Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight's Full Moon arrives in Virgo.
Quiet, Unassuming Virgo.
It arrives during a void, being overshadowed.
The Virgo energy will barely be felt -
But then that's typical of Virgo.

Virgo often reminds me of that Fairy tale,
The one with the Elves & the shoemaker.
The "Elves" sneak in at night & finish the shoes..
They never make themselves known,
They never seek recognition.
They just go about the business of helping.
The Shoemakers business grows...
The Elves go on their way...

Sort of like Virgo.
Virgo goes about the business of helping.
They never make a fuss about it
They never seek recognition for it,
In fact most Virgos shy away from it..

Discriminating, Devoted
Sensible Virgo
Yes, Virgo can be overly fussy & critical.
Sure Virgo's can be worry wort's.
But We can never deny Virgo's work ethic & service.
This Full Moon,
Practice the Art of Virgo Magick,
Service & Devotion to others
May Lady Moon always light your path


  1. The Virgo's of the world thank you, LOL! Virgo is usually presented much more negatively!

  2. Debra... Are you a virgo.lo?
    As Always, thank you - You're a most
    welcome visitor.