Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bast love Spell

Bast Love spell

Egyptian Cat Goddess
Fierce Warrior, Protector
Bast is also a Goddess of Joy & Sensual Pleasures.

Musk Oil
Musk Incense
Tigers Eye Crystal
White or Red Candle

Dress the candle with the Oil.
Focus your intent on bringing love into
your life. Rub the crystal with the Musk Oil,
putting your intent into the crystal.
Sprinkle the Catnip around the candle,

an offering to Bast.
Light the Incense, ring the Bell,

State your desire.
Light the candle.

After the candle has burned down,
You can carry the Tigers Eye on you

or place it in your bedroom.
Ring the Bell from time to time,
To call in the playful energies of Bast & don't forget
to Thank Bast!


  1. Her playful love energy is perfect for Valentine's Day -- have a happy one!


  2. Love spell
    bring a lots of happiness in a life.Nice Blog

  3. Thank you very much for this kind of love spell and indeed it is very simple to cast hope you do black magic love spells and love spells voodoo too