Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sisterhood, Mystery Traditions & Secrecy

I belong to a Sisterhood.
I belong to a Tradition.
The teachings are secret.

There are many Mystery Traditions.
Some originated in Ancient Egypt.
Some, are of African origin, others
from Rome, Greece.

So What is a mystery tradition?
Can it have a singular definition?
The "Traditions" which today are commonly
referred to as Mystery Traditions; are part
school, part Sisterhood (Brotherhood,) or "society".
One must be initiated.
Years of study are involved.
Traditions, Lessons are passed down.
These lessons are passed down orally,
in the name of secrecy.
There is another reason. It is easy to peruse a book,
But to commit to memory is to know.
To truly learn.

Why am I speaking of Mystery traditions?
I've received questions and occasionally
a bit of flack regarding the unwillingness to
share certain things.
Many practicioners today do not
understand the concept of the traditions.

I belong to a Mystery tradition.
So does My Partner.
We belong to different traditions,
houses, cultural backgrounds.
Some things We share.
There are those we shall never.
We revere and respect Our traditions.
The traditions are sacred.
The Inner teachings are sacred. Solemn.
Not to be taken lightly.
And so they remain a mystery.
But the truth IS often hidden in plain sight.
It is hidden in the passages of Myths
Of stories passed down.
It is there for those who seek.

Should we share our traditions?
Our secrets? Our teachings?
For those of us who have taken a vow,
The answer is NO.
We must revere the ancients,

The ones who came before us.
But if One is wise,
They will find they answers they seek.
May you find your true path

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  1. I think sometimes NOT sharing and keeping our own counsel is the wisest thing to do.....
    Warm Wishes,