veins.

I suffer not the hearts of barbarians, thieves,
Ravaging My land. My Home.
For this is Thy cradle
Whence the blackest rain shall fall & night shall last
for days.
This I ask
Give the people what they want to hear
Speak not the truth
Seek not a saviour
For there is none.
Truth, the weigher of the hearts of man.
For I AM the one you will bow to.
So this is said.

Magickal Advice for the Super Full Harvest Moon / Lunar Eclipse

For Magickal Practitioners,
Full Moons are all about manifesting.
It's a time when we zoom our focus on our goals.

The same can be said for an Eclipse.
An eclipse equals all the Moon's phases
in one short moment of time.
Powerful stuff when you're looking to manifest.

However, when it comes to this Full Super Harvest Moon /
Lunar eclipse - My best advice:
Do Nothing 
That's right. Do nothing.
Instead of being "Active"  become "Inactive".

To start with, there is so much fully charged energy
in the universe right at this time; it's confusing!
Mercury is Retrograde, which means without absolute 

clear communication things can go awry.
The Sun is in Libra, which is the polar opposite of the
Full Moon in Aries.  While opposites do attract, it also
creates some combustible energies. Aries wants it done
Yesterday & tends to plunge head first ( This I know,
I have an Aries Sun).  Libras are all about being fair
& just when their scales are balanced but they
have a difficult time making decisions.
Now throw the Eclipse into the mix.
Normally it's a wonderful time work Magick.
You can remove obstacles & bring all in the same
time period.  BUT... Sometimes an Eclipse keeps things
hidden from view.  Throw the Mercury Retro into the mix -
You could wind up manifesting a mess.
We're back to "Do Nothing".

This is the absolutely perfect time to be "Receptive".
Listen to the guidance of the Universe.
Take it all in, be patient and wait.
What you learn during this time could prove to be
very important in future manifesting work. 
There's Magick within.
Take the time to experience it. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Message from Spirit (Full Moon / Blue Moon) July 2015

"Humans have long lost the understanding of love.
Love is conveyed with touch.
Love is an energy passed through the power of touch.
Love IS felt.
Love is the touch between newborn & mother
It is the warmth between animal companion and human
Love is the touch of a great healer.
Was not the power of Jesus conveyed with touch?
Humankind does not know how to feel.
Love is not a word
It is a living breathing energy.
Without this knowing, humankind will not survive.
This, man has forgotten. How to touch,
How to love, How to heal."

Message from Spirit 7/28/15

"When the revolution shall come,
Small voices, no longer heard will matter.
When those rise in a harmony long forgotten,
It is then the people will know greatness"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Solstice Reading

A few days ago I asked Spirit if there was any message for
the Summer Solstice.
" Don't expect the summer to be peaches & cream"
"Remember the importance of Elders"
The 11 had me baffled.
Later I decided to pull a few cards. What do I get?
11 again. Is there a message in the number itself? Is the message
in the Tarot card - Justice?  I don't know the answer.
Time will tell. It always does with Spirit. In the meantime
here's the Reading :

Summer Solstice Reading - Gaian Tarot Deck (Joanna Powell Colbert)
I was drawn to this deck because of it's connection to
the Earth.  I think I made the right choice!
I do want to clarify, this is NOT a tarot reading.
Yes, I can read Tarot but I'm a psychic & the cards
are just a tool to get the message across to me or the
client. So while the 9 of water/ cups may be a card of
happiness, wishes even spirituality
that's not what we're doing here
(sometimes you need to clarify!)
Let's get to the nitty gritty...

 In that cave or cove lies hidden
a treasure. Pure water . Unblemished by man.
Perhaps it rises from a well spring deep within the earth.
What ever the source it is pure. A gift from the Great Mother.
It lies hidden away from our sewerage, oil drilling, ships...
Water Nourishes the Earth. We depend upon Our connection
to the Water & to the Earth itself for health & well being.
The Elders of different cultures know this.
They warn us, but We do not listen.
Traditions & teachings like Ayurveda, Chinese medicine,
the Shamans & Medicine People of different
cultures know this truth. Balance is a necessity.
Whether it's the health & well being of an individual
or this planet, without balance
there will come chaos & disease. 
Healing begins at the root - like the chakra. 
We must begin by healing the Earth.
She is the womb we come from.
She is the source we feed from.
If we don't take action soon, our resources will dry up.
In the end, it is nature that has the power
to decide the fate of mankind.

