Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dark Side of The Moon

The Dark or "Balsamic" Moon sometimes gets
a bum rap.
Is it the connection to Bindings,

Banishing's & protective workings?
Is it the aspect of The Goddess as a
Dark Mother that some fear?
All serve their purpose But the Dark Moon IS more.

The Balsamic Moon begins as the smallest sliver
visible to the human eye.
Soon, the moon will be out of sight.
The Dark phase is a cue from Mother Nature.
Go Within. Rest.

Have you ever heard of planting by the moon?
The Dark phase is a time to plant.
Root Vegetables, Tubers..
We plant those things that depend

upon their nourishment
From within Mother Earth.

So it goes with Our dreams, plans, hopes.
During the Dark phase,
We go within.
We listen for the inner guidance,
We plant Our dreams, Our visions
We appear inactive, motionless
But We are planting those dreams

that need nurturing.
Those that we must keep safe,
Cradled within
Until it is their time to sprout.
Use the time of the Dark Moon Wisely.
Go within to seek your answers.
May you learn from the cycles of Nature

Tarot on Tuesday

This week, Tarot on Tuesday coincides
with the Balsamic Moon.
A Perfect time for Divination.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sisterhood, Mystery Traditions & Secrecy

I belong to a Sisterhood.
I belong to a Tradition.
The teachings are secret.

There are many Mystery Traditions.
Some originated in Ancient Egypt.
Some, are of African origin, others
from Rome, Greece.

So What is a mystery tradition?
Can it have a singular definition?
The "Traditions" which today are commonly
referred to as Mystery Traditions; are part
school, part Sisterhood (Brotherhood,) or "society".
One must be initiated.
Years of study are involved.
Traditions, Lessons are passed down.
These lessons are passed down orally,
in the name of secrecy.
There is another reason. It is easy to peruse a book,
But to commit to memory is to know.
To truly learn.

Why am I speaking of Mystery traditions?
I've received questions and occasionally
a bit of flack regarding the unwillingness to
share certain things.
Many practicioners today do not
understand the concept of the traditions.

I belong to a Mystery tradition.
So does My Partner.
We belong to different traditions,
houses, cultural backgrounds.
Some things We share.
There are those we shall never.
We revere and respect Our traditions.
The traditions are sacred.
The Inner teachings are sacred. Solemn.
Not to be taken lightly.
And so they remain a mystery.
But the truth IS often hidden in plain sight.
It is hidden in the passages of Myths
Of stories passed down.
It is there for those who seek.

Should we share our traditions?
Our secrets? Our teachings?
For those of us who have taken a vow,
The answer is NO.
We must revere the ancients,

The ones who came before us.
But if One is wise,
They will find they answers they seek.
May you find your true path

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's love got to do with it, Or the power of Word

Lately it "seems" there's a bit of a language barrier
within the Spiritual community.
There is a difference between the language

of "Healers" and the language of "Witches".
Bet you're surprised.
I was too. But it exists.

The definition of a Healer puzzles me, I must admit.
You see, I've studied various Healing Arts; which include
Natural Medicine, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine & even Reiki.
It's part of My spiritual Path.
I'm a Psychic/Intuitive Reader -

A reader is part counselor, part confidant
If We do our work correctly,

We lead our clients to find their answers,
To heal themselves..
That does not categorize me as a Healer, although I must admit
I prefer not to be categorizied.

I deal with a number of healers through My work.
A few are friends. Some acquaintances and some well,
We tolerate one another.
Tolerate is a very important word in My vernacular.
So here's where another language barrier exists...
In the Healing realm, everyone loves one another.
You'll find this on blogs, Twitter, Facebook.
You'll see it on cable access shows...
Everyone loves everyone else.

Why then is this an issue?
One Healer in particular, Whom I tolerate &
I'm rather sure She me;
Sent me a message.
In her message She remarks "I love you"
Now She no more has love for me, than I Her.
We are tolerant .
Tolerant of our differences,
Tolerant of whom each of us are
Tolerance IS the stuff of peace.

We will never truly "Love"
Everyone that crosses Our path.
If we are enlightened enough,
We will be tolerant of one another.
Then we will know peace.

Therein lies the difference.
The language Barrier.
As a Witch and a Priestess
Word is power
Word has power
To run around spewing Love, love, love
Without True meaning takes it's power away
Speak to Me NOT of pretty words with empty meanings.
Speak to me of truth
Give power to Word

For those Healers
Perhaps it is their belief that
Saying will make it so...
Perhaps I need to be tolerant of their beliefs
As they Mine

May We learn the Truths of Tolerance,
For then We shall know Peace

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight's Full Moon arrives in Virgo.
Quiet, Unassuming Virgo.
It arrives during a void, being overshadowed.
The Virgo energy will barely be felt -
But then that's typical of Virgo.

Virgo often reminds me of that Fairy tale,
The one with the Elves & the shoemaker.
The "Elves" sneak in at night & finish the shoes..
They never make themselves known,
They never seek recognition.
They just go about the business of helping.
The Shoemakers business grows...
The Elves go on their way...

Sort of like Virgo.
Virgo goes about the business of helping.
They never make a fuss about it
They never seek recognition for it,
In fact most Virgos shy away from it..

Discriminating, Devoted
Sensible Virgo
Yes, Virgo can be overly fussy & critical.
Sure Virgo's can be worry wort's.
But We can never deny Virgo's work ethic & service.
This Full Moon,
Practice the Art of Virgo Magick,
Service & Devotion to others
May Lady Moon always light your path

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine to Egypt

I am an American & proud to be so,
But Today I am proud of Egypt.
Mother Egypt.
My Mother's family descends

From the House of Solomon.

My people left their beloved Egypt &

traveled to far away lands.
But Egypt remains in Our bloodline.
It will always be in My DNA

Home of
beloved Nile
I may never travel there
I may only view pictures shared with me.
I may never set foot on Her sands or view The mighty Nile,
Sands brought back from My Grandfather
Sit in a Sacred Space

Today & Always I love My homeland
But Mother Egypt shall always run through my veins.
She IS rising
Your Daughter

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bast love Spell

Bast Love spell

Egyptian Cat Goddess
Fierce Warrior, Protector
Bast is also a Goddess of Joy & Sensual Pleasures.

Musk Oil
Musk Incense
Tigers Eye Crystal
White or Red Candle

Dress the candle with the Oil.
Focus your intent on bringing love into
your life. Rub the crystal with the Musk Oil,
putting your intent into the crystal.
Sprinkle the Catnip around the candle,

an offering to Bast.
Light the Incense, ring the Bell,

State your desire.
Light the candle.

After the candle has burned down,
You can carry the Tigers Eye on you

or place it in your bedroom.
Ring the Bell from time to time,
To call in the playful energies of Bast & don't forget
to Thank Bast!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

With Love in the Air,
It's time to Honor Some of My favorite Goddesses.

Mourns for Her beloved Osiris
Isis teaches
Love, on it's souls level never dies

Fiercely protective, Goddess of Pleasure
Bast teaches
Love is playful

Goddess Of Love & Beauty
Aphrodite teaches
Love thy Self, for love is confidence

Goddess of Love & Happiness
Oshun teaches that
Love, like Her Sweet Waters is essential to life

I honor & welcome each of these Goddesses
Into My home
In the Spirit of Love
I shall share a bit of their magick here,
Over the next few days.

May you welcome love into your home