Friday, January 29, 2010

Honoring love - Gratitude Giveaway

The Goddess in her many aspects

brings us lessons of love.

Isis is The Mother's Love,

All encompassing.
Isis is Devoted Wife, Soul Mate
Aphrodite; love of beauty,

and self esteem
Oshun brings romance, sensuality, laughter
In all Her aspects, to all Her children
She is Love

I will be giving away 1 Goddess Love Reading.
Maybe you are seeking answers to a relationship
issue, Maybe a better understanding & love of self.
May the Goddess light your way.

1 winner will be chosen on February 14th
If you wish to be included Please provide

your name & contact info in the comment section

May you have a Blessed Full Moon!

Aphrodite's mirror

Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, love, pleasure.
Often trivialized as a representation

of vanity, ego, sex.
Aphrodite is so much more.
Her mirror holds the answer to many

of her secrets, if only we seek.

Aphrodite's mirror is much more

than a representation of vanity.
Like the High Priestess in the tarot,
Aphrodite's mirror tells us

"Look for that which is hidden."

We are children of the Great Mother.
Aphrodite's mirror reminds us,

See the beauty within
Use her mirror to find your truth

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sometimes I hear whispers.
They are Her whispers --Her words.
This blog was created to honor the Goddess.
She who speaks.
To honor her ways, her words.

The other evening I sat before my altar.
Time spent in meditation
Offering gratitude and devotion.
These were the whispers of She who speaks.
Her words, meant to be heard.
My Sisters shall know, They shall understand.

Blood Spilled from my sacred bird
is but a drop
Secrets, hidden in my sacred fruit
lie in wait
For those who know
I shall rise
For I am All

Monday, January 25, 2010


Aphrodite, Venus, Astarte
Goddess of Love & Beauty
She who is grace & charm
Rising out of the foam

Triple Goddess, Morning Star, Muse
Radiant like the Sun
Sex & Love
Life itself

Aphrodite teaches us
Embrace the divine within
Honor me

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conjuring up love

With Valentines Day just
a few weeks away,
The waxing moon is the perfect time
to conjure some love magick.

Love comes in many forms;
Romantic, passionate, sexual
Love for family & friends
Love for our animal companions
Love for The Goddess/God
Love for Self,
Without which we can never

truly share love with others.

Try conjuring up a little love -

Something we can NEVER
too much of.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Art & Craft of Conjuring

Conjure - To influence or effect by magick
To imagine
, picture

As a daughter of The Goddess,
I have the ability to
As a daughter of The Goddess
I have the responsibility to use Wisdom in doing so.

Conjuring is an art.
A craft to be studied.
Spells can be found anywhere,
But the power of conjure comes from Within
It can not be found in any books.
Conjuring is an act of completion.
The Magick of Manifesting from thought to form.

May you conjure a dream or two,
with gratitude in the doing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Moon in Aquarius

Tomorrow the New Moon arrives
in Aquarius. The humanitarian of the
zodiac, Aquarius teaches the lessons of
compassion & cooperation.

Aquarius' arrival is a timely one.
Bringing the opportunity to look past

one's self & reach out to those in need.
With it comes another lesson.
Humility. We are not omnipotent.

As individuals we can not save the world,
but if we can make a difference to a small
piece of it - Then maybe we can be a part
of it's saving grace.

Use the magick of this New Moon wisely.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, Balsamic Moon & The Art of Divination

The New Year
A time for Introspection,
A time to look ahead.
As a Psychic/Reader the New Year always
proves to be one of my busiest times.

The Balsamic moon's arrival marked the end
of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.
Last night the Moon brought the message of Quiet.
Be still, Meditate, Listen
The time is perfect for divination.

Now, not everyone is psychic.
However, each one of us can learn to

connect with our Inner Guidance.
Learn to listen to that Inner voice which whispers to us.
Take this time to connect with your intuition.
It is a gift from the Goddess.
Those who are wise shall listen to it's whispers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yemeya - Goddess of the New Year

Goddess of Ocean Waters
Mother goddess
Goddess of hope
Goddess of divination

Yemeya is the mother protecting her children.
Her waters wash over us, cleansing.
Washing away sadness. Healing.
She brings prosperity.

Yemeya, Star of the Sea.
A powerful force, Yemeya demands respect.
Wear a gemstone from her beloved Ocean Waters.
Light a Blue or White candle to honor the Goddess.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gifts of Gratitude

I began this blog with a purpose,
To honor the Goddess.
I honor My Lady in many ways.
Candles burnt at her altar,
Time spent in meditations,
Donations to a local animal shelter
By honoring my "Word"

Shortly afterwards it came to

me to have a giveaway.
A gratitude giveaway.
After posting the "Giveaway" doubt set in.
Would My Lady be honored by this

or would it be viewed as little more
than self-promotion?
Thoughts turned to canceling.
Realizing I would be backing out on
My Word
I moved forward with my plans.

The Full Moon rose at 2:12 PM est on Dec 31st.
I placed the names in my scrying bowl &
left them upon my altar.
On New Years Eve,

After seeking My Lady's guidance
I pulled a name from the bowl.
I contacted her & did the reading,

still full of doubt.
Nesca was truly happy to receive the reading.
Maybe it came at just the right time,
for both of us.
I had doubted myself and in doing so

I doubted My Lady.
By the giving of this gift of gratitude,
I received tenfold.
Thank You Nesca, for being a part of this gift.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Gratitude Giveaway Winner

The winner of a Goddess Insight Reading is Nesca.
For All,
May the year ahead be filled with Blessings,
May you manifest your dreams,
May you always be blessed with Gratitude.

For those that didn't win,

I will have a Giveaway in
February to honor the Goddesses of Love