 May You enjoy the gifts of abundance this Solstice

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Message from Spirit May 2015

Whence the Mighty Lion Roars
A Great Sacrifice Comes Forth
Upon the Altar (of) A Great Pyramid
A Blood Thirsty Warrior leads His People
To Their Death.
Bethlehem is No More.

For All Is Written Upon The Stars
The Wisest Of Men (know)
Have Known This
For How Can Destiny
Be Placed Upon Hands
Of Those To Foolish To See

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Message from Spirit March 2015

Message from Spirit - March 2015

The masked man
Who rides in judgement
Heavy be thy soul
Upon wings of great birds
The Riders come & His days
Shall be numbered
for who is he to weigh men's souls?

When the flood waters come
and wipe out over populated lands
home of many Sacred Nations
Will thy ask thyself
Am I not thy brothers keeper?
For wanton excess clouds Thy peoples
with memories once forbidden

I have shown glimpses
Of what Is to come
Yet armies of man march
Praying to a false god

Bear Me no witness
For truth shall show
in the light of days

I Am the voice
Of the One you call God
Yet no one listens
Perhaps when the mighty fall
Thy words finally echo
Thy peoples say enough

For these bible stories I have wept
For it is not Eve that fell to temptation
But Adam
Can thy people not be saved with prayer
If you do not believe Thy truth ?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Message from Spirit 2/22/15

Message from Spirit -

"And if The Christ revealed Himself
What say was the message?

What of (is) loss?
The heart should know of pain
But the mind should know eternal
For loss is but a temporary state

Listen not to charlatans
Who speak of their journey
They know not, They speak not of truth

What is this religion?
Is it war? pestilence?
What say you
For in truth
Have you no answers?

For I am One
Above All
Yet none shall hear Thy voice
For thy puppets upon a string
Garbled voices in the (their) head
Sickness of the mind
Yet many listen

But the true Seer (Seers)
Shall lead the way

In the days coming
You must ask yourself
Wherein the truth lies
Who is righteous?
Who like the serpent speaks untruths?
In the end
Is it wiser To follow your heart
or follow your mind"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Message from Spirit February 2015

"The Third World War
Shall (will?) begin in the desert
Unlike any other
The foretelling
The coming of the Anti Christ
misunderstood for millenniums
The message now clear
Heralds the coming of times Prophesied"

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pray for Peace

Those who fight in the name of God
Use No weapons. Their weapons are words,
prayers & good deeds.
Those who fight in the name of religion
Do so with weapons.

God/Goddess knows no religion.
#‎Pray‬ for

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2015 Predictions or more appropriately "Messages" from the Divine
I hate the word "Predictions" because I don't
"Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.
Maybe "Fore show" is better. It seems to imply
a bit more "Divine" Guidance.
Sometimes the messages are simple & to the point.
More often, They are presented almost as a riddle.
I am going to share them as I heard them : 

"Education systems fail"

"Middle Eastern conflict spreads overseas"

"Anarchy spreads through many nations"

"Water shall be the cause of many loses,
flood & famine"

" A Great destruction shall come in the lands of
Asia Minor"

"A pontiff rises in the land of the Man
Who would be King"

"A Trojan horse shall be sent (arrive?)
To a (the?) league of nations"

"Big brother IS watching"

"A Governor succeeds"

"The Bear rages (on?)"

"Tragedy at Kings Road" (row?)

"The deceit of 1 shall destroy many
as a nation bows to it's knees"

"A Father of Rock shall pass through the veil"

"The downing of a jet will prove (to be) sabotage"

"The fifth house from the Sun shall fall"

"Disaster of epic proportions waters rise in
northern seas"

"New treatments for disease of the mind"

"The Senators wife loses a bid"

"A Sonic Boom shall be heard around the world"

"The Middle East will continue to rage with blood
as disease spreads across a northern Europe"

"Before the deluge comes a time of great mercy
the Earth shall quake with a great fire"

"A Lancelot shall come but the people
will be too distraught to hear his message"

"Bacteria in fish affects food source (hearing cod?)

"Biogentics"  That was exactly what I heard - it will be of
some importance this year

"Once born a child
A devil rises, gathers many to his womb
And none shall know the difference"

Hot Spots -
Nepal - Human rights issues
Hong Kong - Unrest, Economic & political issues
Costa Rica - possibly weather related?
Celebes Sea???
Anatolia - Some connection to Middle East or terrorism
issues. It will be significant

"Economy will remain at steady pace before leveling
However, "The dollar shall fall"

I heard 1 specific messages repeated from 2014 :

"Major Oceanic Discovery"