Thursday, July 17, 2014

Isis, Night of the Cradle - Message from Spirit

Message from The Great Mother/Spirit July 17th 2014

"For thy Priests (Priestess)
Walk amongst you,
Thy wings gentle upon their back
Wafting thy Heavenly Scent.

Skin once Bronzed
Like Desert Sands
Blown to 4 Corners of the earth,
Like winds,
Seeds from thy garden

My Beloved, The one you called Jesus
You placed Deeds upon
Called out for help
Only calling The Father
Have you forgotten Thy Mother?
Queen of Heaven & Earth

In the time of transition
You call
Armies marching
To no avail.

And Whence do you give Thanks
The trees bearing fruit

Upon the Mount, Sinai
I gave rise
To armies
And the land shall turn red
With the blood of sons
Indifferent to Me
Most Holy My Land
Thus shall come

Do You not remember your rightful place
Daughter of Solomon?
When the land burns hot
You shall walk across unblemished
And a Third World shall come"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aromatherapy for Your Crystals

Crystal Cleansing Tip using Essential Oil 

Place 1 - 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in
the Palm of your hands. Rub together.
Hold the crystal for a few moments & focus your
intention on clearing the energies.
* You can also place a drop of Lavender Oil directly
on the Crystal.
Remember - A little dab will do You!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mercury Retrograde - Communication Breakdown

Mercury Retrograde, Redux

Let's start with the facts.
Mercury goes retrograde roughly 3X a year.
It lasts approximately 3 weeks. By now,
most of Us are well aware the retrograde, or
backwards movement is simply an optical illusion.
It's effect on Us, not so much an illusion.
Sometimes Mercury Retrograde comes & goes
without a hitch. Most of the time actually.
There are variables -
like what sign the Retrograde is cast in.
This time, Cancer.
Interesting, but as someone who works with or "feels"
energy, this retrograde comes in with a slightly bumpy
feel.  Cancer is a Water sign, and Water is changeable
& unpredictable.  
So what do We need to know?
Nature or the Universe is Our greatest teacher.
Mercury has slowed down it's orbit.
Our biggest lesson?  SLOW DOWN.
Mercury rules communication, travel, The written word -
that includes contracts, leases, important documents.
It's relatively simple to make the best of this energy and
make it work for You!
Remember the RE :
Reflect - Look back on things. Carefully consider
             What you've accomplished, What you haven't
             What You want to move forward with, most of
             all; WHO are You?
Revisit - Take a look at thinks that didn't quite pan out.
            Relationships, Jobs. What could You have done       
            differently. Look at the things that DID.  Use
            what You learn to move forward (after the Retro
            of course)
Reschedule - Yep.  You may need to change some plans.
                   I did. I was scheduled to start a show on
                   PEN in February but it just wasn't feeling
                   right. I finally realized, it was most likely
                   the Retrograde.  Don't begin New projects
                   during this time.
Redo, Revamp - Whether it's Your closets, a home
                      or a business project; this is the time.

Tools to help You through:
Crystals/ Gemstones :

Amethyst - Promotes Peace, Calm
Moonstone - Eases Anxiety
Turquoise - Communication, Clarity
                Make sure it's genuine Turquoise,
                not dyed Howlite
Hematite - Protects, Balances

Frankincense & Myrrh:
Going back to Ancient times both
Frankincense & Myrrh have been used for
protection, blessings & consecration.

You can burn the resin to protect your space
from any miscommunication, upsets Mercury
Retro may have in store.

If You can't burn the Resin, use the Essential
Oil. Some great sources include Mountain Rose
and Aura Cacia.

Aromatherapy or Smudging Sprays.
You can check My Etsy Shop, many of
My Sprays include Frankincense or Myrrh.
Even both!

Believe it or not, Diet can help you glide
through this Retrograde!
Avoid Caffeine - For some this isn't easy, but it
will help alleviate some of the nervous energy of
a Retrograde.
Eat Calcium Rich Foods - (another reason to avoid
caffeine. It depletes calcium.)
Mercury Foods - Apples, Grapes, Grape Juice,
Lettuce, Rice, Yogurt 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

GIVEAWAY! Aromatherapy Sprays from Intuitive Goddess

May is Giveaway Month at IntuitiveGoddess !
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It may seem a little like smarmy self promotion
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I'm really proud of My Aromatherapy Products -
I only use Pure, Organic Essential Oils.  I use a small
amount (teeny!) of Organic Grape Alcohol to preserve.
The process starts with the idea, What energy do I want
to create? Then of course comes the fun part - Blending!

