Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What about the August 2017 Solar Eclipse ?

On Monday the 21st we have a Total Solar Eclipse which will be viewed across the entire US, making this a rare occurrence. The last time we saw a Total Solar Eclipse in the USA was in 1918.

Astrologically speaking there's what I call Big Medicine
Wheel/Small Medicine Wheel. In other words How it affects the individual vs how it affects the world around us. How it affects us individually depends upon your astrological chart & that I leave to the Astrologers 

How it affects the big picture - Well, We haven't had an Eclipse like this in the US since 1918, the same year WWI ended.
This Eclipse occurs in Leo - same sign as the current US President. I def think we can expect the unexpected. The energy of an eclipse doesn't show itself at the exact moment that the Eclipse occurs.
Now I have been receiving messages from Spirit that
something is coming 
end of August, early September. The message -
"Enjoy the good energy now, change is coming late August/early September"
If I'm honest, I believe we can expect some sort of possible terrorist activity.
Generally speaking, we are in a process of change & for those who have done the work, get ready to reap rewards.

For Magickal Practitioners, or those looking to set intentions
here's how to work with this energy -
A Solar Eclipse is a special energy Magickally speaking.
With a Solar Eclipse, we work with Sun energy - Dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Sunset.

Dawn is the equivalent of the New Moon.
Noon is peak energy,
Afternoon waning & of course Sunset.
The Eclipse begins at here at 2:24 EST - Afternoon. Until 3:00
the energy is geared toward "bringing".
HOWEVER, there is a
The Moon VOC means, ALL BETS ARE OFF!

It's Best NOT to perform Magickal work or intention setting during a void. The void occurs at 2:30 - 4:25 PM . The void means we're not sure where those energies are going to land! 
The good news - it's a New Moon. Set intentions, work magick after the void.

*There's no eclipse without the Moon. These energies work in conjunction, so the void does matter

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Message From Spirit - The Season of Virgo

Message From Spirit August 2016 
                 The Season of Virgo

I asked Spirit if there was a message I could share for

the Sun's journey into the sign of Virgo. Here is what I heard: 

"The inescapable process of time" 

As I was processing this message (trying to figure it out)
I heard the following :
"Fruit ripens upon the branch,
Ready for harvest.
Rejoice, Celebrate that which you accomplished;
Knowing you must prepare for the Barren times.
As leaves fall from the trees
Nature doth not fight what is"

I've thought about this a bit.
Virgo, the Harvest Queen arrives as Summer
winds down.  We may welcome the beautiful
colors that come along with the change of seasons --
Fall is approaching. We may appreciate the cool,
crisp air but we also know that as Fall approaches,
Winter can not be far behind.
We can't stop the change of seasons. The cycles of Nature

are beyond our control. Nature does what it needs to do. 
Life flows from season to season, cycle to cycle.  Giving
birth to new while others die away.

Our lives are like that. Cycles.
When we work towards goals - work, family, relationships
even Our Spiritual path, we will see accomplishments. 
We should celebrate them!
Then we find ourselves stuck.
Nothing is moving forward.
Sometimes there ARE problems
that need to be addressed.
Sometimes we have to go inward &
look at what is going on in the present -
But sometimes, We aren't meant to do anything.
Sometimes, We are simply meant to BE where we are at that
given moment.
Sometimes We need to relax. Not be afraid something is
Sometimes, It's just another cycle in life.
Like the Season, it too will change.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When Mars goes Retrograde

By now most of us know about Mercury Retro grade - 
But do you know about Mars Retrograde?

Mars Retrograde occurs when the movement of the planet
is moving very very slow in relation to the movement of the
Earth, so it "appears" to be moving backward.
It's an illusion.

How it affects us however, is not an illusion.
Mars is about "ACTION".  Mars is the warrior.
Mars energy is aggressive.
Most people born under the Mars influence
are not generally NOT shy wallflowers!

So what happens when that normally active, forward
moving fireball is brought to a halt?
Frustration. Anger. Conflict.

Like anything else, We can choose to focus on the
negative OR We can look at the positive of a Mars Retrograde.
I like to think of this as an "Energetic Opportunity".
The Universe gives us so much guidance & wisdom
We can all benefit from this opportunity.
First the don'ts :  Avoid starting new projects
New Jobs, New relationships (Mars also rules sex )
Avoid arguements!! Don't make major purchases involving
mechanical equiptment like cars, Avoid pursuing lawsuits. 

Now the Do's : Review, Research, Reaccess & RELAX!
Take this time to look over any future plans you have -
Remember, this a an Energetic Opportunity!! 
Use this time wisely. You may just find something
you overlooked or you may benefit from a little break.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Setting Intentions Spell - New Moon

Setting an Intention Spell New Moon In Capricorn 

You'll Need :
Journal or Notebook
Crystal -choose one that supports your intention
White Candle
White Sage or Blessing Incense

With Sage or Incense,
Run your Journal through the smoke.
Do the same with the crystal.
Using a Pen you will reserve for this book,
Write your Goals or Intentions.
If you have an oil that would support the
energy of your Intention, Dress the Candle
with it. Ditto for any dried herbs.

