Saturday, January 9, 2016

Setting Intentions Spell - New Moon

Setting an Intention Spell New Moon In Capricorn 

You'll Need :
Journal or Notebook
Crystal -choose one that supports your intention
White Candle
White Sage or Blessing Incense

With Sage or Incense,
Run your Journal through the smoke.
Do the same with the crystal.
Using a Pen you will reserve for this book,
Write your Goals or Intentions.
If you have an oil that would support the
energy of your Intention, Dress the Candle
with it. Ditto for any dried herbs.

Place the Book & Crystal next to the Candle.
State your Intention or use the Charm here:  


Light the candle & Remember to ALWAYS
Give Thanks.

*Use your book to keep track of Your goals -
Whatever steps you need to take, Your progress,
changes, etc...

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