Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's love got to do with it, Or the power of Word

Lately it "seems" there's a bit of a language barrier
within the Spiritual community.
There is a difference between the language

of "Healers" and the language of "Witches".
Bet you're surprised.
I was too. But it exists.

The definition of a Healer puzzles me, I must admit.
You see, I've studied various Healing Arts; which include
Natural Medicine, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine & even Reiki.
It's part of My spiritual Path.
I'm a Psychic/Intuitive Reader -

A reader is part counselor, part confidant
If We do our work correctly,

We lead our clients to find their answers,
To heal themselves..
That does not categorize me as a Healer, although I must admit
I prefer not to be categorizied.

I deal with a number of healers through My work.
A few are friends. Some acquaintances and some well,
We tolerate one another.
Tolerate is a very important word in My vernacular.
So here's where another language barrier exists...
In the Healing realm, everyone loves one another.
You'll find this on blogs, Twitter, Facebook.
You'll see it on cable access shows...
Everyone loves everyone else.

Why then is this an issue?
One Healer in particular, Whom I tolerate &
I'm rather sure She me;
Sent me a message.
In her message She remarks "I love you"
Now She no more has love for me, than I Her.
We are tolerant .
Tolerant of our differences,
Tolerant of whom each of us are
Tolerance IS the stuff of peace.

We will never truly "Love"
Everyone that crosses Our path.
If we are enlightened enough,
We will be tolerant of one another.
Then we will know peace.

Therein lies the difference.
The language Barrier.
As a Witch and a Priestess
Word is power
Word has power
To run around spewing Love, love, love
Without True meaning takes it's power away
Speak to Me NOT of pretty words with empty meanings.
Speak to me of truth
Give power to Word

For those Healers
Perhaps it is their belief that
Saying will make it so...
Perhaps I need to be tolerant of their beliefs
As they Mine

May We learn the Truths of Tolerance,
For then We shall know Peace


  1. I agree that "love" is a word too often used lightly.

  2. Thank You Debra, I'm always delighted to see you here...
    As usual, seems I've stirred the pot with this post,lol

  3. I received this message from Sandra Foss,
    I'd like to share Her wise words with You All..

    I read your blog and I found it very interesting. I tried to leave a message of that page, but honestly, I suck at this stuff. :-) I agree with you, it seems that people do have a tendency to over use the word love. I certainly don't remember it being used this often 20 years ago. I don't know if it has anything to do with our age or just the world in general. You and I both know that some of us are put on this earth for a specific purpose or mission. I think the power of the word "love" can either help or hinder us depending on that mission and that's why our view of the word must and needs to be different. I also think there are so many people who use the word so often, because they are desperately seeking it. I don't love everyone and I believe there are many layers to the word love, yet I believe that we should love as many people as we can while we are here.
    What you feel is what you need to feel to fulfill your purpose. :-)

  4. I agree with you! Love is the most most powerful of words and meanings! It should be truly felt when said!

  5. Once again - how true your words are.. People can use the word love to manipulate and control, when pure love is all about tolerance and acceptance!
    Warmest Wishes to you.