Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tarot Translation - Week 2

I joined the newly formed Tarot translation group. Sort of like a tarot "throwdown" -
Maybe not exactly...
A question is put out and 3 cards are pulled. Each member interprets in their individual style.
Week 2 (I know, I didn't make week 1) , and the question is...

"My spouse & I seem to be on different energy cycles lately. My energy is up, when His
is down & vice versa. It's making both of us irritable. In what ways can we work through
these ups & downs together?"

The cards pulled - The Chariot, The 5 of Cups & The 9 of Pentacles

Here's My advice:

The chariot tells me "Change"! Yes, I know that's obvious, but what?
I'm getting total environment energy. Does that mean some time away may be in order,
If possible? There's no doubt about depleted energies here, so a mini break may be just what's needed. In the deck I chose, I'm drawn to the color wheel type energy on the Chariot. Maybe
some changes in the home, soothing colors in the bedroom - perhaps some Feng Shui fixes.

The 5 of pentacles , well yes the relationship is strained. perhaps one or both may be
forgetting what really matters here. Looking at the Water I get a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation- not to be repetitive but try to getaway for a day or two.
Don't forget to "try a little tenderness" for yourself and each other.

Lastly, 9 of Pentacles.. Comfort. Are you sleeping alright? Is your partner? What can you
do? Create a sense of comfort beginning with the environment. Is it time for a new mattress?
Fresh linens? I spoil Myself with expensive Egyptian Cotton on My bed & the nights sleep is well worth it. One last thing - What's going on health wise? Something may be creating this irritable
and fluctuating energy. Consider a quick checkup.
One last thing, In keeping with the energy of the Chariot - "If you will it, so shall it be"
You'll find the way to work through this.


Saturday, August 4, 2012


I can not speak
Another's words,
I can only speak mine

I can not know
Another's truth
I can only know mine

I can not learn
Another's wisdom
I can only seek to find mine

May You speak your true voice