Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dark Side of The Moon

The Dark or "Balsamic" Moon sometimes gets
a bum rap.
Is it the connection to Bindings,

Banishing's & protective workings?
Is it the aspect of The Goddess as a
Dark Mother that some fear?
All serve their purpose But the Dark Moon IS more.

The Balsamic Moon begins as the smallest sliver
visible to the human eye.
Soon, the moon will be out of sight.
The Dark phase is a cue from Mother Nature.
Go Within. Rest.

Have you ever heard of planting by the moon?
The Dark phase is a time to plant.
Root Vegetables, Tubers..
We plant those things that depend

upon their nourishment
From within Mother Earth.

So it goes with Our dreams, plans, hopes.
During the Dark phase,
We go within.
We listen for the inner guidance,
We plant Our dreams, Our visions
We appear inactive, motionless
But We are planting those dreams

that need nurturing.
Those that we must keep safe,
Cradled within
Until it is their time to sprout.
Use the time of the Dark Moon Wisely.
Go within to seek your answers.
May you learn from the cycles of Nature


  1. I love the term "Balsamic Moon" for the Dark Moon. Makes me think of dipping bread in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and savoring its flavour.

  2. wow.. i didnt know all this.. and yet i was doing a lot of it by instinct ! i have even planted some bulbs of flowers yesterday,lol ! how odd... :)

  3. I think that the culture that many of us are in (which is in this case Western Culture that arose out of Europe) is very afraid of the dark introspection...many resist introspection,silence, the dark. We don't want to sit in the dark and think, just be, we must always do, strive, accomplish, without the balance of the other half, of the dark side of the moon, and the earth and the soul. And without the introspection, we burn out, we over do, we exhaust ourselves. The dark side of the moon is vital in our lives.

  4. At work we are doing all our planting according to the cycles of the moon...and I have done a lot of 'clearing' lately at home...Never heard it called the Balsamic Moon- Lovely.
    Warm Wishes,

  5. Wow!!! What great insights from everyone!
    Thank You, I enjoy reading it all...
    So, Thank You - Debra, Nesca, Cameron & Callie!

  6. Oh, and Debra.. I love the idea of "Savoring" the energies of the Dark Moon.. Very Cool!