Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gifts of Gratitude

I began this blog with a purpose,
To honor the Goddess.
I honor My Lady in many ways.
Candles burnt at her altar,
Time spent in meditations,
Donations to a local animal shelter
By honoring my "Word"

Shortly afterwards it came to

me to have a giveaway.
A gratitude giveaway.
After posting the "Giveaway" doubt set in.
Would My Lady be honored by this

or would it be viewed as little more
than self-promotion?
Thoughts turned to canceling.
Realizing I would be backing out on
My Word
I moved forward with my plans.

The Full Moon rose at 2:12 PM est on Dec 31st.
I placed the names in my scrying bowl &
left them upon my altar.
On New Years Eve,

After seeking My Lady's guidance
I pulled a name from the bowl.
I contacted her & did the reading,

still full of doubt.
Nesca was truly happy to receive the reading.
Maybe it came at just the right time,
for both of us.
I had doubted myself and in doing so

I doubted My Lady.
By the giving of this gift of gratitude,
I received tenfold.
Thank You Nesca, for being a part of this gift.

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  1. I always say that there is a reason for everything, and everything happens for something.

    Thank You...