Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When Mars goes Retrograde

By now most of us know about Mercury Retro grade - 
But do you know about Mars Retrograde?

Mars Retrograde occurs when the movement of the planet
is moving very very slow in relation to the movement of the
Earth, so it "appears" to be moving backward.
It's an illusion.

How it affects us however, is not an illusion.
Mars is about "ACTION".  Mars is the warrior.
Mars energy is aggressive.
Most people born under the Mars influence
are not generally NOT shy wallflowers!

So what happens when that normally active, forward
moving fireball is brought to a halt?
Frustration. Anger. Conflict.

Like anything else, We can choose to focus on the
negative OR We can look at the positive of a Mars Retrograde.
I like to think of this as an "Energetic Opportunity".
The Universe gives us so much guidance & wisdom
We can all benefit from this opportunity.
First the don'ts :  Avoid starting new projects
New Jobs, New relationships (Mars also rules sex )
Avoid arguements!! Don't make major purchases involving
mechanical equiptment like cars, Avoid pursuing lawsuits. 

Now the Do's : Review, Research, Reaccess & RELAX!
Take this time to look over any future plans you have -
Remember, this a an Energetic Opportunity!! 
Use this time wisely. You may just find something
you overlooked or you may benefit from a little break.

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