Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Message from Spirit March 2015

Message from Spirit - March 2015

The masked man
Who rides in judgement
Heavy be thy soul
Upon wings of great birds
The Riders come & His days
Shall be numbered
for who is he to weigh men's souls?

When the flood waters come
and wipe out over populated lands
home of many Sacred Nations
Will thy ask thyself
Am I not thy brothers keeper?
For wanton excess clouds Thy peoples
with memories once forbidden

I have shown glimpses
Of what Is to come
Yet armies of man march
Praying to a false god

Bear Me no witness
For truth shall show
in the light of days

I Am the voice
Of the One you call God
Yet no one listens
Perhaps when the mighty fall
Thy words finally echo
Thy peoples say enough

For these bible stories I have wept
For it is not Eve that fell to temptation
But Adam
Can thy people not be saved with prayer
If you do not believe Thy truth ?


  1. Thank You! It's about time we all spent more time focusing on this! Intuition is so important and for me personally I was slow to discover it!