Place the Book & Crystal next to the Candle.
State your Intention or use the Charm here:  


Light the candle & Remember to ALWAYS
Give Thanks.

*Use your book to keep track of Your goals -
Whatever steps you need to take, Your progress,
changes, etc...

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2016 Predictions or more appropriately
"Messages" from the Divine.
I hate the word "Predictions" because I don't
"Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.
Maybe "Fore show" is better. It seems to imply
a bit more "Divine" Guidance.
Sometimes the messages are simple & to the point.
More often, They are presented almost as a riddle.
I am going to share them as I heard them : 

Poet of the Century performs (receives?) His last Hurrah -
Many will clamor to see.

A disaster of epic proportions (will be prevented) 

upon the Seven Seas.

(Uzbekistan?) A little known nation
shall be in the headlines.

Mystery illness befalls many in a foreign land.

(hope for?) Aspirin a cure for degenerative disease.

In Mesopotamia a flag flies under false pretenses.

On the Mount comes a sound heard round the World.

Serengeti turns white with ash.

Silver becomes an asset for a Nation under siege.

A Three faced Woman rises to the top, mistakenly.

An insect emerges (from Ice) not seen in millenniums.

(A?) Bell Tower emerges victorious.

A marriage of two nations ends (in?) tyranny.

Duarte resigns.

Volcanic eruptions near African Plains.

Insurgents rally around a military flag.

A Prince proves He is No gentleman.

Selfless acts of heroism whilst terror reigns.

The Vatican will be the site of much controversy.

Upon Horses,
Monsters of metal,
They ride across a single continent
Destroying cities in their wake.

Transfer of Bones helps many.

In the land of the Orient, passengers held captive
on a perilous flight.

Indo/Malaysian railways source of destruction.

Eire comes close (closest?)

Men in tall ships pirating the Seas,
Somalia has no recourse.

Hope comes when faith is restored.

Gov't collide, Turkish Wars

Many are rendered helpless against a
childhood disease.

Be wary the Crescent Moon, flag of a nation.

Relics of those buried alive return to the land.

Faithful pilgrimage to lands most Holy
Returning empty handed
Whilest those most foul & privileged defile lands
most Sacred.

Shamans bow heads in reverence
While Monks tell tales of miracles.

The Brightest of lights (one city) shall dim.

Neutrality doth not save a people.

Moroccan Intelligence Officer eludes a captor.

Mystery of Trans Atlantic Flight discovered.

Red,White & Blue thunder into (across) the sky
As Warships make a stance.

Of Three who pass, only 1 shall be canonized.  

A Bloody Scourge races across distant lands.

A Jester leads His people in troubled times.

Incident on London Subway.

Markets crash with Thunderous applause.

A Wayfairer not innocent shall lead his tribes
cross desert lands.

2 Shall come before final warning.

Children of Canaan(Euphrates??) once fought
victoriously, will rise to fight again in the land
of (called?) Mesopotamia.  Victory at Sea.

Hot Spots - 

Suez Canal
Nova Scotia
"Moon" - Some sort of discovery or activity involving
the Moon.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Message from Spirit September 2015

Message from Spirit Sept 2015 - 
For whence did the flesh become sinful?
It is man who hath sullied that which I created.
Honor Me by offering the fruits of thy labor
Honor Me by celebrating joyous feasts
Honor Me by serving.
Kneel before me in prayer
Yet do not lay claim to words & deed not Mine
For I know (in?) which house the holiest exist.

And those who speak of their good book
know nothing.
Empty words upon empty pages
Filled by the hand of man.
How thou angers me
For I know every deed, every sin, every atrocity.
My hell is unimaginable.
If you should seek redemption,Thy time is now.

For I shall smite the false prophets & Jehovahs
My wrath shall be unseen,
For My prophets are many. Their names shall be

There IS no truth greater than mine.
Yet why give rise to false prophets whose words
Hiss like the tongue of a (the?) serpent?
And speak to me of prayer.
For your prayer are your deeds unspoken
Your prayers are your kindness to those unfortunate
(less fortunate?)

Evil spreads across many lands like vermin.
Yet no (none?) shall judge
The sword of justice not yet risen in the land
of the children of Israel as Asia Minor burns in flames.

I gave rise to life
In the lands of Africa, Asia Minor.
My Beloved Egypt
The final carnage shall come
In these lands
For what is to come has not yet been.

All hail the prophetess of Israel
The bloodline of Kings & Priests (Priestess?)
Utterance of words
In a tongue so foreign
None shall understand
Announce the coming of days
For I AM the Might & the Retriever,
Sinner & Salvation for in the coming of days
Dost thou ask thyself , Where is thy redemption?

Moses, Mohamed, Jesus
These amoung (Thy?) Prophets. The Bedouin.
The One who utters My Word.
My Blood runs through these veins.

I suffer not the hearts of barbarians, thieves,
Ravaging My land. My Home.
For this is Thy cradle
Whence the blackest rain shall fall & night shall last
for days.
This I ask
Give the people what they want to hear
Speak not the truth
Seek not a saviour
For there is none.
Truth, the weigher of the hearts of man.
For I AM the one you will bow to.
So this is said.