Sometimes there are multiple versions
for friends & family to sniff,
Sometimes when I'm lucky, it's love at first sniff!

The completed products are infused with Reiki energy
& then sit on a special altar to be Blessed
before going out.

Now on to the Giveaway...
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Eve - Beltane Facts & Folklore

On April 30th the celebration known as May Eve arrives.
May Eve is also known as Beltaine or Beltane.
Beltane is one of the Great Fire Festivals of the ancient
Celtic people.
Beltane is the celebration of Summer.
From this point until the Summer Solstice,
sunlight will reach it's peak.
The days will continue to grow longer.

-On the Summer Solstice,
traditionally considered the start of
summer for many, the days actually
become shorter. A sign that
Fall will soon arrive!

Beltane is a celebration of Rebirth.
The Sun's warmth brings growth to the land.
Although many consider it
a celebration of love, the origins lie
in celebrating the fertility of the land.

As one of the major Fire festivals,
It is a time when the veil between worlds
is believed "thin".
A time to communicate with the Fae
or the Spirits of Nature.

Have you heard the expression,
"Bringing in the May"?
That goes back to the ancient Roman
festival of Floralia.
The festival was celebrated from
April 28th - May 3rd.
On May 1st, the celebration was
highlighted with a floral procession.
The festival,which honored the Goddess Flora,
would ensure an abundant growing season.

There are many beliefs or customs associated
with May Eve & May Day  -
Rain on May Eve is considered Magickal!
It keeps you healthy, beautiful &
lucky for a full year.
(Especially if you roll naked in it)
Bringing flowers & branches into the home
invokes Spring.
It's a powerful time for divination,
creating charms for luck, love & protection.

One of My favorites is the May Basket -
Preparing small baskets filled with flowers,
hanging them on friends doors for May Morning!

Correspondences for Beltane Include :
Herbs/Flowers : Any Flowers are perfect! 
                              Mint, Nettle, Sweet Woodruff

Incense/Oils : Jasmine, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang,
                         Dragon's Blood

Candle Colors : Green, Yellow, Pink

May You Bring Abundance, Joy & Laughter into Your Home!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Message From Spirit April 2014

"Great change is upon Us.
Global Markets shall shift.
Jobs lost
New beginnings
Shall come
That which is steadfast & loyal remains
The New Age shall scorch under the heat of the Sun
Prepare for you are warned"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Letting go under a Scorpio Moon

Last night while doing some Spiritual work,
My focus kept drifting away from "Intention"
towards some negative thoughts.
Time & again I would move My thoughts
back to Thankfulness and the positive but
the negative found it's way back in.

Now in all fairness to Myself,
I have a lot going on. Some of it kicked
up some old issues.
Sometimes there are people or things
that don't exactly bring out the best in us.
As a Spiritual Practitioner,
It is very important for Me to be mindful of
these energies & to let them go.
It's not always easy to do.

Instead of "swimming upstream",
so to speak - I realized rather than fight
these emotions, I needed to address them.
Perhaps a lesson of the Scorpio Moon,
but I was reminded of My selfishness.
Yes, selfishness.
Not only toward others, but to My SELF.

Scorpio is a very intense sign.
Emotions run deep.
Scorpio is fond of Justice, Fairness
but sometimes that sense of fairness can
transmute into "revenge".
That Scorpio intensity can become selfish or
self serving.
Okay, So where does any of this fit in with

Realizing My own frustration & anger,
I turned My energy over to Spirit.
What I got in return was interesting.
It is easy to hold on to anger & resentment,
By doing so, We hold the "Power".
In actuality, our  resentments hold power
over us.  When We feel angry, We think
We are protecting Ourselves. We believe we
are justified in our resentment.  Whether we are
or aren't, the resulting "selfishness"
not only hurts others; it hurts US.

Instead of being angry at Myself
for being angry - I accepted the energy &
asked, "Great Mother, guide me. Show me how
to overcome these feelings when they creep up.
Help me to be the best person I can be."
I headed to bed.

This Morning, while working on some product,
I thought it would be fun to pull a card from a
New Aromatherapy deck I found - to perhaps
give me an idea for a blend.
I think Spirit had other ideas.
"German Chamomile"  
Letting go.
A gentle reminder.
There is more power in releasing
than holding on to anger.