Sunday, December 7, 2014

Message from Spirit December 2014

Today I heard the Following:

"Whence did Thy Temple become Thy Church?
For wherein did the Son of Nazareth
Chased moneychangers from Thy Temple

The sons of man speak many tongues
But who (none) speaketh Thy truth

I have Risen time & again
But who chooses to see?

In battles fought
I have stood silently watching
For who is right & just
Empires fall & rise again.

Those who seek answers to the past
For their present is too painful
Shall never see  

Truth sold by charlatans
For I shall be merciless
Those who deceive Me
Have been tried

The weigher of the hearts of men
Comes forth
For She is My Brethen

Do you think your sins
Can be washed from you by word and not
By deed?
Do you believe truth has no light?
For it shall come
And I shall be merciless.

I have laid before you
What is to come
Yet who chooses to see
Destroyer - Creator I am not
It is you, mankind woman which doth so

Thy watchers walk amongst you
Through their eyes
I choose to see
And who is to say
One lie smaller than another?
And who shall redeem the redeemer
Not I , For I am the Immortal One

I have asked for reverence
For that which I have given
I have been fair and  just
Kind and unyielding
For a Mother can not make a child love Her

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October - The Journey Begins

Change is in the air.
Here, the crisp Fall air is settling in slowly.
Others may be seeing those first signs of Spring.

What is the message for October?
RAIDHO - The Journey
LAGUZ - Water

Raidho :
It's time for movement.
For some, it may be a Spiritual Journey.
For others, emotional.
For most, it's the mundane things that
change your life -
A new job. A new apartment.
A new school.

Water. The Sea. The Ocean.
Vast. Unknown.
It is Our fears.

The journey begins.
We must face our fear of change,
Of the unknown.
It may be time to look at Our behaviors.
To ask Ourselves important questions.
Change is inevitable,
As nature shows us.
There is beauty in change.
If We move forward with grace
& face Our fears,
Anything is possible

May Your Journey be Blessed

Sunday, September 21, 2014

4 of Cups - Apathy Towards Change

Autumn Arrives tomorrow Sept 22nd, 2014.
As I prepare to welcome the season an important part of the
process is to Ask, "What is the Message for the coming season?"

There are some times of the year
when the connection with Spirit intensifies.
For Me, it begins with Fall.
A seasonal altar is prepared.
The energy in the room feels different.
I feel a burst of happy giggles & dance
around the room.
(I've been known to do that!)
Frankincense fills the air.

What is the message for the Equinox?
What am I to share?
The first words I hear is "Change".
"The Apathy of Indifference"

I fan a deck of cards out before me & chose 1 card.
The 4 of Cups.
Apathy? Indifference? For sure.
The 4 Cups = 4 Seasons
Have We become indifferent to the changes around us?
Are We indifferent to the display Mother Nature
puts before Us?
On a more individual level,
Do We embrace change in Our lives joyfully?
Are We open to new possibilities or
Are We stuck in rut of monotony?
If you are unhappy with a job, relationship,
a lifestyle?
Do you remain in the place of unhappiness
or do you look forward to making change?
Change can be good.
The uncertainty can be scary,
But it can be exciting.
It can bring passion back into the mundane.

Nature is NOT indifferent.
Each season dances with a beauty of it's own.
There is no boredom in nature.
Each change of seasons serves a purpose.

We need to embrace change.
Set New goals,
Find the passion.
See that cup, hiding in the background?
That just may be The Golden Chalice.
The Holy Grail.
Lift the veil of apathy & embrace change.
I'm ready,
Are You?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Message from Spirit / The Great Mother 8/29/14

Message 8/29/14:
And Knowing the Nature of the Beast
Thus play into the hands of the puppeteer
For "Free Will" hath done with.
With Rod & Staff rise up from the muck & mud
Feeble attempt to stop the onslaught
While others look away.
When the North & South battle
The Kush shall fall
Three will come.
And death shall come upon a White Horse,
It has been foretold.
Desecration of Thy most hallowed lands
Does Thou Not understand THY vengeance when
Lands run red with the blood of sons?
Air Strikes the Clocks Tower
All the while a Jester laughs
Playing His hand for the world to see.
Mighty is the Mojave
Doth thy not remember Sodom & Gomorrah?
Ash (Molten) to flame
Ask the Redman (Red Man?) for He has seen
What is to come

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Isis, Night of the Cradle - Message from Spirit

Message from The Great Mother/Spirit July 17th 2014

"For thy Priests (Priestess)
Walk amongst you,
Thy wings gentle upon their back
Wafting thy Heavenly Scent.

Skin once Bronzed
Like Desert Sands
Blown to 4 Corners of the earth,
Like winds,
Seeds from thy garden

My Beloved, The one you called Jesus
You placed Deeds upon
Called out for help
Only calling The Father
Have you forgotten Thy Mother?
Queen of Heaven & Earth

In the time of transition
You call
Armies marching
To no avail.

And Whence do you give Thanks
The trees bearing fruit

Upon the Mount, Sinai
I gave rise
To armies
And the land shall turn red
With the blood of sons
Indifferent to Me
Most Holy My Land
Thus shall come

Do You not remember your rightful place
Daughter of Solomon?
When the land burns hot
You shall walk across unblemished
And a Third World shall come"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Aromatherapy for Your Crystals

Crystal Cleansing Tip using Essential Oil 

Place 1 - 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in
the Palm of your hands. Rub together.
Hold the crystal for a few moments & focus your
intention on clearing the energies.
* You can also place a drop of Lavender Oil directly
on the Crystal.
Remember - A little dab will do You!